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I have 2 refrigerators at home, both are near dying. I have had enough of poor reliability and cheap plastic interior of residential refrigeration. I am considering getting a new or close to new commercial reach-in. I won't miss any of the residential features. I don't mind if it is a little more loud/uses more energy. I just want something reliable, durable, and most importantly, easy to work on when it does eventually break. I also prefer mechanical over electronic...
The article didn't touch on the health impact of GMOs in conventional food. Regardless of your political or scientific perspectives on GMOs, they are a factor that drive many people to the Organic label, since the USA doesn't require GMO labeling.
I've been thinking about this for myself. Ideally i would love a vacuum chamber sealer. My experience with residential sealers, is that they don't perform well, and they suck (pun intended) for sealing liquids like marinades. The chamber sealers have no problem with liquids, create a much better vacuum, and the plastic bags for them are alot cheaper. They are however a bit expensive, starting at 6-800. However they are useful for alot more than just sous vide. If your...
The only nonstick I like is cast iron or anodized aluminum( with no coating).While I did bargin hunt for most of my pots and pans, I splurged on a Falk Copper SauciƩre for delicate stuff. It is expensive, heavy, and not dishwasher safe, and worth every penny. It heats evenly and is fast to react to temperature adjustments. I have never burnt anything in it to date.
Waring makes several commercial blenders ranging in size with a stainless steel carafe. Durable, easy to clean, and lighter than glass.
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