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As mentioned before heat work great, if its hot enough and if its long enough.  For counter tops consider Peroxide.  It is very safe, no smell, an turns to water as it degrades and it is very cheap.
Thanks Berndy.   Do you ever use the top two options?
Just getting into baking.  Having issues with my cakes not being done in the center.  Wanted to find out if maybe my racks are not at the corect height.  I have 5 options in my electric (Whirlpool)oven.  The bottom is almost on the unit and the top is within 2" of the upper heat unit.  Where do you guys set your racks?
Kippers,   I have not saw the Fish version.  The Vegetable, Beef and Chicken are excellent.   I've never been to Port Sunlight.  I know several folks there. 
I work for Unilever and they have a product now available at the grocery   It is a smaller version of the stocks that are available to the resturants.  Check it out.  I highly recommend them.
ISS - In School Suspension  When I was a kid, getting put in ISS gave a death sentence at home.  But, on the other hand, it made you cool with the girls.
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