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I would add that Soviet-times Doctorskaya was similar to bologna with no visible chunks of fat (even though it contains plenty of fat). There was also Mortadella-like sausage with visible inclusions of fat, also "boiled". It was called Stolichnaya among other names. The recipes, however, differed from Italian sausages. There were persistent rumors that those sausages contained fillers of questionable origin and not much meat. There were all sorts of salami, some softer...
My watermelon plants didn't do much all summer, and then all of a sudden started growing fast about a month ago. Now I have two baby watermelons but I am afraid they'll run out of time to mature before cold weather sets in.   The worst enemies of my garden are chipmunks, birds, and deer.
Thank you!   I've added a brief description of each dish in the comments section. The photos are of the actual dishes I made testing recipes before publishing them.   Dmitry
I released over a thousand ladybugs one summer, and they munched on aphids for a couple of days before disappearing from my garden to never return.
Warm butter will take up more flour which is not always desired. Egg will also make the crust tougher. Sometimes a strong crust is an overkill especially when it's done at the expense of texture.
Have you tried increasing the amount of yeast? Maybe you won't get a bad taste in your bread.   If you lower yeast activation temperature (even if the dough takes longer to rise), does the dough still feel heavy?   Have you considered changing proofing temperature for your dough? Your strain of yeast may like a higher temperature.   Have you tried preferment?   Have you tried different brands of yeast besides Red Star? There are many out there for sale...
Hello everyone,   My name is Dmitry and I like to eat... :) And I also like to cook, so I am glad I've found this forum. I run a Russian recipe web site but I enjoy cuisines from all over the world. I look forward to connecting to others.   Dmitry
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