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Hi Karthi, I know another student currently attending Ferrandi used: http://www.homestay-in-paris.com/?gclid=CMHctYzdw7cCFdB7Qgodbz0AIw for a homestay and when I contacted them they responded very quickly and the prices seem not bad. I've also been looking at Paristay and Lodgis like Chef du monde but I also found airbnb and wimdu quite helpful  
Hey everyone, I would love to get together. I'll probably come around mid August as well. I've started with some of the formalities but not much just updating my passport and gathering documents for the visa and etc. @ Jessie, how did you find your possible roommate? Isn't it a bit soon? Some people have been telling me that I should really start looking for housing 3-4 months before I plan to go. Although Emily from the bottomless tummy says that if you wait the school...
I'll be there! can't wait to see all you guys in person
The documents they sent me say the 15th, I just double checked
They told me the first payment deadline would be March 15th
opps I just realized I never mentioned where you can find the foyers, anyways this site names all the ones in Paris: [http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&ie=CP1252&langpair=auto|en&rurl=translate.google.ca&tbb=1&u=http://www.arfj.asso.fr/Ile-de-France&usg=ALkJrhi3mGgn3p35_yxIcMLguHIDeMDYjw]
Hey Jessie, I have the exact same problem, if you wanna try and find a roommate you could look into [http://www.appartager.com/?gclid=CIvhnIvs3bUCFQjhQgodiGAAyg] which is supposed to be a good one. Another option that I'm looking into are foyers which are sorta like dorms for people between the ages of 18-25, some are all female some are coed so you can really pick and choose and they're pretty reasonably priced, around 450-600 euros. But if you really wanna live in an...
Hello, I'm new to this post so I wanted to say to everyone and let whoever is going know that I am too, I'm super excited and I'd love to chat with any of my future peers so give me a shout out if your interested in chatting before we meet in person. Also to anyone who wants a look into what you'll be doing you should check out the "bottomless tummy" [http://www.bottomlesstummy.com/] this girl has been documenting most of her class/Parisian experiences so if you wanna...
Hi Unknown cook, I'm actually looking into schools in Paris and I've been looking at going to Ecole bellouet conseil and i noticed that you suggested it, can you tell me why?
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