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Have you told your employees what your vision is for the restaurant down the road is? Tell them what your aiming for and be very clear with them. Only give them two ways to go. Over board or join the crew. The ones that leave will probably be mad and it will suck for you at first. But word will get out about your place. And that you are serious and you will start to find better candidates applying.
My exact question.
Wait why is it frozen?
Peregrine. I think the same thing when I hear people start whinning when the printer goes off. Makes my think that there not motivated to work. And lacking passion.
Usually getting up at 8 then off to the market for a half hour. Then to the kitchen to start a batch of bread. In another couple weeks my morning will be spent picking black morels. After the bread is made get my line opened. We start serving at 1130. Some of the local farmers are showing up so I talk to them. Check emails. Then flip the line and get prep started for dinner. Dinner usually starts around 630. And then after dinner make a list for the next day and head home...
Ley be honest here though. There are people and I have worked with them. In both ends of the spectrum that are hacks or slobs or just don't care. Seems to me there's always one at every place.
I'm kinda in the middle here. I would say for instance, rack of lamb with heirloom carrots and quinea with a balsamic lamb sauce. I'm not going to put that I cooked my carrots in butter and honey. And there's corrot and celery and shallots in my quinea. But I do expect the servers to know these kind of things. So if the costumer is wondering they can let them know.
Lamb tarts with tomato raison jam and sheep cheese. Expresso and dark rum mini cheese cakes Beef cheek and molasses tacos with gryere and apple slaw Seared scallops on a crustini of herb chevre and roasted pepper relish Bisson sliders with apple wood cheddar and onion chutney Veg spring rolls
My 8 inch chef knife, my tongs, a spoon. I am also pretty partial to litre containers and 5 pound bags.
Never worked at a place with family meals in my life. Do you have to pay for these? Or are they comped by management?
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