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Something i hate is when situations arise and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it (not always can you improve or help things), and you get crap for it and they blame everything on you like it's all your fault, completely ridiculous, they act like everyone can't make mistakes but situations that wasn't our fault that act like we can help those situations when we can't.
So i'm totally baffled about where i stand with my experience, all the apprenticeships near me are level 2 NVQ but 99% of them are expecting people to do everything and some of them are only for the finance and stock side of it but i don't want to do the finances and i can't even do the ones with so much to do for 1 person, i have skills in Basic Food Preparation and Cooking Skills and i've only been training in cooking a small selection of meals and preparing a small...
I've done the table of contents, the cover letter and i'm doing a page with more details about what i did at Bolton College, there is no way i can fit it all into a CV so how much should i type?, i'm not sure i can do this without making it at least a little big long.
Yeh corned beef meat knocks me sick even during the afternoon, my mum used to make me corned beef sandwiches and i could only eat 1 of them, it's same with peanut butter too but then later on at night my stomach is completely fine with eating it lol, i'm 23 and already i feel myself aging urgh... lol.
A lazy dinner here today too, my mum made beans, smoked sausage and chips, i enjoyed it for once really since i didn't eat from 11:30am - 6:30pm, usually it knocks me sick i have to be really hungry to like it. I love beans on toast or chip but i think it's the combination of smokes sausage with the beans and chip that knocks me sick.
So this week i've gone up and down twice to a care home in my town only to be told the second time they are actually just looking for someone to fill in meaning a temp job and i was pretty much lied to and told it was an apprenticeship so not happy about that, what i noticed though is they barely read it, had no clue what levels meant as they had to ask twice what level i did during my courses and went onto asking what ingredients i used, they were expecting someone to go...
Hmm... theirs no combo stone at 800 - 2k at the moment mostly just single stones, i also read it's better to get single stones than combo stones for different levels of sharpening like a lower grit stone for really blunt knives then the higher up you go the more it cleans it up and sharpens them nicely, says the same on in the description for the Naniwa stones, i think i will wait until i've started an apprenticeship and got some more money coming in as they might also...
Didn't take a picture today but i had egg fried rice with spicy Chinese noodles and chopped up smoked sauasge with soy sauce, not the best meal i've had but the it's ok.
Awesome! good luck in your studies :) i hope your learning a lot while your there
Not sure which stone to get though, i found a top of the range stone that is 1000 - 3000 grit it's a combination stone but there has to be good ones cheaper than £30 :\ i read a few threads but you guys type a lot lol far more than i do most of the time it's a lot to take in reading everything, i read a good start whetstone is a king stone but they are more pricey than this one which is £30...
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