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Posts by kportman   Just saw and thought I'd share. Some pretty interesting and creative ideas. Besides cooking do you specialize in any other form of art?
I don't have my 5 favorite cities to move to but I do have the 5 countries! Here they are:   Brasil Thailand Japan Australia Switzerland  
Thanks! That is pretty much the same place. 
Has anyone here been to the restaurant Boiling Crab? I want to host a boiling crab night.  Boiling crab is basically a sit down with a bag of shrimp in the middle of the table. They have a special sause they use at well. You pretty much get a bunch of friends together and peel open shrimp for dinner!
Greetings everyone! I am brand new to this forum and hoping to learn a lot! I am not a professional cook nor do I believe I have a lot of skills. Please help me! 
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