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Have the bones cut down into small pieces, Roast until really dark (just not burnt) Simmer slowly 24 hours. I am old school, 35 years doing this. One must roast the bones and veg darker than you think they should be, Beef bones do not easily give up there properties, So long slow simmering is a must.
I thought since there has been recent talk about burgers here........... The 5000 Calorie Deep Fried Burger Recipe
Forgot to mention, I have 2 grinders, Yes, One is for coffee and coffee only. One does not to grind everything fine, A few pulses (or just one) will achieve the desired grind.
I use a coffee grinder for alot of spices including Bl pepper, Buy whole spices and grind to order.:chef:
Gimmick, Joke, I have to laugh when it is said they "invented" that mess.:lol:
Cousins Subs, Need i say more......................
Anything Escoffier................................
I can eat too many if they are laying around on a plate:lips: I have strong black coffee with mine.
Any pasta with a slab of protien on top, Sliced or not. How rude.
Foams, Liquid nitrogen, Processed cheese, etc... Keep it real then keep it forever.:chef:
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