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It shure takes time to land sometimes after work. I do workout, but open air or under water ;) blading, ice-scating, scuba diving or freediving, jogging, fotball. But not so much in a week, mostly on occations. And alot of meditation. But I cant meditate after work, cuz I need to land. Nicotine leaves. I stay off caffeine, exept for the summers, double espresso on after the other. I cant really sleep on an empty stomach. Needs to be proteins there.
Birkenstock sometimes called Birki are the ones I used. Am on my 2. pair. The shoe is perfect part from its to hard. Solid and sturdy shoes. We have rubber carpets on the kitchen floor. Prize is high, yes. But due to its high quality its a steal.
Radio in norway aint the best. We got a nice stereo with usb connection, mainly going electronic, dubstep, drumnbase, progressive, metal, jazz, it really helps out and inspires when the true heat is on.
Sure, there are tools in the kithcen. But the Knife is an instrument.
I appreciate all contribution in here :)   Having people that can teach you ;) Who wants to teach you :) Who wants to see you improve if they see you want to improve :)   One of my collegues inspired me to read more cook books, he borrowed me one. But it wasnt just a cook book. It was a story, it had philosophy in it, it wasnt just food on paper but a whole lot more. This book was the most interesting cook book I ever came over and hope a lot more to...
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