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 Because I teach techniques, I found it useful to make a short video on using the BBQ Grill for making homemade pizza. Let me know what you think.     
It matters a lot to me but I know I am not seeing retailer consistently provide that marking at the point of purchase (store). I am unsure of the compliance rates in the US stores and some stores do better than others. Since Snopes confirmed that some Chinese farmed Talapia fish is feed manure, it is obvious China laws and our are DIFFERENT. These differences apply to many Chinese crops. I want to know the COO. Its proper to let everyone decide for themselves.
A number of things you may want to consider.Do you want to offer your book to a market? The number one book market takes the form of Epub so you will need to have a way of using your capture editor output in a format that is importable as an Epub.A second popular format is a PDF. There are many free ways to export Microsoft Word files as pdfs. Formal books with index, table of contents, bookmarks, and footnotes require a desktop publishing tool. Microsoft Word can do those...
Thanks for the complement. I find the only time anyone believes what an instructor is telling them is when they are tasting the result for themselves. Althought I teach international dishes, the class most in demand is the Italian (actually its is Roman). What I like most about this food is it is always easy and usually simple. If you send me an email, I will send you a link to free download of my cookbook. (see email address below. Download will be 24MB) By the way, I...
What the heck is Cramer of Chicken?Your guest should have real Alfredo. There no need to disappoint them. Make (or buy fresh) egg pasta from scratch and let it dry on a broom handle a couple of hours that day. Buy some Europen butter (different flavor and higher fat content) and some finely freshly ground imported Parmigiano Reggiano and bring it with you. Tell your host to put a large pasta pot of water to boil ten minutes before your scheduled arrival. Salt the water...
That has me wishing I was there. Keeping an open mind is key to enjoying some of the worlds' finest food.
I am surprised that there is little to no discussion of the star ingredient which is the flour. Magic would have to be involved to make poor ingriedients turn out number one results.
Cooking for Fifty? I do not think many people will be cooking for that many people maybe more than once in a lifetime unless they are in the catering business.   If I was to attempt that would would have some staff to help.   Once you have begun to master the cuisines you already know would it not be worthwhile to learn some new culinary skills?   Don't worry you will always have more to learn no matter how long you have been learning. It what we do, is it not?
Our Ice Cream I lived on a farm and we produced our own cream and milk. I ran the centrifuge separator and I liked to spin that up fast until the cream was very thick. We diluted it with milk to thin it out when using it for ice cream. Our ice cream maker was a manual hand crank. We had to bust up the ice by hand with a hammer and a gunnysack cloth. Rock salt was used to make the ice melt quickly and lower the temperature of the brine. The key ingredients were great...
What I would buy is: Persian Mint Sumac Barberries Persian Dill pistachios nuts rose water   I use the rose water in pie crusts and Chinese sasauge. All of these spieces are also used in Persian and Lebanese dishes.   ss
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