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To those who have applied, you probably got in.  Some students get a response within a week, some in a month or 2. if you're special like me, 5 months.  If any one has questions regarding the course, visa (each consulate has their own specific rules, I can assist anyone in the Washington D.C area), campusfrance, housing, insurance, etc, send me a PM and I will give you my email address (I don't really check cheftalk anymore).  I am about to finish my 2nd week of classes...
That is a good point.  I am starting my stage today and I chose to keep my restaurant and chef confidential.  My friends think I am being a snob for doing this, but I didn't think it was appropriate to disclose the information.  
I have read a few blogs from culinary students, and when it came time for their stage/apprenticeship, they chose not to disclose any information on their restaurant or chef out of respect.  I have also read blogs were the stagiaire is not shy about who they're working for.  What are everyone's opinions on this?
Yes, I have been accepted into the cuisine program, and am now currently working on trying to get my visa as well as doing everything else required to live in Paris for a year.  Have you been accepted as well?  
I will be attending the February 2013 session.
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