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I would love to hear what different kinds of recipes everyone has for Thanksgiving as far as turkeys and side dishes go!  
Haha I know it's kind of early, but I am an avid turkey cooker and would like to hear about how some other people prepare their meals.  If you have seen me in other posts you probably already know that I like to deep-fry turkeys with a nice brine.  But what's your preference?   The feeling of fall is just getting me in the mood for this.  Pumpkins, fresh air and cooking outdoors all excite me for the Thanksgiving holiday!  
Wow! Thanks that was really a lot of good information.  It really seems like you know what you're talking about!   Ok since we have Thanksgiving covered, what about for something more casual, like a tailgate or anything outdoors since like I said I like to deep fry.  I definitely have Thanksgiving on the brain, but I actually enjoy deep-frying turkeys all year round.   If you have any suggestions I would really like to hear!  
Yeah thats true...I do like to use all types of seasoning techniques.  And I agree you do need to find the right brine, but it really all comes down to taste and you can't deny the science behind turkey brining.  If you do it right, you should end up with a juicy bird every time.
That's true! Although I still like to brine myself.  Making a nice homemade brine is really nice and you can make it completely you own, which is what I like.   I typically make savory brines with lots of herb and garlic, but sweet ones can be good as well with sugar, juices or any other flavor.
Does anyone know what kind of wine would go well with turkey, for thanksgiving dinner for example?   Or what about a good quality beer?  I enjoy drinking beer, especially with a deep-fried bird, (which is my favorite!)   Any suggestions?
Deep frying a turkey is worth the cost, at least I feel.  Also for you folks out there who haven't tried brining you definitely should!  I personally like the savory brines better myself, although sweet ones can be good as well.    A typical brine recipe that I might use would be:   2 quarts vegetable stock 1/2 cup salt (3/4 cup Kosher or coarse salt) 1/2 cup white sugar 1 tablespoon dried rosemary 1 tablespoon dried sage 1 tablespoon dried...
The oil is expensive, but a great idea is to have few neighbors chip in for the oil (if at Thanksgiving or Christmas) and have a "neighborhood fry".  You can do a bunch of turkeys in a day, and it does make it much more economical.
That does sound good! Have you ever brined before?  I think it makes the turkey very moist and tender.  Also I like to add a variety of spices and herbs to my brine, along with different wines, beer, and juices too.  
So whichever way you like to prepare then haha since everyone seems to have a different preference...   Do you brine, inject, use a rub, or any sort of combination of these methods?   Personally I like to brine...
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