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There's nothing wrong with the victorinox set.  They're made out of reasonable steel, and they're pretty inexpensive.  But I would really push back against the mindset of "it's your first set, so get this low cost one."   If you think that you will never want to upgrade past the victorinox, then get them.  Use them until there's no knife left.   But if you ever have doubts about the victorinox, and want better knives later, then you'll probably want to upgrade to...
For sharpening, a single waterstone that is 1000/8000 or 1000/6000 will be fine.  Lie-nielsen carries a Norton for $65 (their shipping is expensive though).  If you plan on dropping your knife or cutting into chicken bones, you should get a lower grit stone for grinding  -- ~200-500.  Using super 77 spray to glue a sheet of 120-180 sandpaper to a flat surface will also serve as a grinder.  Or a real bench grinder.   There are a bunch of good chef's knives around the...
My dad builds houses for wealthy people, many of whom get viking appliances.  They have a lot of problems with them.
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