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Found it, thanks. No wonder, I was looking at the Q&As with Professional Chefs threads to try and post but they are all locked therefore no replies, no start new threads, right?.   How does one post a question to those chefs?
I found a healthy pancake recipe in a WebMD magazine. I tried making it today and I think it needs revision. The problem is it cooks fine like a pancake on the outside but no matter how long, or dark, the outside caramelizes, the inside stays mushy and seems uncooked at all.   The cottage cheese may be keeping it creamy, but I am worried that the eggs are left uncooked in there. How can I change or do something so that it cooks all the way through with a pancakey...
I am trying to post a new thread. I have posted before (quite awhile back) but can't remember where to find a "start new thread" box. The only "start new thread " box I have been able to find is on this "Report Site Problems"  discussion -- none on any other section. Please help (I must be overlooking something).   itsonlystuffing
There are cake recipes that use beets for red coloring.
Was there a tight lid on the pot? Once you have cooked away the internal bacteria, unless you have Typhoid or something in your house I doubt you would have life threatening organisms in the air that would attack your meat. Especially if you used a tight lid. Not so in a restaurant, being a public place. No wonder many of you squeamish posters would get sick and die from a bug bite , you have probably grew up in a sterile bubble and have no immune system. Haven't you...
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