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Since it was a rather hot day today, I had something cool. Italo-japanese fusion based on a recipe out of Takashi's Noodles. Chilled Udon with eggplants, onions, bell peppers, seasoned with balsamico and soy sauce. Came out rather nice.  
Butzy gets going. Now that is what I want to see in this challenge here :) Keep on keeping on!
Have you seen "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"? The old Sushi master massages the octopus for about an hour for extra tenderness....
Depends on the breed I guess. But definitely worth a try. I occasionally get my hands on some (decidedly non-local) Bresse chickens - and Good Lord, that makes a difference... In that case, deeper flavour. Not gamey at all, but if you have a standard chicken after that, you think you'd chew on cardboard.
I had good results for bacon with mesquite. Rather heavily seasoned cure with lots of juniper in it, then smoked with beech and mesquite, smoked very cool and long.
To be honest, there is a lot I simply can't share. I am just an amateur and I never learned how to formulate a recipe for consistency. I work on a "tweak until it is right" basis, much to the frustration of many people who asked me for the recipe.
 Thanks. I guess I have to get it, sounds like my kind of book. Currently I am absolutely enjoying Bertolli's "Cooking by hand" and playing around with his endless pasta recipes and afternoon-long simmered sauces. Probably got the best Bolognese I ever made out of that one. Same idea, I guess - simple techniques, but careful execution and absolutely refined flavour layering. And it is a great read, too - his enthusiasm is infectious!  Today, however, it's gonna be BBQ. Off...
 Here we go. That's what it is about. I know the farmers and the butcher to the point of having the occasional beer with them. They are good people and love their food themselves. Never had a bad experience there. And it still works for them - you still can make a living by selling low volume - high quality stuff. Same with some of the local pig farmers. Heirloom pigs with belly fat you would not believe, partially pastured in orchards so they can gorge on the fallen...
 Is at from Ad hoc at home? Is the book worth it? Been eying it for a while... Definitely looks good, can only imagine the taste with a rich chicken broth.
 Oh god, how did I miss that? Another Jonathan Richman fan? He's a god among mere men. At first you think "what the **** is that"- Then you listen to it again. And again. And again.
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