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Robuchon. All his books. The Complete Robuchon to start. 
More like beurre rouge then, non?  But seriously, sounds good!   I am waiting for delivery of some sheep and pork casings to start my first smoked sausage adventure. Planning on some Bavarian-style Pfefferbeißer - about 75/25 lean shoulder/belly, curing salt, green pepper, some more spices. Grind, fill, dry in the fridge, cold smoke... I'll keep you updated as soon as it gets started!
Last weekend, I stewed some wild boar with white beans in temperanillo and game fond, served with some homebaked bread.    Today, had some kimchi soup with pork, tofu and udon noodles  
Sauerkraut is on hold until my own cabbage is down. Currently I got some Kimchi and some Spreewald-style salt pickles in my crocks. You might count the salted chilis from last year that start to get somewhat lactic-funky by now, too....  
Got fresh casings on order... Looking mighty tasty, Butzy!
Come to think of it, Marvin Harris' "Good to Eat" has some sections on aboriginal foraging practices. It's a rather academic text on culinary anthropology, though, but I found it quite interesting.
 There's a lot more to bush food than just 'roo and crocodile - foraged plants and herbs are particularly interesting, if you want to go into that topic. Mostly theoretical for me, given that I live in Bavaria..... but I like reading up on stuff like this and trying out whatever I can get my hands on.
What exactly do you guys mean by the electric/electronic distinction, anyway? Electronic as in microcontroller-driven, programmable? Because otherwise, you won't find anything non-electronic these days, every electric motor with controllable speed will come with a solid-state electronic package attached.   Electronics are fine. Nice tools - as usual, you get what you pay for and good quality stuff doesn't go down the drain after a year. Then again, I have all the manual...
 Just wanted to say that, too. Calibre is the way to go - my ebooks won't go obsolete on me - they are DRM-stripped and convertible to any format I wish to use. Also, speaking as a 30-something here, the last time I bought a computer is about 12 years ago. I update piece by piece to keep the bastard running. No sense in buying a complete machine when the occasional mainboard+CPU transplant does the trick.
For any pronounciation questions:    http://de.forvo.com/
New Posts  All Forums: