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Christmas Eve is traditionally time for a rather frugal meal here - poached Bratwurst would be a classic. The feast happens on 25th... Probably going to roast the deer haunch I have stashed away.
If you are braising oxtail for the meat, it is rather forgiving. Strict temperature control and religious skimming comes into play when you want to make a perfectly clear and fragrant oxtail broth.
Denver style, St. Louis cut. You colonials seriously confuse me.... ;)
Next round - Swabian Hall shoulder and some Mangalitza belly starting to smoke:  
Ah, Christmas market Glühwein. Going down as smooth as battery acid ;) Grab a beer after every cup, your stomach will thank you ;)
 There's the nice German term "Brotzeit" - literally "bread time" - generally used for cold dishes that can be served at any occasion. Whenever one is hungry.
Very, very nice work, everyone!   Bavarian-style dinner plate: Fresh bread (rye sourdough and wheat flour), courtesy of my girlfriend, who does the baking and patisserie around here, served my my homemade smoked onion liverwurst and some home-made dill pickles:  
Have you read the books by Jean-Georges Vongerichten? Lots of modern Asian fusion ideas in there.
Noodle soups to get over a cold, over a depression. over a plain shitty week, I always flavour them with lovage, parsley and tarragon. That's my "pick me up" flavour profile :)
@French Fries  I am lucky enough to have a butcher here who is serioulsly into heritage breeds :)   The eggs are not from the neighhour, btw... the ladies are all mine - keeping my own chickens these days...
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