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Noodle soups to get over a cold, over a depression. over a plain shitty week, I always flavour them with lovage, parsley and tarragon. That's my "pick me up" flavour profile :)
@French Fries  I am lucky enough to have a butcher here who is serioulsly into heritage breeds :)   The eggs are not from the neighhour, btw... the ladies are all mine - keeping my own chickens these days...
Beautiful bread, @French Fries !   Around here it is still rather warm, so I fired up the BBQ again.   Mangalitza pork neck:     Yup,that is pork.   Rubbed with salt, demerara sugar, pepper, pimenton, cumin and garlic.  Smoked over cherry wood, served with a potato salad with potatoes from the garden, homemade pickles and some eggs from ladies out back:  
@Baboon - nothing against Bierwurst, by the way. Around here, you would most certainly see it on a "Wurstplatte" or "Brotzeitplatte" in the rural restaurants, together with some Leberkäse, Pressack, Landjäger, some heavily smoked ham. And I like those, with a good mug of beer and a nice local sourdough bread. Those are not the places that would use the term "charcuterie" though :)
Also, Lardo!
Salted and dried duck breast? Or cold-smoked, of course. Smoked tongue is always great, preferring veal over pork, though. Lomo/lonza. Bresaola/Bündner Fleisch. Porchetta di testa If you got time and a curing chamber - some long ripened ham.   Just some ideas.   I am wondering a bit about the Bierwurst. Then again, I am from Bavaria, so around here, this is bog standard stuff that you throw on a breadroll with some pickle and munch down while waiting for your train.
Welcome! As @eastshores said, the salt cured pig group on FB is definitely where it's at. All very helpful people there, lots of pros, too!   And yes, I am doing quite a bit of curing and sausage making myself these days. Just got some bresaola and some northern bavarian style ham in the cure, ready to dry/smoke later this month. 
Chicken soup. Flu got me. At least it is a decent chicken soup with one of my home-raised ones.
Late breakfast - homesmoked bacon, freshly collected eggs from the backyard, tomato salsa on a rather crispy (*cough*) corn tortilla.  
 Don't quit your day job, you career as comedian is in the balance there ;)
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