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 That would go well with my girlfriend who is specifically intolerant to fructose.
Smoking fish is massively popular here - the haddock is naturally not local... But traditionally, we have a lot of aquaculture of trout and carp in the region. Around this time every year, the ponds are fished empty, so you end up with a couple of hundreds of fish, most of which go into the smoke to preserve them for winter. Never had chub - you can catch a variety of it here, but most anglers throw it back, due to the rather annoying fishbones. 
Some salted and cold-smoked Haddock:  
Botulism isn't really a problem with bulk meats, I think. I'd be more concerned about E. coli and Listeria. But that's why we cure with nitrite, anyway. Definitely agree that one should read up on the basics when it comes to smoking and charcuterie in general, though. 
 Did I ever mention that you are nuts in the best possible way? ;)
I am using a ProQ smoke generator, definitely worth the money. For wood, I mostly smoke on beech and cherry. As I said above, you can pretty much put that one into a cardboard box and smoke on :) 
I use a small smoke generator, perhaps 30/30 cm - essentially, you  can cold smoke in a cardboard box with that thing.
Hot or cold smoking?
Made a chowder with sweet corn, roasted sweet potatos and home-smoked bacon today, seasoned with a bit of Ancho chili, black pepper and rosemary:  
Nice dishes all around! Having spent my last weekend in Prague, I decided to make a Czech-style goulash. Still had some wagyu shank in the freezer, browned in lard together with onions, garlic, peppers, stirred in some tomato paste, seasoned with paprika, cumin, caraway, pepper, salt and simmered in beer. Added some potatoes for the final bit:      
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