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This often depends more on the texture of the meat that you are curing than on your curing technique. I rarely get a cut that really cures unifomely. As long as the main body is done, it goes into the smoke.
Yeah. I'd add that the empty space has to have a shape of its own, too, complementing the occupied area.
 Looks a bit weird to me, too. I like presentations working with lots of negative space, but just pushing it to one side of the plate and leaving three quarters empty is a bit lacking in my opinion.
Communal style is very common around here, too. I do actually like it. Depends on the occasion, of course - nothing for a dinner date, but in general, I guess I am used to it.
Just the red wine vinegar in the pickling juice.
Sounds perfect! I share the shopping habits of my girlfriend - food and books. We just did a rough count, it comes to about 5000 volumes in our home library, and the cooking library alone fills about 15 shelf-meters by now....
Hehe, thanks. The appropriate beer is shown in this picture which I made during the preparation - it is a slight variation on the above mentioned recipe, btw, pickled egg instead of freshly boiled and no apple, since I had a guest intolerant to fructose:  
When it comes to eating out, you can forget my home. Standard German fare, with perhaps one restaurant who pushes the niveau. Foreign cuisines? Nah. Some europeanized asians, but really nothing noteworthy.    However, when it comes to shopping for food, it is brilliant. Great butchers, great greengrocers, great fishmongers. And lots of local farmers who grow organic stuff and focus on heirloom sorts and heirloom races. Great farmer's market, too. And, more importantly,...
Found a picture of the second version, served with Schnitzel:  
Oh man, this is a hard one. The ingredients are so generic. Hard to guess where it goes if you do not know the specific recipe.
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