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 Rye sourdough, yup! Perhaps I get the Sauerbraten into the challenge on Saturday, depends how the marinading goes. The Northern Bavarian or Frankonian style is marinaded without wine, in contrast to the Rheinland style. Red wine vinegar, water, pepper, salt, sugar, bay leaf, piment, cloves, juniper berries, mustard seed, carrots, onions, some parsley root. Smells divine already :)
 Yeah, I make all my salt pork, bacon, pancetta, guanciale and some other stuff myself :) Served the beans just with a slice of penguinette's bread - all you need right there :) I have another low and slow project in the works, but that one might be too late for the challenge - a Northern Bavarian style Sauerbraten. Went into the marinade today, won't be ready before sunday. Depends.
Before we finish this round - one more classic of slow cooking. Boston baked beans. Beans, home-cured salt pork, onions, molasses, bit of sugar, salt, pepper, mustard powder.  
Definitely looks like it, yeah. 
 kgirl - penguinette is baking some. She'll present her own slow-cooking project tomorrow, then we sure will have some fresh bread to show you :)
@MaryB Wikipedia is confusing here. "Bürgermeisterstück" on the German wiki says that it is part of the Oberschale, i.e. topside, while "tri-tip" on the English wiki links back to Bürgermeisterstück on the German. I have to ask my butcher when I am there next time. Unfortunately, I only have the first volume of Danforth's "Butchery", which does not cover beef.
Yeah, no doubt about that. The thread was about "quality" pizzerias, though. Depending what the OP qualifies as "good", of course. Is my palate so out of tune with general taste that I don't see the point in it here?
Another kind of slow cooking, Southern German/Austrian-style:   This cut is locally called the "Bürgermeisterstück" - the "mayor's piece", since, as legend has it, it was only sold to the upper crust of the town in the old days. It's a cut from the topside, if I get the angloamerican cutting style right here.     Slowly simmered with root vegetables.     And served in the broth, with root vegetables, potatoes and horseradish.     The broth alone is to die...
No, I am just wondering why one would add MSG to something that is already laden with glutamate and GMP/IMP. I don't see the point there.
 Tomatoes carry umami, the cheese on the pizza carries umami. People seriously add MSG there? To mask crappy tomatoes or what?
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