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 Fortunatly, you can find butchers that don't follow that religion of leaness... 
Could add a wee bit of collagen to a stock, but really not worth saving. As said above, the chickens are happy with it.
The day I call myself an "amateur chef", y'all got permission to put me down, because I clearly lost it. Dragged down by the weight of its own pretentiousness... I just cook. And like to learn more about cooking. But that's it.
I remember vaguely when Asian cooking first came to Germany. Atrocious bastardizations. Something called "Chinesisches Reisfleisch" - some kind of fried rice with pork, canned champignons, onions and a store-bought spice mixture.... My mother used to make that. No nostalgia for that, either.
 air dried? slight hotness mainly from pepper?
I have a knife roll myself. Not a pro, but whenever I go cooking at some friend's place (or at my parents'), I bring my own knives. Can't stand to murder food with the crap blades people usually have.
Additional thought - handle shape. You can get the best steel, but if your handle sucks, it will be no fun to use. I strongly prefer rounded handles on the bigger knives, but that is a matter of what works best for you.
 Coarse grinds are common in the more rural style sausages - air dried ones like the Pfefferbeißer, or along the same line with different seasonng Bauernseufzer, Dürre, Kaminwurzen. More freshly, a coarse, spreadable Mettwurst. Coarse liver sausage. But we do have our share of finely ground and/or emulgated stuff too.
One idea from my side - I once took a duck breast, took the skin off, rubbed with cinnamon, star anise, ginger, salt, pepper, let it rest for a few hours, then smoked it at low temperature over tea leaves. Skin was made separately into crackling. Spring vegetables to go with it. Came out great.
Fried onions and garlic in olive oil/palm oil mixture, added the chilis, bell peppers and sliced plantains, fried for a couple more minutes. Added water and simmered until the plantains were nearly done. Stirred in the cocos cream, reduced heat and poached the fish and prawns in the liquid. Salt, pepper, cilantro for seasoning.
New Posts  All Forums: