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First test of my very first home-smoked sausages, home-made pickles, home-baked bread with hazelnuts from the Garden:  
 I am cold smoking here. It's a german one: 
Weekends and not watching TV ;) But seriously, curing and smoking doesn't take that much time - half an hour here and there. The animals are mostly my girlfriend's business - until it comes to slaughtering, then, suddenly, I am responsible.... It's what I do in my free time. Perfect counterpoint to sitting at my office desk all day long.
Sausages join another batch of bacon in the smoker:  
There are techniques where you boil first and sear later, though - e.g. Sichuanese "twice cooked" dishes. Those might be most adaptable to pressure cooking. 
 Sure - nothing wrong with cutting the fermentation short - personally, I like them sour and funky. Doing my stuff the same way my mother and grandmother did - back when there was no refrigeration around here at all. Even if it is not necessary anymore, I love to lay in stuff for the winter, huge batch of cukes when they are at their best etc.  Kimchi! Daikon radishes!
Liver, onions, and apples with some potato mash - Hell YEAH, gimme, gimme. Even liked it as a lil' boy - Bavarian redneck at heart, I guess... My last take on them (in that case with fried potato wedges and apple mash:: 
 So I am not the only one crunching down on the spines of canned fish? In my case, it was German-style "Brathering" - canned fried herring, pickled in a sour marinade, served with potatoes, fresh onion..... I perhaps need to make some from scratch one of these days.
Maybe pressure-cooked carnitas could work? Cook under pressure until it can be pulled, then reduce and fry in the rendered fat without pressure? 
On the thread-starting post: What's retro about fondues?  The site is funny, but a lot of dishes there definitely stood the test of time - I love alouttes sans têtes, cassoulet, pig trotters etc... But gawd, the presentations. That overloaded plates!!
New Posts  All Forums: