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 Trichinosis is not the main problem these days. Raw ground just spoils fast. Only thing to care for is clean and fast processing - and proper techniques when going for air-dried stuff.
 Nice one. And perfectly normal stuff around here (Mett / Hackepeter) - besides what else are air dried sausages or salamis than raw pork :)
  Tonight's dinner. Some of my recent products - only two with mince, though.   Left hand side - more or less an experiment. 70/30 lean/fat pork, ground through 10 mm, seasoned with green peppercorns, crushed pepper, majoram, paprika, mace, poached, dried, smoked 3x8h over beech.  Top middle: Bavarian-style smoked shoulder, matured for 3 months now.  Lower middle: air dried pork tenderloin Right hand side: air-dried cold smoked polish, needs a bit more drying.
 I am raising rabbits, but never made sausage from them. Perhaps a project for this year. I don't buy into any health benefits, though - to get a decent rabbit or chicken sausage, you'll have to add about 30% pork back fat for texture anyway....
Theres always a couch to crash on here.... Now I have to hit the butcher once more - Pfefferbeißer (70/30, seasoned heavily with crushed peppercorns and some pickled green peppers, majoram, onion, garlic), stuffed in 20/22 sheep coming up today
Posted this already in the "what are you smoking this summer"-thread. Given that it is winter now... Well. 65/35 lean/fat pork sausages, seasoned with majoram, garlic, pepper, stuffed in 40 mm beef, dried, smoked over light beech for three days 8 on / 16 off. Maturing in the cellar now for another week.  
Just pulled a batch of cold smoked polish sausages out of the smoke. Stuffed in 40/44 beef instead of 30/32 pork, due to me having no proper casing left when I made them. Now to mature and dry them for at least a week in the cellar.  
Lentil soup with homemade Krakauer sausage, bacon, onions, carrots and celery, Seasoned with salt, pepper, majoram, thyme and a dash of white wine vinegar.  
Pan-seared pheasant breast on braised mushrooms, apples and onions with game stock.  
Cured and cold smoked tongue, simmered until tender. Served with savoy cabbage braised with home smoked bacon, balsamico and a dash of Lagrein rosé, roast potatoes cooked in duck fat, horseradish cream sauce with capers. Presentation is rather rural, but I liked it :)  
New Posts  All Forums: