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Dude, I want a new welder. And a plasma cutter. Don't harsh my mellow here with suggestions of purely mechanical joints ;)
True, Chris. Shouldn't cook at all, just barely simmer. If you can see a bubble rise before you get bored, it's fine
Have to agree with chris here - make fumet with anything left over, that's just fine
The wish for a new smoker is the best, defensible reason to upgrade your welding and metalworking gear ;)
New batch of Brats for the neighbourhood grill party.Jalapeno sausages. 70/30 lean/fat pork, per kg. 20g salt, 3g pepper, one onion, diced, 4 jalapenos, diced, 2g garlic powder, 2g cumin, 100 ml red wine.  
Yes, yes, yes... My kinda food :) Some local differences due to Northern Bavaria here, but still, yes.... :)
Those are really good pickled, too!
Potatoes (4 sorts), tomatoes (San Marzano, Harzfeuer, some unnamed heirloom that grows for ages on the in-law's farm, venus breast), eggplants, courgettes, cucumbers (snake and a small pickling  varity), salads, fennel, leek, carrots, radishes, chard, peas, beans (borlotto, two other bush bean sorts I can't really name right now), the usual assortment of herbs, that about covers it for this year
That's the beauty of the Swabian Hall - it really is a breed that puts on the fat, not like lots of modern breeds that are made to minimize that fat. And my butcher honours his pigs and of course keeps it on. 
Perhaps it works out this year, Lagom
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