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And of course, there is Johnny Dowd to lighten the mood...  
 That's my kind of sound, @teamfat !   Handsome Family might be a thing for you, too. Also, 
  Gravlax on roast potatoes and salad!
 Best of luck to all of you.
@teamfat That's how I do mine, roughly. The flavour concentrates a bit more if you keep drying it for a few days after the smoke. Need to make a new batch myself - only got three different kinds of bacon at hand at the moment, this cannot stand!
Nice one, congrats! Had fun with this round and I definitely have something to try out on the back of my mind by now!
If you like spinach, how about swiss chard? Also, did you try various asiatic vegetables in the wok? Water chestnuts, bamboo, lotus roots? For stews, how about trying parsnips, turnips, heck, why not some radish? Beets?  Sounds like you have a lot of things that you just could try - let us know how that works out and we can work on from that flavour/texture profiles!
Hehe, yeah, that's where I got the name from, indeed. 3D-structure determination was hellofa lot of fun. I mostly did work on fragments of the human and bovine prion protein, which leads us back to food, I guess :) Never worked with microarrays. Bulk protein for me.  Also, if the supervisor thinks you can publish, hell, yes. GO AND PUBLISH. Every single paper helps!
 No problem at all - yes, my point of view is most certainly coloured by my own experience and knowledge. But now we are opening a whole different can of worms - what help is it for the average consumer to see a label that says "xylose isomerase"? It's not just the labelling, we need a whole lot more of basic food education before it ever can make sense. Never worked in the food area, by the way - my academic field was protein structure and dynamics, mostly by NMR. These...
Speaking as a biochemist - *nothing* is simple when it comes to metabolism.... Anyone offering "simple" answers is selling snake oil.I am just sticking with real, honest food. Got my local greengrocer, my local butcher, my local fishmonger, I raise my own chicken, rabbits and quails, grow some vegetables in the garden. I rarely ever visit a supermarket. As Koukouvagia said - around here, we are all passionate about our food, so you are somewhat preaching to the choir. No...
New Posts  All Forums: