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Fried red snapper, bed of braised napa cabbage and water chestnuts, chili sauce.    
@dhmcardoso Thanks for the details! That I have to try soon. My turkish supermarket should have the wheat.
Love that page! Knew it before butzy posted it here. His recipes are definitely worth trying out or getting an inspiration from - I have tried some of his charcuterie stuff and it always worked out well.
Nice one. My chicken approve!  
 I used Fuchsia Dunlop's recipe out of "Land of Plenty". Per about 1 kg of belly, she uses 1 star anise, 1 clove, 3/4 tablespoon sichuan pepper, "some cinnamon sticks". The cure was definitely fragrant, we'll see how the taste ends up.
And another month is over. We had a lot of nice entries, so deciding on our next host wasn't easy. However, the made-from-scratch kofteh finally made the best impression! So, without further speeches, our next host will be   teamfat.   Congratulations!
 Very nice. Would you give us the details on the seaoning?
Haven't tried it before - I am using F. Dunlop's recipe as a guideline here. I'll let you know how it went in a week.
Lots of cooking today.    Took some teriyaki-flavoured beef jerky out of the drying rack:     Prepared some sichuanese bacon for curing     Simmered some also sichuanese everyday stock made from chicken and pork bones     And finally made some Conchiligioni with a tomato and aubergine sauce for dinner.     Having three weeks off and time too cook to my heart's desire. I love it.
Last call, folks, last call!
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