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Ok, so here's my take on risotto: First, some fresh vegetable broth. Sauteed a bit of salsiccia and chanterelles, brought together in the risotto:  
@panini It's an Asian variety, mostly used in Thai or Vietnamese cooking.
Salting works very, very well - I still have some salted bird's eyes from last year in the fridge. Still hot and full of flavour.
Nice - planning a risotto for tonight. For now, I just set up a fresh batch of Kimchi:    
 Most asian supermarkets here are nuts, too. 1,5g packages for 3 euros. Right. I found a dedicated Japanese market lately that has way better prices. Asking around in the Japanese expat community might give you a decent adress (helps that my girlfriend learns japanese and knows some guys who can get you into contact with some guys who may have the adress of the right guys) ;)
But isn't Shiitake Dashi done without Kombu, usually?
Never tried Shiitake dashi - I always made the basic Kombu/Katsuobushi kind. Let us know how it came out, I think I have to try this!
Went full Bavarian today. Beef roulade, filled with homemade pickles, a mixture of home-cured salt pork and onions, carrots and mustard. Rolled, trussed and braised. Also braised some red cabbage fresh out of the garden with a dash of balsamic. Freshly made Spätzle - eggs, flour, water, dash of muscat, salt, stirred into a dough then spread out on a board and scraped into boiling water with a knife. Cooled down as soon as they rise up, refreshed by sauteeing in butter....
More medals in this thread than on a Soviet Field Marshall ;)
 Yotam Ottolenghi's books are a nice starting point for Middle Eastern stuff. Also with lots of vegetarian recipes. Also, everyone should have a proper fat collection in the fridge.... Let me check... Duck fat, chicken fat, bacon drippings, pig lard, cleared butter, some fat I rendered from the trimmings of parma ham...
New Posts  All Forums: