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Better to run your fingers down the stem, against the angle of the leaves, in my opinion. But with soft ones, they gonna rip anyway.   Peeling borrettane onions sucks, too, by the way.
Dorade with some fresh vegetables, olive oil, garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper:
Radish, cucumber and green salad with nasturtium and borrage flowers, vinaigrette with Bavarian style sweet mustard, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lovage and red onion, homemade bratwursts with ramps on the one side and with jalapenos on the other. Quite... eclectic, but quite tasty.
To be more to the point, the accuracy of measurement is completely independent of the scale used. It all depends on the instrument. And who does actually recalibrate their thermometers? 1°C is probably the best accuracy an average kitchen thermometer will do, regardless of it having a nominal 0,1°C resolution. Labeling the scale in °F doesn't change anything about it.
 Depends if you want a certification or just a course for amateurs. I can do very basic stick welding, learned that at university, the course I booked for this summer is an amateur-grade MIG/MAG welding weekend session that runs for about 300€. Professional courses... well, way, way more. I just love to be able to do it myself at a basic level.
No, to be honest - I am booked for a summer class in welding. Gotta get my gear and plan out the smoker after that :)
Dude, I want a new welder. And a plasma cutter. Don't harsh my mellow here with suggestions of purely mechanical joints ;)
True, Chris. Shouldn't cook at all, just barely simmer. If you can see a bubble rise before you get bored, it's fine
Have to agree with chris here - make fumet with anything left over, that's just fine
The wish for a new smoker is the best, defensible reason to upgrade your welding and metalworking gear ;)
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