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I've narrowed my search down to these two. This will be my first knife and I'm looking at buying a 210mm Gyuto. Anyone know of any differences (or similarities) between the two? Particularly interested in the quality of the steel of each.   Worth noting that if I choose the Hattori HD I can also get a petty for a price comparable to that of the single Hiromoto.
Thanks for the replies. Another quick question, are there any brands on JCK that I should avoid?
I'm looking to buy my first good quality knife. This knife will be for at home only. I'm thinking 200mm-210mm unless there's a reason other than preference to consider something else. I'd prefer not to spend more than $300. If I can get two knives, a petty as the second, for close that price I will do that as long as I don't have to sacrifice on quality. I love sharpening and I'm eager to learn more and willing to spend ~$100 on a stone + steel at the moment. Japanese is...
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