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What induction set-up do you have?
This looks pretty cool-       This single says 22,000BTU.... any idea on gas line size?  or venting?
I have these....~ $40 and ~$75.  They work very well generally but IMO the simmer sucks and it seem like sometimes they shut themselves off in the middle of a furious cook and I have to re-cycle the on/off switch.   These are cheapies so do the higher end ones work better?  Other then all my copper cook ware I love to dump the gas.      
Thanks for the input...keep it coming.  Can you tell me what induction set-up you have....size, brand, # of units, built-in?....
such heresy! no gas I can and will do what I need to do venting wise.  What are the hurdles of separates? Hard to believe you are contentment with all induction but it is food for thought. I have a portable induction burner and it is very cool but I really dislike the cycling......and it seems it sometimes shuts its self off.
I'm doing a complete kitchen demo re-do soon.  The choices for ranges and cook top leaves me wanting...they seem pathetic.   All the burners jammed in too close together.....cook top going to look terrible when used and dirty.......   Is there any intelligent thought to designing a cooktops/or/ranges that make them functional and usable for the few of us that really cook and use equipment intensely?   I need maybe 4 to 5 burners...gas with one induction spaced far...
just saw this....wow   I have 2 of these.  These were purchased at Tuesday Morning for south of $50...10"   This is generally the only pan I ever use for sautéing, frying...   It cooks amazing and is relatively non-stick and light weight....I love this thing.       Clean- Immediately after use hot water, plastic scraper and/or plastic brush....if no then add med. grain salt....very simple and fast!   One of the top 5 most amazing kitchen items I have.
this site is a bit different…can't find the edit feature…..it puts me back to top of page so-   Anyway in the "manual" I found the working psi even though it shows a low and a high setting.  I assume to listed pressure is for high.   Its 80Kpa ~ 12 psi.
The missvikki site looks promising. I just find it odd that something so simple is turning out (for me) to be a DIY journey.  There was a site that said to cook Black-eyed Peas for 35 minutes!
ThanksIts french made!.  And as the reviews say the enclosed manual is humorous at best but no help.Soaked garbonzos seem to be happy at 20 minutes and black-eyed peas were over done at 20 minutes. The Pintos needed more then 20.
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