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I use an inexpensive parer to do most rough work, so I can expend a bit on the petty. I would like to know what kind of big knives you use for rough works.   Thanks
Hi everyone! I came to this forums a year ago to pick me a good japanese chef knife. Thanks to your help I decided on the Fujiwara FKM and I'm very very (did I say very?) happy with it. I am a profesional cook and finally I got a good job and well payed (sorta). I'm looking for a small knife (paring or petty) to add to my set, and would like to receive advice and what other knife would be a good adition.   Thanks!   I want to slowly build up to a full 5-6 set of...
Thanks for the answers! Something like this can work?  My FKM and stones arrived, they are very beautiful. I'm learning to use the stones on a more bad knife I have. One question, how much sharp is FKM Fujiwara out of the box? How do I measure the sharpeness of a knife?    Thanks!     P.S: Very thankful to this forum, made my choice of J-knife with a lot of reasoning behind and a lot of good advice. Thanks you all! Especially boar-d-laze
Can anyone show me a picture of one? If it's  permanent, wouldn't it just get on the knife forever¿
Well, two things, I already did my order and I didn't get the flattener, what's it purpose, can I buy one here, etc? What is a magic marker? Is a kind of marker I guess but I don't know if it's a brand or a type.     thanks!
I buyed the Stone pack and the Fujiwara, now I would liek to know any online resource to learn how to sharpen available. I have     Thanks for all the advice, made my buy easier!
Well, thanks for your advice, I already decided to pick the Fujiwara, still thinking on the stones, because apart from the ones wich come on the set, I don't have any idea on wich one to pick. For a 2 stones set I guess I'll need a 1000-1200 one and another around 5k or 6k, right? Is 2 stones enough? Wich brands can I trust to be good? Korin has King, Mizuyama and Kitayama, and the shipping is so expensive. Dieter Shmid has King, Sun Tiger, Bester, Suehiro, Cerax,...
The problem is my father doesn't even know that. Is there any way of knowing the stone grit?. I would like my stones/ stone sets come from or so I make my shipping cost not that big.
Well, I've been looking info, and I've decided myself to pick FKM 21 cms. For sharpening it what would be a good set of stones or a single one? How can I know wich grit are the stones I have? They are from my parent, wich is carpenter and uses them for his tools, maybe they are too rough.
Well, I'm from Spain, but I haven't got any difficulty in picking knifes online, as I already live far from any shop. I want a versatile knife, what I am going to do with it is mostly cutting vegetables. I have a sharpening stone and steel (The long one wich corrects the edge). I know how to sharpen, but still not very good at it. I don't like santokus, I prefer chef knives.   Thanks and sorry for the lack of information I...
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