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Yes, I am a home cook--not professional.  I plan on getting a second oven in my new kitchen, in addition to my range, as I currently have 2 ovens and have found it so convenient-and many times necessary-that I can't imagine my kitchen with just one oven. I have read about them and I'm curious about steam ovens as they seem to offer a healthy and tasty way of cooking. So I wanted to get some feedback from any steam oven owners out there.   Thanks, gwegrowcook
I have just recently found this forum while researching new appliances: I am starting a complete kitchen renovation process and am considering a steam/convection oven as a possibility for my second oven (I'm a home cook, not professional).  Would greatly appreciate hearing of anyone's experiences with these, and particularly what brands have or haven't been good.  (I am currently in London, so have been visiting showrooms of some of the European and upper end US brands,...
Hi,   I've just joined after reading lots of interesting and valuable postings on appliances.  I hope to be joining some of the discussions soon, though I'm just a home cook.   gwegrowcook
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