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Hey, I got accepted to International Institute of Arts Vancouver which after research was in the top 2 culinary schools in canada(after Cordon Bleu, but thats too expensive). So i wanted to get some review from people who might have herd about the school or attended it. Any info would be really helpful.  Thanks everyone.
I kind of feel like that i am young and have the passion for food, and doing it at a young age inspires me to be at my best and unique while doing it at an older age(24 is not old but still) wont be the same.
So i landed upon as a line cook as my first job, loved the industry worked my butt of to satisfy the sous chef and the chef(it was a bistro) as time passed by i got more responsibilities, lead on the line, made my specials, basically i put all i had into my job(i would skip class and show up at the restaurant because i had an idea for a special). Then i recently got a job as a Co-Chef at a Cafe/dinner, its one of the bussiest places i have ever seen, as i got in a good...
New Posts  All Forums: