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Awesome! I'm aiming for the September session too! Hey one question. How fluent are you in French? I can't speak French at all and I know they give french lessons and all but I don't think that will be sufficient. (being bilingual is hard enough..)     I wonder what their options are for the internships. I want to know the names of the hotels and patisseries.   I also want to know if they help you get jobs after the program.   Yeah, definitely! you can...
Hey Jessie, are you thinking about doing the International Pastry and baking program? I am considering going from next September. I did a lot of research and Ecole Ferrandi seems to be the best option. I asked for the brochure and they gave me an application form along with a little more info about the school( programs, price, etc.) They also told me that it is not hard to get in, but you have to apply early because they only accept very few students for the...
I'm thinking about applying for the French pastry September session.
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