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so,it's a mixture of ground almonds sugar and egg whites yes it's kind of marzipan.i usually make it myself,most of the times when i buy it,it doesn't taste like almonds to me so to play it safe i do it myself no nobody taught me i look around watch cooking tv programms surf the internet look in books but haven't got any lessons,i just adore baking and cooking.   are you familiar to maltese islands?
never tried fondant,do you like to work with it?and what do you usually do with it?
both second and third photos are of almonds made recipes the second one is an almond cake with a fantastic surface and the third are almond bisc
sorry i couldn't understand well your msg
no near but here in malta you can get anywhere in no time,why?are you from malta?
many thanks dear the problem is i am from malta so many of the things said don't apply here unfortunatley but thanks for you opinion and link
hi everyone I need a desert decorator as the one that i have now is a plastic one from "Prestige",it is good so far,but at the moment I am using it too often and it is very hard to push so i was wondering if anyone could help me find something which could be easier to use,i can't use a softer mix then i'm using cause then there would be problems with baking and so on.SO PLEEEEEASE ANYHELP?I have my hands in pain all the time after using it.
wow how nice to hear you mention our fabuols dishes,lat's face it maltese dishes are some of the best in culinary world no?do you agree?
hi everyone ,I'm sandra a 36 yr old fulltime housewive and mum of an 8 yr old boy.with a great passion for anything that has to do with baking and cooking,i simply love it from frying to baking cakes and maybe some decorating too.i'm from malta and joining this site with great eager and hope to learn from all of see you around
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