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I work with two line cooks with mortgages, which admittedly is kind of weird.  Not very big or nice houses, but still.  Man, that's a tough call.  I'm in my forties and I can tell you this is a little harder on my body than it was in my 20's.  Although I quit drinking a few years ago which honestly lopped 15 years off how old I feel.   I will say though that kitchen guys that have been cooking for as long as you have been doing what you do, they're burnt out...
If you have the means sous vide it.  If not (and if it's your call) take it off the menu.  There's no good way that I know of to make it cook any faster without resorting to dirty tricks.  And I like a pork chop but who wants to wait half an hour for one?  If people really want pork chops maybe swap in two smaller ones instead?
BTW, by your words I think we may have a misunderstanding- I have not been in this restaurant for 20 years, it's only been open for a few.
 I think we've all been exposed to it to a degree.  Over the last 25 years I've worked in a couple of dumps and some really great kitchens.  I've worked dish (back in the early 80's actually!), fast food, hotels, fast casual, fine dining, etc.  I'd say that in my experience all the "crap" I described is the hallmark of a restaurant that's simply not very good.  It's hard to consistently offer quality food and service in an environment like that.  And aside from the...
Sounds like a crappy place, PovertySucks.  Your name is right- poverty does suck, and sometimes you just need a job, any job. Hopefully you'll find something better soon.  That place doesn't sound like it will be open in a year anyway.
It's a matter of degree.  If every kitchen I worked in was like that, and every day, I'd have quit the business 25 years ago!  If it's always that way for you you have my sympathy!  On the other hand, this is the only kitchen I've worked in for a couple decades where I'm not the chef (just a cook while I finish school).  At least when I'm in running things the BOH is organized even if the FOH isn't.  But the FOH idiocy here exceeds belief.
FOH at the place I work sucks.  Yeah, I realize FOH sucks everywhere but this is about as bad as I've ever seen in a decent restaurant.  People are sat whenever they come in and order as soon as they're menued.  Serves table hop until they have 25-30 to ring and then to the computer.  We routinely get a hundred covers rang back in the space of seven or eight minutes.  Then they all eat and leave at the same time and the cycle is repeated.  A hundred orders, then radio...
My sucked donkey balls.  Literally one of the top five monkey fucks in my entire cooking life.  I don't even have the strength to go into right now, just wondering how it went for everyone else.
 You can't fix stupid!  We pick on FOH I know but some of them have no concept of food or how a restaurant makes money.  If you're making it from scratch in-house then firing bread probably shouldn't be their call.  At least it should be a FOH sup or manager.
You've already spent a decade perfecting a lot of the skills you'd get in a culinary school.  At your age and with your considerable experience you'd probably be better off just stepping up to a better restaurant and learning OTJ.
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