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At home, if you don't have a charcoal or gas grill or don't want to go outdoors, and if you don't have the means to cook sous vide, then flipflopgirl gives good advice.  It will get a little smokey but get a cast iron pan as hot as you can and give it a minute and a half per side (if it's a thick steak) then toss it in the oven briefly.
I really want to get the PID controller for my Smokin-It Model #3 smoker, just been too lazy to research how to wire it in.
Would call confit poached?  Why not call it low temp frying?  Jesus, by this point why continue to blather on about the definition?  What does it matter?  This thread has become a shitshow with virtually none of the posts addressing the use of sous vide.
Sous vide isn't always poaching at all.  If you put protein and oil in the bag you can't really call that poaching.  What it it then- low t frying?  Again, it's pointless to spend several pages arguing over whether or not it's poaching- who gives a damn what you call it?   To address the actual topic, I love using sous vide.  It's not always the right tool for the job just like frying or roasting isn't always the right tool.  There are several situations where sous vide...
If you want something light then any Wa styles Japanese knife would fill the bill.  My 240mm Konosuke only weighs five ounces.
To be fair it's not just that forum- the anonymity of forums can allow a lot of bad behavior to skate by.  I really got tired of the bickering and factionalism of that little segment of the community and I've pretty much left the scene.  I will say though, Jon, that I will often steer folks over to your site. I appreciate that you've always taken the high road, and unlike some of the other folks out there I know that you know what you're talking about.
I don't know why this topic always seems to break down into an argument over the proper translation of the french words and whether vacuum is necessary.  Colloquially I think we can agree that the term sous vide is used to describe cooking something in a precisely controlled water bath.  In actual practice this is usually done in a bag prepared with a chamber vacuum sealer but it can be done in a ziplock bag, no bag at all, a bell jar, etc.   I've been doing sous vide at...
Interesting. I've never heard of Aus-10 either. The only Hiromotos I've ever had were clad Aogami.
No, I haven't had a chance.  A chef I used to work with has one and I tried it out but I haven't sharpened it.  He moved a few hundred miles away and while we keep in touch I haven't done any sharpening for him since right after he moved a couple years ago.  It does seem to take as good an edge as most other higher end stainless steels.  But I haven't personally checked to see how sharp I can get it. 
KKF has more douches than a Walgreens.  I know Jon B is friendly with some those guys and I don't blame him, it's business.  Personally I have no time for their pettiness and dickbaggerie. It's basically an online cult. CKtG forum is pretty friendly but I haven't been there for a couple years, just haven't had a lot of time and my interest in knives isn't all consuming right now.  Since I cook for a living I'm always cutting and sharpening but at the moment my spare cash...
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