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The owner likes to call me 'chef' even though he's known me for many years. I think it makes him feel good to have a "real chef".  I'm fine with being addressed by my first name most of the time.
Congrats!  Lots to learn but it sounds like you're up to the task.  Some of my advice to a person just getting started in management is simple. Be firm but respectful.  No one likes a petty tyrant.  Demand respect but give it as well. Loyalty is a two way street. Don't overlook dollars on the table to chase nickels on the floor. Watch the big picture. That said, those nickels add up to dollars.  Don't let little leaks become a deluge.  Watch portion sizes, especially...
In a way the restaurant world is kind of youth oriented but you're not that old.  If you're mature you can probably rise through the ranks faster than most (assuming that's the goal).  Lots of the younger folks are more interested in partying than showing up to work and kicking ass.
It's not everyone, Iceman.  We have a good mix of customers but some of the older folks here are kind of stick-in-the-mud types.  It's Minnesota!
Two weeks is pretty much the standard. Don't burn any bridges, do it in person. A letter is okay but give verbal notice first. Work as hard your last two weeks as you did the last seven years and everyone should be fine. Best of luck on the new job!
That's the rub suppose- you're free to get tats if you want but you're self selecting yourself out of certain jobs and even entire fields by doing it. Customers will judge my restaurant as much by the way the servers look as by the food. Where I'm at especially older folks look down on tats, and they have the money. It's a lot easier to change your clothes of facial hair than a tattoo.
I wouldn't fire someone for having tattoos or pass on an otherwise suitable candidate, but I personally don't have much interest in them.  I have none nor can I think of anything I'm sure I'd want on my body forever.  Personally when I see a bunch of tats I see it as a sign of someone who cares way too much what other people think of him or her.  A very high "HEY LOOK AT ME!!!" factor seems to be in evidence.  It seems to be a sign of conformity, too, a badge of the...
What country do you live in? Chef de partie would be the high falootin name in the US.  Most would call the position 'line cook'.
Some wise advice, Panini!
One good thing is that, for you at least, is that finding people with a good work ethic is almost impossible nowadays.  Even at your age you will have a high ceiling if you can learn quickly and will work hard.
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