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What is the Chef and Sous Chef schedule during an opening?  Open to close, Monday thru Sunday, for the first couple months. At least that's my experience.  Maybe you can carve out a couple shifts off just to catch your breaths but open a new restaurant is a frenetic, somewhat chaotic event no matter how well prepared you are.  I've done maybe half a dozen openings and even the smoothest ones are a lot of work.   A set schedule can be kind of difficult.  You may be able...
What is CC?
Congrats!  Good luck with the new gig.  Always nice to be able to create your own menu.
Nice to see you back, man.  Good on ya!  You live and you learn, looks like you're getting a handle on things.
I'm glad I'm not the only Luddite; foodpump beat me to it.  What do you hope you gain from an iPad vs paper?  I'm a huge advocate of electronic storage of recipes, features and other important docs.  But that's archiving, I don't see the need to access them that way unless you have a vast array of recipes.  An iPad is expensive, bulky and fragile compared to simply printing out what you need.  If it gets soaked with red sauce just print it again vs buying another pad if it...
 Illegal as of Dec 1st of this year (barring the Senate acting Obama opting not to veto).
I used to a major wino but I quit drinking a few years ago.  IMO it's not all that important what you use- the high temps of cooking destroy the subtly to a great degree.
The owner likes to call me 'chef' even though he's known me for many years. I think it makes him feel good to have a "real chef".  I'm fine with being addressed by my first name most of the time.
Congrats!  Lots to learn but it sounds like you're up to the task.  Some of my advice to a person just getting started in management is simple. Be firm but respectful.  No one likes a petty tyrant.  Demand respect but give it as well. Loyalty is a two way street. Don't overlook dollars on the table to chase nickels on the floor. Watch the big picture. That said, those nickels add up to dollars.  Don't let little leaks become a deluge.  Watch portion sizes, especially...
In a way the restaurant world is kind of youth oriented but you're not that old.  If you're mature you can probably rise through the ranks faster than most (assuming that's the goal).  Lots of the younger folks are more interested in partying than showing up to work and kicking ass.
New Posts  All Forums: