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 That I will agree with.  I thought you meant 40 minutes total cooking time; that wouldn't get it done.  Generally if I'm not cooking with a needle probe in the product I'll err on the side of allowing a little extra time.  If you carefully prepare the product (mainly assuring the cut is at the correct thickness for the time involved) there should be no problem.
You certainly will not be getting 7D reduction of bacteria in 40 minutes @ 138 F! Not unless it's an extraordinarily thin piece. I think you need to double check your math.
 Very true!  There's a very old and very dumb saying that goes, "those that can't do- teach".  It's an idiotic statement and profoundly wrong.   There are lots of guys that slash and burn on the line that can't teach worth shit.  Even before I was in management I was the go-to guy for training other cooks.  It's one thing to have a skill, but to teach that skill is another kind of skill unto itself.  A chef needs to have culinary skills but in a business you can go farther...
I'm not sure anyone is ever *** ready *** for their first chef job/marriage/baby/etc.  There's always more one could learn but some stuff you can't really learn until you actually have to do it.  At your age and experience level you probably aren't completely ready but you will never grow unless you move beyond your comfort zone.  Keep your eyes, ears and mind open and you will be fine.
Canada in May?  Probably not going to be 30F but it depends on what part of Canada.  You can wrap the lines with heat tape (depends on if you have power), just wrapping the lines can help.
They're pretty cheap and recover quickly.  I've used them for wings at outdoor events. IIRC they're around 175,000 BTUs so no problem recovering.
A couple turkey fryers is the way to go.
That's great!  Everyone, no matter how skilled, had to start somewhere.  Keep a good attitude and have fun- that goes a long ways.  I can tell you that I hire staff based on attitude more than skills.  I'd rather start with a green young kid that wants to work than a lazy diva with ten years of experience.
Listen more than you talk.  Ask questions if you need to but the other cooks have their own work to do, too.  Pay attention and be a sponge, learn all you can.  Work hard and do whatever you're asked, cheerfully.  Good luck!  I hope you nail the job.
Actually, Coach Belichick does decide player's salaries- he's one of the few coaches that has exclusive player personnel authority.  Still, I get the point you're trying to make.
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