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I guess my views are kind of conflicted.  On the one hand I'm in awe of some of the places that have three Michelin stars.  On the other hand it's not the star rating that makes the Fat Duck or The French Laundry impressive- it's the food and the artistry.  And I once read an "expose" of sorts by a supposed insider that kind of ruined the illusion of Michelin for me.  I mean, one place added a star by remodeling the bathrooms!  At the highest level everything matters but...
Welcome, Jane!  Shouldn't be a problem at all.  I've worked with a lot of skinny cooks (especially female ones) and it's never even come up.
Despite being a regular here for many years I never saw this post!  RIP, Ed.  He had a vast, encyclopedic level of culinary knowledge, and he  shared it freely.  The site is diminished with his passing.
There's a lot of bullshit in the wine biz.  Much of the flowery language and superlatives drop away when the label isn't visible.  Cheaper wines regularly pound expensive wines in blind taste tests.  Those same tests done with blacked out glasses have revealed that even some self appointed experts can't reliably tell red from white based on taste alone.
This thread has been running for ages!  Had I noticed it back it when it was started I'd have likely answered a nice Cabernet Savignon, depending on the season, weather, etc.  In hot weather maybe a Sav Blanc or a Chardonney.  Hell, maybe even a Beam & Coke.  But I quit drinking a few years back so now it's tea or flavored soda water.  I've got a Soda Stream that I sometimes use to 'roll my own' but usually I buy different waters.
Cambros are even better at home than at work! My home fridge isn't near as large as a walkin and square containers simply fit better.
A terrible restaurant?  Welcome to CT.
Normally I'd pretty chill with people, not your cliched enfant terrible chef of the horror stories.  I want the BOH and FOH to be able to come to me with stuff without being worried that I'll blow up on them.  And I rarely do, but man they really pushed my buttons. 
I don't care you who are, that's funny!   I feel for you.  For the most part mine went smooth but the FOH basically burned the restaurant down last Saturday.  Pretty much the closest I've come to walking out in at least 15 years.  When things get that stupid I try to remind myself that sometimes you're the windshield and other times the bug, but I actually walked out back and smashed milk crates for a few minutes.  It just builds and builds, I bottle it up but the stupid,...
That's a lot to process all at once!  I dunno; we get caught up in the old sayings "do what you love and the money will follow" and "follow your passion and you'll never work a day in your life".  But is that realistic?  There are 168 hours in a  week.  Generally I work 60 of them.  Do I love it?  Sometimes.  Is it what I live for, the thing I'm on the planet to do?  That's a lot to ask of a job!  How do you want to spend your life?  Will you live to work or work to live? ...
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