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I don't think you're too old to switch tracks. Bear in mind that's not a complete change in careers like going from cooking to investment banking.  It's really changing focus.  Since less and less restaurants can afford to have a full time pastry chef the fact that you can step in and bang on the line will be a big asset when you're seeking a position.
Yeah, sauerbraten would be the notable exception that proves the rule.
I wouldn't do it.  Discard the brine or maybe boil it hard, strain it and use it once more before discarding.
I will chime in that it does get better.  As an example I just rolled out a brand new menu this week; it has been an utterly exhausting haul to Sunday night!  Even though I created the menu every time the printer would go off I would have to expend mental effort to build the dish in my mind.  There's an old cliche/platitude that says you haven't mastered a dish until you've prepared it a thousand times, and there's a kernel of truth to that.  I have a lot of skills/tool in...
A Thermapen would also help you out.
Sounds like a good idea. Take a break, explore other options.  Working in the kitchen is tough work even if you enjoy it- no point in doing it if you don't, especially since the money isn't great.  You will probably work for fifty years, no point in spending your life doing something you don't like.
You should consider good opportunities when they come.  Of course, that doesn't always mean work opportunities.  It's also easy to think your shot will never come again if but it usually will.  I suppose you need to "play the tape" to the end and see where it could lead you.  Developing your career is a positive, and there are lots of ways to do it.  Creating a solid relationship can also be the bedrock you build your whole life on.   I too say get it in writing.  Best...
It's the archer not the arrow.
The figures I've seen indicate that 90% of foodborne illnesses are caused by home cooks.  I can't swear for the veracity of that claim but it has the ring of truth.  After all, how many home cooks are ServeSafe certified?  How often is your home kitchen inspected by the Dept of Public Health?  How many home cooks practice FIFO and religiously label, date and rotate food?  I'm guessing that number is pretty low in all cases.  Obviously there's no law saying you need to have...
Humans have survived for millenia without any health codes but bottom line- if you're operating a business in North America, follow the applicable health codes.  Problem solved, problem stayin' solved!
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