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When a club membership is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per the food cost is usually irrelevant.  Making the member happy is the issue, and it's an expensive proposition.
Don't walk- run from that place!  Sounds like a hellhole.  You have to have some pride in your job to look at yourself in the mirror each morning.
I don't get too worked up over titles.  "Chef" just means you're in charge of the kitchen, or at least that's my definition.
I prefer Celox and Hemcon but I agree- hemostatics are a key part of every first aid kit.
Mine grows back thinner every year.
I don't really care what you do to your body; it's your body.  But after decades of seeing tats and their owners I have formulated the opinion that while 75% of people will claim their tatoos are "just for me- I don't care what other people think" the truth is probably that in 99.5% of the cases, the tatoo was intended to communicate something.  The wearing wants attention or is trying to make some kind of statement.  So it's kind of being hypocritical to clamor for...
Get a Thermapen.  Best I've ever used.  I have two, one I've used daily for seven years and one that's a couple years old.  Expensive at $96 but worth every penny.
Deaf would make it a lot harder in the kitchen.  A friend of mine that used to work for me was deaf, and it worked out okay because he was very good lip reader and could speak pretty well.  Mental stuff...well, almost everyone that works in a pro kitchen has something wrong with them!
Like the others have mentioned there are lots of factors (size and complexity of the menu, amount of seats, and FOH staff is a very critical part of the equation, too).
Sounds like a win/win for both of you.  To be honest, a typical line cook job isn't saving the world, and it's not really worth devoting your whole life to it.  On the other hand, the needs of the business are the needs of the business.  If someone can't work when you need them then they either have to lose out on some hours or find another job.  The best approach is to be flexible but in order to do that it almost always has to be a give and take.   FWIW the guys on the...
New Posts  All Forums: