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Are you already suffering from bad knees or just looking ahead?  Good shoes, watch your weight, don't live on cigarettes and booze, and work smarter not harder.
Roll/fold the top of the bag back like a pair of socks.  This is especially great if the bag is a little too large as it still leaves plenty of room.  Once it's filled, shake it a bit to settle the contents then unroll the bag again. And stray mess is not an inch or two down from the sealing bar.
For me probably Keller, Pepin, Dufresne and Blumenthal.  That's just off the cuff and there are so many that I greatly respect and admire (Rene Redzepi, Grant Atchatz,  Marco Pierre White, etc).
It's generally illegal for a 15 year old to cook in the US.  There are lots of thing a kid that young can't do by law (operate a slicer, etc).  To the OP, you're probably not doing anything wrong.  This is something I see all the time in restaurants.  Garde mange is often the starting place and no one wants to "get stuck there" for long.  But the kitchen always needs someone on garde mange- if not you then Chef has to train someone else.  A smart Chef/manager is always...
Interesting coming from an owner.  I guess it's your call.  Nothing in the P&L is really secret but it's also not something everyone will understand or appreciate. Ultimately most people care about the things that affect them personally.  You know your staff- do they want to know?  Maybe sharing it once and awhile will make them feel important and included, part of the team.  But it could really bog them down if you insist everyone be brought up to speed and really...
In a better world it would be.  In our world it depends on locality. IIRC you must have a HACCP plan filed with the health dept to sous vide in NYC.  However in my city and state there are no rules at all.
Assuming you cooked to pasteurization, chill them rapidly in a properly prepared ice bath (this means a lot of ice and a lot of water!).  Retherm them the same way you cooked them. Done once there's very little loss of quality.  Provided you didn't hold them more than a few hours beyond the point where they were "done".  This will depend on the cut of steak, etc.
Unless you just really need the money what's the point of working for someone that knows less than you do?  Sous can be a career if you want it to be but most see it as a step towards an Exec job.  It doesn't sound like there's much to learn at that job except what not to do.  That should be a pretty short lesson, one easily absorbed in a couple weeks.
It takes time.  Even an accomplished line cook with years of experience needs to adjust to a new kitchen.
The place I'm at now is literally the worst I've ever seen in this regard.  I understand that people are paying for their food and want it how they want it.  But there's a point where it's just absurd.  We routinely get orders for stuff that we don't even have in the building.  It doesn't help that we have the worst FOH staff (overall) that I've ever worked with in a decent restaurant.  They know nothing about food and can't be bothered to even know our menu.   I dunno...
New Posts  All Forums: