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I drank pretty hard for a couple decades.  Smartest move I ever made was quitting altogether.
Great post, KK!  The mentors who do the most for us very often are not the ones we "like" or think of as our friends.  As a chef I try to develop and mentor my staff as best I can but my main priority is to insure that the restaurant makes money.  That's my bottom line.  If I coddle the cooks and let them do whatever they might be happy but when the place goes down the drain they'll be out on the bricks looking for work.  I really try to set a good example by letting them...
Even Robert Reich admits as much; a dramatic increase in the minimum wage will push those on the fringes completely out of the job market. The theory though is that it will elevate enough people out of poverty and off of the dole to more than offset the few that will need more assistance.  I am a progressive but maybe more realistic than some, probably because I  have been a chef for 25 years.  The figures don't lie especially when you work for a small sole proprietorship...
That's a tough one.  While I was finishing my degree in business I took a step back to cooking the line.  During the time it took me to get done with school I worked for a couple chefs, one really good one but one really bad one. Sadly that last one was a shoemaker.  He was fairly lazy too but setting that aside it's really hard to respect a shoemaker.
It's a sound idea.  It depends on your personality, goals and what you enjoy doing.  I would say that it's absolutely a plus to learn FOH.  As you say you may not want to work the line forever, maybe eventually GM will be a goal for you.
Very true!  You never know where you'll "end up" with quotes just because you also never know where the end is.  This is only the second Exec job I've had outside of the company where I got my start; I worked for them for close to two decades!  I kind of figured I'd work for them til I died or got put out to pasture.  I certainly never thought I'd wind up in a smaller restaurant in a little town.  You just never know!
FWIW I wasn't really ready for my first Exec job decades ago either, even though I was pretty experienced as a line cook. Some stuff  you don't really learn til you have to do it.
 I get the feeling this isn't Per Se or the French Laundry, not exactly the Super Bowl!  The OP isn't really qualified for the job but he has it.  Either the owners are in a bind or they see some quality in him they appreciate.  You're not wrong and ideally a person has years of experience before being thrust into the role of Exec but since the OP is Exec he might as well make the best of it.  You make a good point- it would show wisdom to ask to step back to sous and help...
BTW, I can see joking around about gastropubs but I see no shame in them. True they can be pretentious but they certainly don't have the monopoly on that!  Nothing at all wrong with putting out kickass bar food.
Might as well give it a shot.  A few people probably questioned whether a sixth round draft pick could lead the team after Drew Bledsoe was injured, but after that guy won his first Super Bowl no one doubted Tom Brady anymore.  However you landed the job, you have it now- might as well give it your all.
New Posts  All Forums: