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Okay, I can actually kind of understand the unruly guest part.  Or snotty servers. Or uppity expos.  Or...
That sucks donkey balls.  I hate thieves.
 While you're at it maybe show him a cut on your hand and ask him "does this look infected to you"?
When I sear and chill stuff I am for just basically marking steaks, and with chicken cooking roughly 25% from one side, flipping and going 25% from the other.
Yeah, in banquet cooking it's necessary to do this.  I thought the OP was talking about doing this for a normal restaurant line but perhaps I misinterpreted the question.
Safe or no it's not advisable from a quality standpoint.  Why would you even want to given how quickly those things cook?  Some things you have to sear for specific reasons- for example you need to sear the beef in a Wellington so it doesn't weep into the pastry and because otherwise there'd be no sear at all.  But I can't see why you'd ever sear a chicken breast.  Okay, maybe a stuffed one or an airline, but those would be uncommon examples.
It's kind of risky to buy a work related gift for a chef, especially if you aren't in the biz yourself.  It's kind of like buying a professional guitarist some effects pedals or diagnostic tools for a shadetree mechanic; do you know enough about those things to make an informed choice?  Most chefs could always use another knife but do you know what he likes?  Or what he already has?  For for example take me- if someone I loved gave me a Shun I'd feign happiness and toss it...
Too bad ChipShopMan is leaving.  We could learn a lot from him since he apparently knows everything.  Better find the right palms to grease in the NYC health dept, Chips.
Congrats, Slipp!  After all these years I still get that high too when everything goes great.  We got pounded Sat nite- everything came in at the same time.  But instead of going down the kitchen swamped FOH with food faster than they could carry it out.  We dialed it back before they crashed but it was nice to see my guys and gals bangin' it out like that.
If I have pants on there's a 100% chance of a knife being in the pocket!  I'm not much for pocket clips, my knife is small enough to put on my keychain (the one with work & house keys, not my car keys).  Generally it's a Spyderco Dragonfly, currently either HAP40 or Super Blue.  I use it a lot for opening or breaking down boxes, never for food.  And no, I wouldn't dream of letting it out of my pocket while the health inspector is there.   FWIW my pants are mostly...
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