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 You're correct of course, but just playing devil's advocate there's no reason you couldn't make a pretty killer "peppered roast beef" that way.  My brother has been trying to get me to make some pastrami exactly that way because for whatever reason he want's something leaner than brisket.  But if you brined it for two weeks with a day to soak it in clear water, then seasoned it right and smoked it, I can't see why it wouldn't wouldn't be pretty damn good.
The answers to the OPs questions will depend an awful lot on what kind of restaurant it is.  I worked at an upscale casual place that had a lot of pizzas and pastas on the menu- that place ran around 25% food cost. But a seafood restaurant or steak house won't be close to that; probably more like 35% or so.  A place that relies on a lot of packaged stuff might run fairly high food cost but relatively low labor cost.  A place that does virtually everything from scratch...
Obviously it's not wise to burn a bridge but in this business it's not unheard of for this to happen.  If you left over some legitimate beef, and especially if the chef you worked under left on bad terms, it's not surprising that they wouldn't necessarily hold it against you.  Personally I strive to keep on good terms.  There's only one place I left with no notice, just told them straight up that it wasn't working out and I was leaving.  But I'd live in a cardboard box and...
I'll PM you.  My favorite thing about CT is venting about work somewhat anonymously.
Here in MN you need an air gap and even then a P-trap on the end.  I can't really see much alternative to drilling unless the drain can go through a wall.  The air gap is probably non-negotiable just about everyone nowadays.
Sad but not surprising.  LCB was a pretty respectable school at one time but I know they lost accreditation a few years back.  Instead of a real AAS they were just handing out certificates/diplomas.  I've worked with a fairly steady stream of LCB grads since they have a location in the Twin Cities, not far from me.  I can say that the level of education and preparedness took a nosedive about five years ago. The kids coming out of there now are taught next to nothing.  My...
Tonite went pretty well.  It was fairly busy but went even a bit better than last weekend.  Just one big evening shift to go til I'm back up to full strength, at least management-wise.  You kind of rethink what is possible after a stretch like this.  It's definitely challenging to run through the holiday season at literally half staff levels!  We're closed Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, and that will be my first day off in December.  I'm looking forward to Xmas a bit more than...
My Sous started today, just PT days until he's finished at his other job.  Probably my first day off in Dec will be at Xmas (closed for two days) but things are getting a lot better already- addition by subtraction.
At home I don't have much in my fridge except soda waters and condiments in case I ever get food.  At work I keep chicken stock and jus on hand, both made from commercial bases.  The only stock I make from scratch is veal because...veal!
When I make it I like to make a sammich with about 75% meat from the flat and the rest from the deckle.  It can get a little bit too greasy for my taste otherwise.
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