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Fahitas would be good.  It would be overkill for ribeye but it would make an awesome stroganoff, too.
I once had a $200 bread knife!  It was a Shun Elite.  Right now I honestly can't tell you why I bought it, seems like I got a good deal on it or something.  It was a nice knife but I sold it...just didn't make much sense to have a super expensive serrrated that never got used.  Honestly the Tojiro is better for my purposes since it's a bit longer.  But I don't use a bread knife much at all, I prefer a gyuto.  Still, there are some bread snobs that don't like the texture of...
I think a hone is still a necessity for a pro cook.  If you can find room to carry a strop that would also be good, in some ways better, than a hone- but it's not always practical to pack on in your stuff.  I find my HA borosilicate glass hone to be fantastic for all my J-knives.  As for ceramics, IMOHO the Idahone is the best there is.  Look for one on eBay in Australia.  It's so good that if you have to just suck it up and pay the shipping.  It's worth it.
I can't speak to all machines but I have never seen a chamber vacuum machine that didn't use plain bags.  The reason the snorkel type machines need special bags is that they suck air out of the bag; without special channels the bag would collapse.  But chamber vacuum machines evacuate air from the entire chamber, then seal the bag.  This means the whole chamber is under vacuum so the bag isn't disturbed.  I have a similar chamber vac machine by ARY Vacmaster and it uses...
Depends on the kind of restaurant.  My 2nd or 3rd favorite Chinese place in town is almost always empty, but if I actually dine in during the hour I'm there I'll see 20-25 people picking up food.  Plus they deliver any order over $15.  I rarely eat there since I generally eat at my 1st favorite or get delivery but I assume they do pretty well since they've been open for 20+ years.
I saw it in the theater, also loved it. Great cast!  It's always great to see John Leguizamo; he's criminally underrated and underutilized.  Robert Downey Jr has a small but funny role and of course Sofia Vergara is very easy on the eyes. Oliver Platt always cracks me up.  The film does nail a lot of the elements of kitchen life and if the ending is a bit too pat, well, it's just a movie.  Highly recommended.
Welcome to CT, 103558.  The best way to precook is to cook it sous vide at 130 degrees F/55 degrees C long enough to pasteurize, then chill it in an ice bath.  If kept cold it will be good for about a month.
Thirteen year old thread back from the dead!  That might be a record.
The Tojiro ITK is a great knife!  I have the prototype but the production ones are virtually identical AFAIK.  Really nice.  The scallop type serrations are great.
I don't baby any of my knives.  Even my $800 Nubatama has to earn its keep.
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