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 I don't like the feel either, they're extremely hard and unyielding stones.  However I can't argue with the results- they finish very well.  They're thin, that's true. But they wear very slowly so I don't really find it to be an issue.  I've got five or six GStones and none of them have appreciably dished (I haven't even bothered to flatten them yet).  The only advantage they have over the pros is that they work a little better on the really abrasion resistant steels (eg...
I have a low opinion of those kinds of sharpeners.  There's a place for powered gear; I use a Kalamazoo 1x42 belt grinder quite a bit.  But the dual wheel kind don't work all that well.  Part of the problem is that they don't really deburr which is why the edge doesn't last very long.  And they're not all that versatile.
You might want to grab a Shapton GlassStone or two to mix in as well.  Very good stones.  A smidge harder but they stay flat for a very long time.
Was there something you didn't like about the Shapton Pro stones? I think they're great.  Realistically there's not much reason to go over 10k except that you can.  When I do other people's knives I rarely go over 5k.  For use on carbon knives try the Naniwa Chocera line.  I think they're the best synthetics out there, at least the best I've tried.  They struggle a bit with the newer 'uber-steels' with a very high volume of vanadium carbides but they shine on Ao-ko,...
There doesn't seem to be anything to salvage out this situation.  Leave before you go insane.
It takes a while to earn respect. But also bear in mind that you're not in school. The chef's primary job is to run a profitably kitchen, not ensure you get a proper culinary education.  You're a cog in a machine- be a useful cog instead of a squeaky wheel.
Sure they would.  It depends on the market but I've worked with guys and gals as young as the law will allow in a kitchen up to their early 60's. 
Is this the oldest zombie thread yet?  I wish Fromage would return with an update!
My knives, obviously. Beyond that I always have my Thermapen, a small FAK and my Galaxy Tab 8.4 PRO tablet.  The second tier of stuff I generally have at work but don't use daily in include a Benringer mandoline and a couple of silicon hot mitt/gloves.
Chefwriter, would you really set up a legal hearing to avoid putting your damn stock in the fridge?
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