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I don't much care for a toothy edge for much of anything.  However I realize I'm in the minority in that regard.
Nice!  I've wanted one of David's boards for a long time.  I have a Boos and it's okay but the Boardsmiths are nicer.
That recipe has worked great for me, too.
Spatulas and spoons get trashed; wood handles burn up and plastic ones melt.  I won't spend much money on 'em at all.  I do have some nice plating spoons but not "nice" in terms of being fancy, just a good design.  And I do splurge and have a couple sets of Edlund tongs.  Much much better than the cheap ones you find at restaurant supply places.   IMO the only tools a chef will spend much on are bladed ones like knives and mandolines.  Maybe a few specialized tools like...
I find VG10 can be taken down to 13-15 degrees per side depending how careful you are with your knives.
You can run it lightly along the barrel of a Sharpie kind of like you are "steeling" it.  That will tell you straight away if you have a burr.  Beburring is a somewhat controversial topic.  Some insist that if  you simply rip off work hardened material (ie the burr) that you're leaving stressed and ragged steel under it.  Those holding to that point of view will advocate working the burr on progressively finer stones until it's worked away.  Personally I deburr on a...
Fahitas would be good.  It would be overkill for ribeye but it would make an awesome stroganoff, too.
I once had a $200 bread knife!  It was a Shun Elite.  Right now I honestly can't tell you why I bought it, seems like I got a good deal on it or something.  It was a nice knife but I sold it...just didn't make much sense to have a super expensive serrrated that never got used.  Honestly the Tojiro is better for my purposes since it's a bit longer.  But I don't use a bread knife much at all, I prefer a gyuto.  Still, there are some bread snobs that don't like the texture of...
I think a hone is still a necessity for a pro cook.  If you can find room to carry a strop that would also be good, in some ways better, than a hone- but it's not always practical to pack on in your stuff.  I find my HA borosilicate glass hone to be fantastic for all my J-knives.  As for ceramics, IMOHO the Idahone is the best there is.  Look for one on eBay in Australia.  It's so good that if you have to just suck it up and pay the shipping.  It's worth it.
I can't speak to all machines but I have never seen a chamber vacuum machine that didn't use plain bags.  The reason the snorkel type machines need special bags is that they suck air out of the bag; without special channels the bag would collapse.  But chamber vacuum machines evacuate air from the entire chamber, then seal the bag.  This means the whole chamber is under vacuum so the bag isn't disturbed.  I have a similar chamber vac machine by ARY Vacmaster and it uses...
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