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The HA boro rods have fine grooves cut in them.  If they were simply smooth glass you could get that anywhere.
Another big issue is that someone can make beautiful hollandaise when they have all day but not be able to hold down their station if they have more than a few orders.  I see that a lot, unfortunately.
I'm thinking the same thing.  The "tests" offered here are heavily biased towards specific things that the test giver thinks are important, but they may not be important to everyone.  Hollandaise is a great example; it's hard to imagine an experienced cook that can't make it, but what does that tell you?  That she watched Food Network?  I don't need a sautee guy that can make great hollandaise since we almost never use it- I need one that can keep ten pans going for three...
I have a Demi and a full sized.  Occasionally I'll have them both going at the same time.
Sure, that's true- but you can normally tell if someone isn't complaining because you're not worth their time.  I don't get the sense that that is the case.  In any event all you can do it try, be mindful and present in the moment and just try to "get in the zone" as best you can.
I just did a chunk of brisket flat sous vide for 80 hours at 130 F.  I then chilled it and cut about 16 oz off and took it with me to work for my dinner.  Just sliced it around 1/2" thick and let it come to room temp on a plate, then seared it on a hot broiler for a minute or two per side. O-M-F-G!  Really amazing stuff!
I also vote for the Spyderco Sharpmaker.  It will do a good job of maintenance on almost any knife (but it's not ideal for sharpening a knife that has gotten very dull).  If your knives are Japanese that's probably as good is it gets if you can't/won't learn to actually sharpen.  If your knives are German or similar then I'd suggest you try [url=https://secure.edgemaker.com/sections/products/ProductDetail.aspx?prod_id=18]the Edgemaker Pro[/url] set.  No BS, it really will...
I agree- there's a saying in America that says "no news is good news" meaning the absence of complaint is a compliment.  All you can do is your best.  If you fall short of the mark you have acknowledge it but not dwell on it.  You will get better with time and practice.  Dealing with pressure...well, that's complicated.  We all deal with stress in different ways.  I used to deal with it by getting profoundly drunk after each shift.  Now I have learned to "let it go" and...
I suppose that my Japanese knives would probably be at the top of the list, but my 12" Edlund tongs would be hard to live without.  Try them and you'll never go back to the generic Chinese/Indian crap again.
That's kind of ironic- I have four German-made HKs.  It's strange/sad that you can't get the superb firearms made in your own country.
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