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I think cook/chill on a steak is a big waste of time.  You're not saving any time at all since you still have to bring the meat up to temp. The exception would be something like flank or skirt where you can give it maybe 10 hours @ 130 o F to really tenderize it, then retherm it- that works extremely well.  I've used it for steaks to save time for special situations. For example once for Mother's Day we did strips, batching them in the circulator about a dozen at a time....
If it's basically sharp and cuts well but either 1) won't shave hair or 2) will only shave hair on one side of the blade then you almost certainly haven't removed all the burr.  You can do this on the stones but it generally takes more grits and/or more time, you can use felt or the end of a wood block, and often you can deburr on a ceramic hone.  A brass rod works if you're careful.  With felt you just slice through it lightly, same with wood.  On a brass rod you need to...
Wow!  For starters, just no.  Even entry level Japanese knives are much harder than any common German knife you'll find.  A Wusthof might be around 57-58 RC but even a Shun is 60 RC or higher. Bear in mind that the Rockwell scale is logarithmic so that 2 point difference is a vast difference in hardness.  Certainly I wouldn't go below 15o per side with a German blade but 13o per side is fine for most Japanese knives.  I don't personally like convex edges but they're...
Nice!  I've always wished I had a blast chiller but never have managed to get one.
Ah, let that be a lesson!  When adding seasonings and especially strong/spicy items, pour them into a small bowl or plate first, then scrape/dump that into the dish you're making. 
I'd say that Montreal Seasoning and Lawry's Seasoned Salt can be found in a whole lot of professional kitchens.  I've worked in several kitchens that used Old Bay, too.
A good knife will last a home cook maybe for his or her lifetime.  In a restaurant kitchen though knives are consumables/wear items.  No knife will stay sharp forever if it's being used hard, and you can't sharpen a knife without removing metal from it.  So do the math!  That said, the Tojiro DP knives are solid knifes with pretty good edge retention, especially compared to the typical house knives you generally see.
At home, if you don't have a charcoal or gas grill or don't want to go outdoors, and if you don't have the means to cook sous vide, then flipflopgirl gives good advice.  It will get a little smokey but get a cast iron pan as hot as you can and give it a minute and a half per side (if it's a thick steak) then toss it in the oven briefly.
I really want to get the PID controller for my Smokin-It Model #3 smoker, just been too lazy to research how to wire it in.
Would call confit poached?  Why not call it low temp frying?  Jesus, by this point why continue to blather on about the definition?  What does it matter?  This thread has become a shitshow with virtually none of the posts addressing the use of sous vide.
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