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FWIW I wasn't really ready for my first Exec job decades ago either, even though I was pretty experienced as a line cook. Some stuff  you don't really learn til you have to do it.
 I get the feeling this isn't Per Se or the French Laundry, not exactly the Super Bowl!  The OP isn't really qualified for the job but he has it.  Either the owners are in a bind or they see some quality in him they appreciate.  You're not wrong and ideally a person has years of experience before being thrust into the role of Exec but since the OP is Exec he might as well make the best of it.  You make a good point- it would show wisdom to ask to step back to sous and help...
BTW, I can see joking around about gastropubs but I see no shame in them. True they can be pretentious but they certainly don't have the monopoly on that!  Nothing at all wrong with putting out kickass bar food.
Might as well give it a shot.  A few people probably questioned whether a sixth round draft pick could lead the team after Drew Bledsoe was injured, but after that guy won his first Super Bowl no one doubted Tom Brady anymore.  However you landed the job, you have it now- might as well give it your all.
I've had good luck with Rich's as well.
How does the menu work at your place?  Are talking about a semi-permanent hard copy that will run for six months?  Or more of a feature menu that will go for a couple weeks?  My approach is usually to test market a new item by running it as a feature first.  If it sells well then it goes on the menu.
I think you have a good point, ChefBilly.  I cut nearly all the meat at my place, and what I don't cut the Sous chef does.  There's no one else on staff competent to do it.  We're not a steak house so it doesn't take much of my week to cut all the beef I need (generally less than a case of top butts, a few pork loins, three or four ribeyes, three or four PSMOs a week).  But we might have to reexamine a lot of stuff if the wages go to $15.  Probably be time to buy burgers...
This thread isn't nearly as pornographic as the the title implied.
I have been saying the same thing for awhile, and I have been thinking a lot about wages.  I do think it's just a matter of time til we see a $15 min wage, or close to it.  A lot of things ChefBillyB says have been on my mind as well, and part of it goes back to the thread about changes to salary.  In my restaurant now I have been mulling over ideas; do we close from 2-5 (after lunch but before dinner) to save labor?  Do I start coming in earlier to take over some of the...
I'm easily annoyed by screaming kids (although I do manage to maintain the veneer of civility).  I'm not sure what the solution is.  Obviously people need to eat and it's probably unreasonable to expect parents to just stay home til the kids are in their teens.  But I am also on the record as saying that the service and atmosphere are as important to me as the food.  Since I work 50-60 hours a week when I do have time off I like to go out for dinner with my brother and...
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