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I'm not sure that the American dream is dead but it's on life support.  In a closed loop of an economy it would be a pure zero-sum game; for one person to gain another would have to lose.  Capitalism has always kept the overall pie growing by finding new pools to exploit. We did this in postwar Japan and Europe to create new markets. But it wasn't enough- we also needed to find pools of cheap labor to exploit.  We began to source a lot of stuff from Taiwan, India, Viet Nam...
Well, so long as you charged $45 for it it's okay!  Why didn't you mention that in the first place?
If that's BBQ to you remind me to never eat in your restaurant! 
Okay, I suppose this has me in full-Socialist-rant-mode!  I think everyone that actually works hard for 40 hours deserves a living wage.  Our society has a very fucked up sense of values. I'm sure a golfer puts in a lot of work to get as good as Jordan Spieth but c'mon-  what kind of civilization find whacking a ball into a hole to be 500x more valuable than a nurse? Or fireman?  Wall Street flacks have found ways to insert code basically into the financial system that...
 When I Googled ""costume line suite" it brought up pictures of girls in sexy cosplay outifts.
Okay, how did it go? For the few of us left here that actually work holidays still!  Long day, my feet are really sore.  The numbers were a little disappointing to me but that's probably because I expected more than is realistic for this town. Still a good day and night.  We ran a limited set menu for brunch and our regular menu + some features for dinner with a couple hour break in between.   My main gripe aside from just being a long day is that the Big Four (V-Day,...
This is a great topic and something that will be increasingly important as time goes on.  For better or worse there's a lot of momentum in the "living wage movement".  It's pretty hard to get good help, I mean really stellar workers that take ownership of their jobs, if you're not paying them enough to survive and thrive.  Yet people that want to feel good knowing their server and cooks are being fairly paid still often balk at paying more for their food.  I think Bill and...
I guess I must really geezer!  I still eat dishes that predate the food network.  Hell, sometimes I even even a seared chunk of rare cow just like the cavemen did.   And I even eat BBQ!  How gauche!
I see that now.  Not sure why TC10 didn't start a different thread.
The OP was almost two years ago!  I imagine an amount was set by now.
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