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I agree- there's a saying in America that says "no news is good news" meaning the absence of complaint is a compliment.  All you can do is your best.  If you fall short of the mark you have acknowledge it but not dwell on it.  You will get better with time and practice.  Dealing with pressure...well, that's complicated.  We all deal with stress in different ways.  I used to deal with it by getting profoundly drunk after each shift.  Now I have learned to "let it go" and...
I suppose that my Japanese knives would probably be at the top of the list, but my 12" Edlund tongs would be hard to live without.  Try them and you'll never go back to the generic Chinese/Indian crap again.
That's kind of ironic- I have four German-made HKs.  It's strange/sad that you can't get the superb firearms made in your own country.
Both of these are awesome knives but be aware that the Hattori KF/FH is around $275.  As nice as is it that's a lot of money for a plain-vanilla VG-10 blade.  I liked mine but sold it a few years ago, didn't feel it was really worth the money.  The CarboNext is a fantastic knife and a screaming bargain IMO.  But it's not as pretty as the Hattori, and it's not quite stainless (almost, though). The Tojiro DP is a great knife, entry level in price but high quality.  Even...
I'm not sure how close they are to "addictions" but I have a few:   1.  Guns- A pretty good percentage of my money goes to guns, especially handguns.  Shooting and reloading are major hobbies for me. 2.  Knives- I'm pretty much a blade addict.  Doesn't matter, kitchen knives or sporting knives, I have a ton of them. 3.  Sharpening- I have a few thousand bucks wrapped up in natural and synthetic stones, plus my machines (3 grinders). 4.  Audio- Right now I have maybe...
Friends don't let friends use electric sharpeners.  Unless they're belt grinders but that's a whole nuther deal.
Sadly the satellites won't see a lot of bison now.  We do still have a decent amount in SD and ND.  Nothing like a few centuries ago, of course.
You can use a hypodermic probe and sealing tape.  I rely on mathematical formulas (reduced to charts since I don't have a PhD in math!).   For stuff like fish and shellfish a probe is probably the way to go if you have the equipment.
I'm not sure what to make of the claims of Lewis and Clark.  Certainly there were millions of buffalo in those days but how could they accurately estimate the size of a herd that could have been in the millions?  Still, no disputing there were lots of them.  You can guestimate how they might have grazed by looking at cattle; it's pretty clear that a herd of, say, five million head couldn't spend long in one area without denuding the plains of every blade of edible grass. ...
If someone wants a gluten free pizza crust you might as well just a round out of cardboard.  That's what those things taste like anyways.
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