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I will concede the usefulness of a "beater knife" that you're not worried about.  I'd blow my stack if one of my expensive J-knives got stolen.
Nice!  Veggies really come out nice that way.  A turnip done at 185 is to die for.
True but they're not all made like that.  Some really are pretty symmetrical with the actual bevel being asymmetric.
Ah, now I see.  No offense, I just hate working with the stuff.  We sell quite a few buffalo burgers where I work (according to the P-mix something like a thousand in 2013) and I just don't like them at all.  People seem to eat 'em up but the texture is off and they fall apart much more easily than beef burgers.  Could be the supplier we use, and I'm not the guy pattying them up so I don't know how they're being handled.  I don't care for the taste and they smell repulsive...
The best Japanese knives in the best modern steels manage to achieve very high Rockwell hardness levels without being chippy.  ZDP-189 chips badly but something like M390 doesn't chip at all.   It really doesn't matter what knife you get if you're not interesting in sharpening it.  That's like buying clothing that can't be washed!  Every knife will dull eventually no matter what it's made from.  A knife made of soft steel like a Fibrox will have a short useful life; a...
Lots of gyutos can be converted from RH to LH yourself.  Some are shaped in a markedly different way but many/most are not.  Traditional single bevel knives are strongly left or right handed and can't be changed but a gyuto generally isn't this way.   JapaneseChefKnives is a great vendor that sells lots of left handed knives. They ship almost everywhere at a reasonable price.  Awesome company!  If you want something special or individualized Koki will hook you up.  A...
Try at least 75% fat if you can and don't overwork it.  Patty it with the least handling you can.  I'm pretty much in the camp of just using fresh pepper and good salt.  I've never heard of mixing eggs or crumbs in a burger- to me that's a meatloaf recipe.   IMO bison/buffalo is a $hitty meat for burgers.  Way too lean, they're dry and tend to fall apart.  Flavor wise they just taste like a ten year old cow.
I suppose it depends on the individual.  But you would expect a chef that was the owner to be obsessed with quality control since he has the most invested in the success of the business.
The geometry of Konosuke knives is awesome.  They're thin in all the right places and have a great shape.  I was lucky to grab one before the price went up 50% or so about a year and a half ago.  IIRC I paid under $200 for mine...the same one is closer to $300 now I think.  I'd like to try an HD eventually.  But the Konosuke I'd really like to nab is the Carter-inspired Funayuki.
I know a maker that was looking into getting NSF certification.  You know what it takes?  A check for $1000.  Do I have to send you a sample to test he asked?  Nope, just a grand.  Perhaps things have changed in the last three years but I doubt it.  Shun knives carry NSF cert as do a few others I've seen.  But unless you live somewhere that requires NSF cert on everything in the kitchen (possible but I've never heard of such a place) what would it matter?  None of mine are...
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