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Thirteen year old thread back from the dead!  That might be a record.
The Tojiro ITK is a great knife!  I have the prototype but the production ones are virtually identical AFAIK.  Really nice.  The scallop type serrations are great.
I don't baby any of my knives.  Even my $800 Nubatama has to earn its keep.
Gawd, I wanted one of Devin Thomas's knives forever!  He just doesn't make enough of 'em.  If we're talking just dream knives I guess I'd like to have one from Bob Kramer just to sock away in a drawer, one from Murray Carter to use, one from Mark Reich 'cause he's a master of HT'ing 52100, one of the Ironwood Tanaka's, a Hattori KD while Hattori-San is still alive and maybe another Nubatama.
That's a shame!  Hiromoto knives are great for the price.  I don't have any anymore but I might need to grab one while I still can.
Good advice all, but you also need to look at FOH.  What kind of POS system do you use?  Are servers ringing in everything?  Are they standing there eating soup and bread all day?  When they sub something are they charging for it?  When they write extra sauce, extra cheese, etc is there a charge for it?  If they get comp'd/reduced meals during shift are they loading up to-gos and taking extra home?  If they're eating staff meals are they requesting a go-go container? ...
Luckily the KOWS runs at a low speed.  You'd almost have to deliberately try to burn an edge on it.  But good advice when using any powered sharpener.
Which vendor?  I've purchased mine only from CKTG, no problems on that front.  But I've seen about the same amount of badly done Takedas as Moritakas, so it's always important to buy from a vendor that stands behind whatever you're buying.
I think that's overstated by quite a bit.  I've done quite a few Moritakas and found them to be no worse than any other handmade kurouichi knife.  I do have a personal one in my kit that had an undergrind; that was interesting!  Most folks would have had to send it back but I had no trouble spiffing it up.  At any rate they're at least as good as a Takeda.  Most of those kind of knives can have some "quirks" to them.  Any good reputable vendor will stand behind the knife...
I imagine you don't get hundreds of knives done before the belt is shot.  It's definitely for the hobbyist sharpener, not for professional high volume work.  I dunno what thinning would cost.  For me it's just part of sharpening.  Anything I can thin with powered gear I do for no extra charge or a very small fee.  But I would emphasis that if the OP is actually using it as a proper cleaver it shouldn't be thinned very much. You gotta keep meat behind the edge for stability...
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