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The OP was two years ago and the post seems never to have returned.
Interesting. I hadn't heard of "VG-MAX" since I don't follow Shun and their proprietary steels.  The Shun website discusses the steel but I'm a bit dubious of their explanations.  It's probably good entry level steel.  After all, VG-10 itself was once considered "super steel" although it's long been eclipsed by later greater alloys.  Overall I don't think Shun knives are great values and they embody the qualities that the opposite of what I like about J-knives.  Still...
It went pretty well.  It was weird to walk out at 10:30!  Kept it to just 12 hours today, not bad.  It died off by nine but up til then we did terrific sales.  We'll get a solid bar crush mostly likely around 11 or so but we only do a very limited bar menu late night.  Things ran like a Swiss watch, the limited menu worked really well and the customers were really happy. That's the whole point of it so I'm happy, too.
I'm actually pretty excited.  No matter how many times you do it you still gotta see if you still have it.  I've set a limited menu this year so I expect smooth sailing in the kitchen.  FOH will be a shit show for sure but my boys & girl have it on lockdown BOH.  Should be fun.  I am doing fondant potatoes as a choice this time which will be kind of cool; it's sort of old fashioned and not something you see much anymore nowadays so I think it'll go over pretty well.  Doing...
I bought that same book, can't recall which edition, back in the early to mid 90's too when I was working towards landing my first Chef gig.  Great book!  I agree, even though there are newer editions the early ones are still gold mines, treasure troves of great information.
Pretty hard to tell you to stick it out.  You're young with many years of working ahead of you.  Assuming you don't mind IT and are good at it you'd probably be a lot better off going back to it.  I love the kitchen but I'm 20 years older than (and I don't have any desire to do IT/InfoSec), seems like a no-brainer to me.  You can still stage or moonlight if you want.
To quote Don Draper 'that's what the money is for! '
 I'm being semi-facetious.  I'm not sure there really is any such thing as "American style food".  I suppose you could make a good case that BBQ is an American invention or at least came to its full flowing in the US.  But aside from that what would you call American?   Fast food?  Modern pizza?  Certain southern foods are kind of iconic but not really unique.  Cajun/creole cooking is perhaps now fully differentiated from its early influences.  To me American food is just...
I'd eat there just to see what American food is.
It's annoying at times but I really don't like to use the word 'no' to a customer.  As has been stated before I draw the line at stuff that compromises our ability to serve other guests in a timely fashion and I will charge a customer for mods that cost me money (eg subbing shrimp in place of chicken, double portions of proteins, etc) but I'll do prepare anything a guest wants if it's within my ability to do so.
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