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Well, obviously one won't get the best results at home without any equipment. But it can still be useful to retherm an home that was cooked sous vide.  One example would be flank steak; one could sous vide it off site for eight hours @ 130 to pasteurize it and to make it extremely tender, then retherm it in any way you like at home and get a nice tender piece of steak.  Tougher cuts are better suited to this notion than something like a filet or ribeye.
I don't know the laws of KY.  Here in MN you'd need a HACCP plan for the circulator and the vacuum sealer, not sure about selling them off site.  But as long as the legalities are sussed out there's no reason it couldn't work.  Personally I'd rather sous vide them and chill them, selling them chilled but not frozen.  I think the quality would be better. But it would work okay to freeze them if necessary.
 Hahaha, it's all good.  Can't help you there, I'm a smidge below fitty myself.  I used to work for another company, was with them for almost two decades. There I was making pretty good money.  But the owner of my current place was the GM at my last gig. When he struck out on his own I decided to follow.  No knock on my former employer- they're awesome. Some day I may work for them again. But this place is smaller, different, more personal. I have a ton of freedom to do...
Maybe I'm just old and afraid of change.  But I work for a small restaurant that's looking at opening a second location.  It's going to doubly hard on us if this comes to pass. Already in MN the min wage is much higher and servers earn $9/hour too.  The taxes here are stupid high compared to the state we came from.  It's hard to imagine how we'll staff the second place if we can't have salaried management in the kitchen.  An Exec yeah but not a Sous.  I dunno, maybe I'm...
BTW, I forgot to mention that a [fair] salary also compensates chefs for the work they do "off the clock".  I for one have always done most of my scheduling, feature menus, etc at home or somewhere off premises.  I have generally felt my salary was adequate to cover the time I spent outside of normal work hours on kitchen stuff.
 I'm not sure if you're messing with me or if you haven't looked over the proposed rules.  If it's the latter in a nutshell it would prohibit salary for employees making less than $50,920 or so.  Or somehow you could be on salary but you would have to be paid overtime for work beyond 8 hours in a day and/or 40 hours in a week...which wouldn't really be salary would it?  Obviously if you were salaried now at $40k and the proposed rules were adopted your employer would have...
Just wondering what everyone's take is on the proposed changes to the way exempt employees are treated.  As many of you will no doubt already know, salaried workers aren't entitled to overtime so long as they earn $455/week or more and pass "white collar exemption" tests (meaning X amount of their time is devoted to management tasks).  The proposed changes would bump this up to a bit over $50,000 per year, more than doubling the current level.   I know that on the low...
Nice!  Sounds like things are going very well.
Yeah, having a big stockpile of food and supplies and not counting it is akin to having a cash register drawer full of money and not counting it.  Hard to imagine why you wouldn't be interested in knowing how much money you have in cash and how much is tied up in inventory.
I think the tiny house movement is badass but I'm not sure I could live without my home theater, reloading room, shop to do sharpening and storage for all my toys.
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