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The Akifusa is a badass knife.  The only things I don't like about it is that it would be lighter if it was a Wa handle and it could be smidge thinner.  Awesome profile, wicked long flat spot.  FWIW I think the Masamoto KS is the most perfectly shaped gyuto in existence.
That second one, the 10" version, would be a good option for the home cook on a budget.  I used to use one myself!
The Ken Onion machine you linked to is actually an excellent piece of equipment, and better still with the new aftermarket belts you can get.  The learning curve is very gentle, you can learn to use it in a very short amount of time. The machine will sharpen quickly enough but runs at low enough speed to avoid harming the temper of the blade.  If I say it's idiot proof then someone will come along with a better idiot, but it's certainly close!  It has the benefit of being...
I was actually going to mention JCK.  Absolutely great vendor, Koki will hook you up with exactly what you want.  Sorry I sounded curt, that wasn't meant as a reproach but rather a suggestion to dig into the advice already written.  As for suggestions my love for the Kagayaki CarboNext is well documented here.  Great knives for the money.  Moritaka knives are also great if you like Aogami steel (and c'mon, who doesn't?).  You can't go wrong with Konosuke either.
No problem.  It depends a lot on where you are and what you want to do with the knife.  It's always going to be a trade off.  For starters, in what country do you reside?  No use in recommending something if you can't get it where you life.
Welcome to CT, Shibby.  Have you used the search feature here?  Your question has been asked and answered a hundred times.  I myself have answered it at least 20 times!  No need to type if all out again, there's some great info already written here.  Former member/member emeritus BDL has a great primer here as well.
Glad to see it's been helpful. I too have found this place to be a treasury of wisdom on many topics. I never want to be that guy with 25 years of experience that learned for five years and just repeated the same shit for the next 20.
I have no experience in that realm and not tips per se, but it does sound interesting.  If I'm being honest one of the best parts of being a chef is showing off and having you ego stroked; I can't think of any other kind of cooking job where you'd get more validation and instant feedback.  If the money and schedule is right it sounds like it would be a nice change of pace.
Maybe ratatouille for the mother?  I love ratatouille; it's hearty but kind of light, complex in flavors but also kind of rustic and simple. Lots of room to personalize it and it's great for vegetarians.  But it can be served with a chicken breast if you like.
I will be doing the same as ever year.  Same. Damn. Thing.  There would be a mutiny in the family if there was the tiniest deviation from turkey, stuffing in the bird, mashed potatoes and canned (!) cranberry sauce.  We've been doing this since probably before I was born. Funny, no one cares what I do for Xmas but Thanksgiving has to be that same stuff every time.  I am basically okay with that though.
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