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If you do have to cook a steak from frozen then sous vide works very well.  No need to thaw first, just drop the froze stuff right in the tank.
I think Allan hit the nail on the head; MG, modernist- whatever you like to call it- at the end of the day it's just cooking.  If it doesn't serve the food and taste good what's the point?  I'll take an old school burger fresh ground on fresh baked buns over modernist monstrosity with no culinary point.  It's easy to get infatuated with gadgets and techniques to the point where you lose sight of the reason you're doing it.
Good point, IceMan.  And what does it even mean?  What is there to cook that's completely new?  There are only so many edible foods and so many ways to combine them.  So many chefs think coming up with a novel random pairing of foods is somehow creative.  Is it?  And why would I want to eat it?  First and foremost a meal should taste good.  Who ever ate brats grilled over a campfire and lamented that it wasn't a creative dish?
Great points, Tweakz.  I read an article on starting your own business once where the author that opined that "a company with 50 employees has 50 problems."  Wow!  What a tone-deaf article, and one that really misses the point.  Chef Thomas Keller takes a different approach; he would almost say you have 50 partners.  Obviously there has to be discipline and the boss has to be the boss but giving your staff a chance to contribute meaningfully makes everything better. ...
Sorry Tweakz, I didn't mean to misquote you.  I read you wrong, my apologies.
My current pet peeves are based on nOOb servers.  The first is when they don't know the damn menu and order stuff that we don't have.  Hello?  Did you not take a menu test before you were allowed to serve?  One dimwit sent back a ticket with corn as the side.  Corn.  We have never had corn ever, not even for a feature or brunch.   The other thing that makes me flip the F out for some reason is when servers ring in a side of gravy.  Effin' gravy?  This isn't Denny's, we...
Serves him right for having a knife with a plastic handle!
Yeah, if the owner is also the chef you don't have a problem with the culinary vision not matching up with what the owner has in mind.
31 is not too old at all.  Go for it!
 That's a little to high, try 185 F.  The "fuss" is easier to understand when you can get the temp correct and hold it in a tight window.
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