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How does it know what is in the walk-in or dry storage? Do you have to enter a waste sheet into it?
Yeah, there's always a few tail ends of something you got on a whim and didn't completely use up.  I certainly realize the value of doing it, it just sucks to actually do the count!   Best thing is when inventory falls on the day right before I do the order.
Am I the only one here that finds taking inventory to be incredibly depressing?  I can't explain it but it's the loneliest experience in the world.  Whenever possible I do inventory late at night after the restaurant is closed; if I can do it without anyone distracting me it takes me half the time.  So you'd think doing it alone in an empty building would be depressing but that's not it, it's the same no matter when I do it.  For some reason I feel like I'm on an alien...
Well, 33 years in the kitchen and some days I'm crawling, period.  I love it most of the time but it takes a physical toll.  I probably won't survive to 62 if I keep doing it.
I have loved living the life of a chef for these many years, but damn- I'd trade it for an $80,000 gig M-F!  You're nuts, pal.
Not bad!  Sounds pretty fair to me.
If that was directed at me, ChefRoss, I did say AKM, not KM.  My experience mirrors taht of Grande; I've seen the terms KM and Chef as well as AKM/Sous Chef used pretty interchangeably.  Higher end places usually adopt the brigade terms but IMO the name isn't a huge issue.
"Right To Work" is the same kind of euphemism as "Patriot Act"; it mostly protects the rights of an employer to terminate anyone they want.  In the US there are a few basic federal labor laws but mostly they're about safety, etc.  In much of the US employees are considered "at will" meaning they can quit anytime they want for any or no reason or be fired the same.  Even so there are some things that 'technically' you can't fire someone for; generally something like being a...
Things are very different in the States, foodpump.  Where I live you can fire someone for any or no reason.  You don't like their tie, it's Wednesday, etc.  Only stuff like racism is exempted but hard to prove.   At any rate, I'm saying as a last resort.  Insubordination is cause everywhere I have worked.
In an American kitchen in general terms the Sous hold their position at the pleasure of the Chef.  Firing would be the last resort but it's an option.
New Posts  All Forums: