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From $25,000 on the low end to a hundred thousand(-ish) on the top side.
In my own case I can say easily that toast will be the bottleneck.  We're shopping for a conveyor toaster.  I might have to [gasp!] use the salamander to supplement the shitty toaster I have now.  I hope to be able to do sous vide eggs but MN requires a course from the state before using a circulator or vacuum sealer.
Right now we have our brunch buffet being done by one guy.   He comes in at 8:00 and does all the food.  Since we're not doing a lot of covers it's fairly simple for him to keep a batch up on stuff.  Occasionally the owner will give him a hand if he's really busy.  By contrast I expect we'll need three cooks to do it plated; one on the omelette station, one on salad station doing wraps, salads, toast & waffles plus on on fry/flattop doing breakfast potatoes and grilled...
I'm sure you're right for the most part, Panini.  I'm fortunate that we have a local farm 2 miles from us that grows almost all of our veggies for us (in season) and lots of our herbs.  We do try to buy local meat and stuff when we can.  My features are usually something I am excited to do but of course, I do occasionally run something to use up stuff.  But I never use the dining room as a dumping ground for old or marginal stuff.  But some do!
I see your point, but speaking just for myself a feature/special is rarely a "freezer cleanout" for me.  Most of the time it's something I felt like doing, something I found at the market, something in season, etc.  Doing my own food is the only reason reason I'm a chef instead of just a line cook.  'Cause it sure as hell ain't about the money!
Quoted for truth!  Tipping is an asinine practice that needs to go away.  I have seen virtually no correlation between tipping and service, none.  In virtually every other field you're expected to do your job competently for an agreed upon wage or salary.  Will an airline pilot crash the plane because he's not getting a tip?  Would you expect to have to slip your surgeon a few bucks before he does a knee replacement?  It sounds ludicrous when applied to most jobs but for...
This is a very timely thread!  I'm moving us away from a semi-successful brunch buffet to a plated brunch menu, too.  In my mind you need to do 100-125 covers minimum for a buffet to viable, and you need to have reasonably consistent traffic.  I've only been here for a couple months and I'm inheriting a buffet that's only doing 50 covers on the low side and maybe 85-100 if it's super busy.  My options as I saw them were to improve the quality of the offerings for the same...
The heat treat is way more important than the type of steel.  Let's examine this with an analogy; are hamburgers good?  What do we mean by hamburgers!  If you take the same hunk of meat and divide it into three pieces and take one to McDonald's, one to Five Guys and one to Heston Blumenthal each will deliver something very different to the plate.  Likewise Blue #2 in the hands of one smith will result in a very different edge than Blue #2 in the hands of another.  The heat...
If we're talking roasted then I put a wire probe in it and pull it @ 133 F. Carry-over will take up to that 140-ish range where it's definitely done with just the very faintest trace of pink.  If I am cooking it sous vide then 130 F.  Pork loin is so lean that there's no room at all for overcooking IMO.
The funny thing is offering food to servers is usually like feeding wild dingoes.  Pull your hand back quick before you get a finger bitten off.
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