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One good thing is that, for you at least, is that finding people with a good work ethic is almost impossible nowadays.  Even at your age you will have a high ceiling if you can learn quickly and will work hard.
I'm not fond of banquets, and outside catering is even worse.  The control freak/perfectionist aspect of my personality has fits at the anarchy of it all.  The speaker is running late?  Oh sure, I'm sure your 200 medium top sirloins will still be medium if we push it back an  hour.  You want the food an hour and a half sooner than the BEO says?  Sure, I'll just pull it out of my ass for you.  Yes, lots and lots of hurry-up-and-wait.  The interesting thing about a big...
You're not cutting them frozen are you?
It's hard to get good jerky with really fatty meat. The fat tends to turn rancid over time when stored at room temp.
Sounds like a great move for you, DC1346!  No doubt, sometimes salary is slavery.  I'm pretty fortunate that most of the time I don't work much beyond 50 unless I want to for some reason.  Sometimes I'm short or I have to fill in but a big part of taking this job last year was that the owner isn't a believer in grinding people down with 75+ hour weeks.
Bump!  The new rules have been formalized with the threshold being around $47,500.  No change for me and no big raise, I'm afraid.  Still, my Sous had a sit down with the owner and I and while nothing has been hammered out he understands that we won't have any option but to kick him to hourly.  He's not happy about it, predictably, but he also understands there's not a thing we can do about it.  Same deal in any state.  The sticky wicket is, as I alluded to earlier in this...
My place isn't huge, about a million dollars a year in sales.  But enough inventory that I don't like counting it all.
How does it know what is in the walk-in or dry storage? Do you have to enter a waste sheet into it?
Yeah, there's always a few tail ends of something you got on a whim and didn't completely use up.  I certainly realize the value of doing it, it just sucks to actually do the count!   Best thing is when inventory falls on the day right before I do the order.
Am I the only one here that finds taking inventory to be incredibly depressing?  I can't explain it but it's the loneliest experience in the world.  Whenever possible I do inventory late at night after the restaurant is closed; if I can do it without anyone distracting me it takes me half the time.  So you'd think doing it alone in an empty building would be depressing but that's not it, it's the same no matter when I do it.  For some reason I feel like I'm on an alien...
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