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The cooler method works for shorter cooks but won't retain heat for stuff that takes longer.  Fine for a steak, though.
I'd be a stick in the mud and say just a nice Caesar salad. If you put a spoon of scallop and lobster ceviche on it I won't complain a bit.  I'm also a sucker for good potato salad.
BTW, the Kikuichis are pretty sweet. 
Depends.  I still have a thousand bucks worth of parts to buy to do an UMP conversion on my HK USC .45 cal carbine before I buy any more blades or stones.  If you're mostly into knives and have the money, why wait?
Right.  I just mean that the knife exists for no other purpose than noodles.  There are round 600 distinctly different traditional patterns for Japanese knives!  Or so I have been told my experts.  For instance there's one that's just for fugu and one just for octopus.  It's not that all chefs have a hundred plus knives, just that they evolved many specialized tools for specialized tasks.
I think that's the solution and the problem rolled into one.  You don't mention your age or how long you've been doing this.  As Keller says, passion is fleeting- it comes and goes.  Beyond that you need desire.  How long will you be happy putting out great food in every waking moment for little or no monetary reward?  How will you feel when your breaking down body is broken down?  This isn't an accusation or criticism, just discussion.  What is the goal here?  To...
I think most fields are full of a mixture of people who like what they do and folks that just want a paycheck.  It's frustrating, though.
Very cool!  It's cool to see a soba kiri in use...neat that it exists for no other purpose than to cut noodles!
I think that's true.  It seems to be a result of things being too clean.  We hit everything with sanitizer and and anti-microbial soap in an effort to kill all the bugs, but the problem is our immune system exists only to combat these bugs.  When there's no legitimate items to battle our immune system seems to turn on itself.
Welcome to Chef Talk, TxAshley!
New Posts  All Forums: