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Hahaha!  Sorry!  Just saw this.  I am starting to do heavier, heartier dishes.  Pretty soon I'll be adding cassoulet and I'm going to roll out some duck dishes.  It's a cliche but more winter root veggies, too.  Lots of soup as well!  As the days get shorter and the weather cooler I'm selling two or three times as much soup and of course less of the summer-type sides.  At the moment I'm running a Beef Wellington feature; maybe not very original but it suits the season and...
Sweet Baby Jeebus!  She's changing diapers on the the dining room?  That is disgusting.
What the hell is a nappy?
Sounds delicious! Stick with a small menu of 2 or 3 items and watch the cosrz.
Sounds like you're in a good situation, NatMat.  I would suggest you take Jimyra's advice and pick up a couple books on restaurant management.  Lots of good basic info there.
Wow!  How on Earth did the restaurant manage to be successful enough to open a second location with a staff that neglects such basic practices as inventory and creating menu specs?   Just a few basic bits of advice.  Create a waste sheet to track any loss from spoilage, improper preparation, etc.  Organize your walk-in and dry storage area.  Do you have an order guide that someone uses to create an order?  If so gather up all the old ones and establish pars for...
What is the Chef and Sous Chef schedule during an opening?  Open to close, Monday thru Sunday, for the first couple months. At least that's my experience.  Maybe you can carve out a couple shifts off just to catch your breaths but open a new restaurant is a frenetic, somewhat chaotic event no matter how well prepared you are.  I've done maybe half a dozen openings and even the smoothest ones are a lot of work.   A set schedule can be kind of difficult.  You may be able...
What is CC?
Congrats!  Good luck with the new gig.  Always nice to be able to create your own menu.
Nice to see you back, man.  Good on ya!  You live and you learn, looks like you're getting a handle on things.
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