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Minnesota folks love their Walleye, too.  I can't imagine it would be hard to get Walleye in Canada!
If you go with IQF then talk to your vendors about 'dry pack' stuff that's not pumped with solution.  I dunno what your distributors carry but Harbor Banks packs most of their fish & shellfish with no added solution.  The difference between their stuff and the crap that's "pumped" is night and day.  If you slack them both out side on by side on two sheet pans the Harbor Banks pan will have just a little bit of water in the bottom but the pumped stuff will swimming in a...
It it a country club?  That sounds high but if labor is very low maybe that's where they have things spec'd.  Hard to make any big sweeping changes without consulting Chef.
The more often you count the finer grained control you have on the financials. At some point though most places will hit a wall regarding the opportunity cost of doing all that counting.  It takes me around 2.5- 3 hours to do the count where I work.  It would be awesome to have it done every week but realistically that would end up taking too much time that always seems to be in short supply.  I think once per month is adequate; more often would be great if you can do it...
Dated or not man, I like balsamic glaze on my bruschetta!
The Norton triple stones will work but I don't think it's a great option myself.  IMO it doesn't give you much room to grow. The Crystolon and India stones are okay for milder steel but they're not ideal for the modern day circa 2016.  First there's no really practical way to flatten them once they dish. Both cut very slowly compared to water stones, especially the Fine India.  I think they're really borderline for working on modern steels. Granted not everyone that works...
Sounds like you're off to a good start, kbuff!
I understand now.  Yeah, those are overkill for Victorinox knives.  If you're looking for water stones the kind of device you're talking about isn't really what you want.  Better to just get a regular stone holder and swap the stones in and out as you need them.  Of course, you don't really need a stone holder, strictly speaking.
I'd hate to limit myself to three stones! Still, you can do a good job with just three.  As for which ones, that depends on what you're sharpening.  I personally think the Naniwa Chocera stones are the best synthetic stones out there (that I am aware of) but they're not what I'd recommend for sharpening a bunch of "super steel" stuff (eg M390, HAP40).  Shapton GlassStones will cut just about anything and everything there is but they're not as nice to use as the Choceras.
Machines are very useful but they still need humans to feed and operate them.  Just what are you asking? Certainly a dicer is a lot faster and more uniform than having a prep cook dicing peppers, tomatoes, etc.  No one in their right mind would julienne french fries by hand (as an example) unless the place was very very small.  I'm not sure how to answer exactly.  You will still need some prep cooks but having the right equipment can reduce labor by a fair amount.
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