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I figured that maybe the anti-gluten brigade could be driving it.  And I do know a few guys that don't feel anything should be "artificially thickened", including using roux.  To me it's a cornerstone of classic cuisine though and I'm not sure it's really "right" to call it demiglace if it's not made like demiglace.  Normally I care more about flavor and texture than pedantics and semantics, and I do make a glace de viande that I reduce down to nape...but I don't feel...
I'm a bit puzzled; everywhere I look nowadays it seems like demi is being made without roux. Supposedly this is "modern" or something.  When you folks make demi do you use veal stock and espagnole or just reduce your glace de viande and call it demiglace?
Thanks everyone.  I don't remember the details in the Serve-safe book and I can't locate my copy right now (all my stuff in still boxed from moving here).  I know the main hazards and the appropriate controls, I'm more curious what format the information needs to be presented.  I'm doing more research now.
Hahaha!  Yeah, that's true.  Oddly as crushed as we got on NYT the next day ended up being completely dead.  Probably be more of a normal Saturday again tonight.
So a few months into my glorious Minnesota cheffing career I talked to the health dept about what it takes to do sous vide and/or vacuum sealing in the state, and now I have a headache!  I'm quite experienced with those techniques/technologies but in SD I didn't need any special permits or certs.  I'm generally familiar with the HACCP process but I've never had to file a plan before.  So I'm looking for advice from any chefs in MN that can give me some pointers on how to...
Wow!  Am I the only geezer still bangin' it out every night?  I'm glad you guys had a good one, but am I the only CTer that worked NYE?
I survived it!  NYE actually went pretty damn smoothly, right up til the last table- that one was a bit rough.  Obviously you know New Year's Eve will be busy, that's a given.  But I wasn't prepared for how many steaks I would sell.  I cut meat today and figured I had enough to get me to at least Saturday.  But the last table of the night was 15 steaks; tops, NY strips, filets and ribeyes.  Unfortunately I had to clean and cut three of the four!  That part sucked!  Put us...
I like an organized, busy kitchen.  Controlled chaos is what it looks like but it's really more controlled than chaotic.  I'm not big on a lot of yelling and making noise; the kitchen should be a professional place, not a daycare.
Yeah, it's surprising how often someone gets fired and rehired down the road.  In this biz sometimes you'd rather go with the devil you know...
I like it!
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