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Maybe ratatouille for the mother?  I love ratatouille; it's hearty but kind of light, complex in flavors but also kind of rustic and simple. Lots of room to personalize it and it's great for vegetarians.  But it can be served with a chicken breast if you like.
I will be doing the same as ever year.  Same. Damn. Thing.  There would be a mutiny in the family if there was the tiniest deviation from turkey, stuffing in the bird, mashed potatoes and canned (!) cranberry sauce.  We've been doing this since probably before I was born. Funny, no one cares what I do for Xmas but Thanksgiving has to be that same stuff every time.  I am basically okay with that though.
The whole situation sounds snake-bit from the get-go.  You're supposed to be the exec but the owner seems to treat you like a sous.  If he's not willing to make some major changes and turn the reins over to you to run the kitchen as you see fit then I'm not sure what the point of staying would be.  Unless the money is ridiculously good, I suppose.
Numbers run businesses but the food on the table is where the rubber meets the road.  I hope if I ever dine in that hypothetical joint I don't get served an overcooked steak with a side of excuses. 
If the Exec can't cook he sure as better be in a situation where he doesn't have to! It's damn hard to command any respect in a kitchen when nearly every station cook is better on station than the chef. 
Pulled and diced baby back rib meat makes a BBQ sand that is out of this world.
Yeah, that's absurd!  I trust you'll not be going back again!
Man, I agree!  Ramen right out of the bag is the bomb.  No need to boil it.  But I don't think I'd eat a whole bag that way.
It would depend on a lot of factors but that does seem pretty low to me.
Generally it's not considered a good idea to sandbag food but you'll have to ask your chef.  If you're long a chix and it's a busy service you'll probably sell it but I wouldn't do it on purpose except perhaps if you're really weeded.  It depends I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: