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It's complicated!  Foodpump certainly nails the monetary aspect- unless the chef is also the owner then it's cheaper to pay one than two.  But it's not just about covering the shifts.  Really that's what you have a Sous Chef(s) and supervisors for.  Having two chefs generally is hard to do since "chef" means head of the kitchen.  You can't really have two co-leaders with competing visions.   A lot of it is about tradition.  In years past chefs have worked long hours and...
BDL is alive and well, just busy with other pursuits.  I wish him well and thank him for all the great content he posted here over the years.
Do you have a circulator?  Sounds like a job for sous vide.
Word.  Everyone wants to move up the ladder and succeed.  But oftentimes moving up takes you further and further from the part of the job you most love- actually cooking food.  I'm the happiest when I'm on the line rocking out the orders, or in the prep kitchen creating a new feature.  I'm the most miserable when I'm standing in the pantry with a clipboard, counting shit, or doing the order, or sitting down in front of a stack of vacation requests trying to make the...
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  We could do any job to make a living but we do what we do because it touches people's lives.  Well done!
 That's pretty much par for the course in the kitchen.  Either you 1) come into the trade with some management experience, 2) mentor under a great manager that shows you the ropes, 3) get lucky and just have an intuitive knack for it or 4) flounder and struggle until you figure it out.  I think option #4 is the most common. In the kitchen you usually get promoted because you're a better cook than your peers, are more reliable, faster, a bigger kiss-ass, etc.  But you're...
A good work ethic and the ability to deal with time pressure are key, but that's something that construction has in common.  But you will have to deal with working all the times your family and friends are off (ie. nights, weekends, all the holidays).  Still, there's nothing like kitchen work.  I've never found anything as satisfying at cooking...God help me!
I've seen a few Shuns in the working kitchens I've been in but only in the hands of knife nOObs.  Typically they're the first knife a guy gets when he wants something better than a Wusthof.  A Shun or a Global, they're often the gateway drug that gets you into real J-knives.
Annoying and something they should fix, but I would have zero worries about using the blade.  Especially if you're a home cook.
You can bump it gently if you have to be I don't recommend it.  I would suggest you either keep a bain marie of jus to dunk it in or just toss it on your flat top to reheat (splash with just a little water to create steam to help it heat).  Heating on the griddle is better than nuking it.
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