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I've never worked at an Outback but I've eaten there.  You may be able to work there for 10 years without ever doing any meaningful cooking except actually cooking the steaks.  A lot of chains seem to utilize a ton of premade stuff; he may never have cooked basic foods from scratch.
I'm fascinated by the science of it.  Right now of course it's impractical but I expect the process to get better.
I don't use those bags with the strange checker pattern.  Mine is a chamber machine that uses regular bags.  Once the vacuum is released and full atmospheric pressure is returned you can see the oil pretty much surrounds the meat.
I have gotten a good chuckle out of some of these!  I've had some pretty weird requests over the years, too.  But I do try my best to accommodate a request no matter how bizarre.
The fat has nowhere to go except around the meat.  Where else can it go?
Yeah, you don't need much fat at all.  Once you vacuum it in with the protein it envelops with just a few TBSP.
An Edge Pro would be a great way to go if you're a  DIY enthusiast.  There's a bit of a learning curve but nothing drastic.
I made a rib roast/prime rib for our dinner tonite.  The leftovers will be reheated in the SVS.  Best way to do it!
Nothin' sets off a fine steak like some ketchup!
I pretty much always use grinders for knives like Henckels and Wusthofs.  On very rare occasions I'll do them on stones but mostly just to show off.  Same for Globals and Shuns.  Belt sharpening isn't really a "poor cousin" to using stones, and it can give you a hair-splitting edge in just a few minutes.    I'd be a little leery of having a butcher sharpen your knives.  They may know what they're doing but they may not.  Real butchers are getting to be a rarity nowadays,...
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