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Broida is a good guy and a great sharpener.  He can get you fixed up.  There are a few Cali guys here on the forum as well.  I don't know if BDL takes in any strays but he'd be a good one to ask.  I think he's a friend of Jon's, too.
Of those two I greatly prefer the 240mm Kikuichi TKC.  The steel of the TKC is much better than VG10 in my opinion.  It gets sharper, is easier to sharpen and has slightly better edge retention.  I also think it's a pretty knife (subjective, of course).  The TKC will patina but that just adds to the charm for me.
BTW, often a lower value will be declared for customs since many countries will charge a fee based on the cost of the package.  A buddy of mine in S. Africa often is charged a duty of 40% of so for the stuff he imports.  The lower declared value is designed to save you a few bucks.  Of course, that can cause a problem if it's lost since insurance will only want to cover the declared value.
Well done white #2 will take a dazzling edge.  The handle is basically disposable on a lower end knife...even on some more expensive ones.  It's understood that you will go through numerous handles in the life of the knife.  Another thing you'll notice on 'real' Japanese knives (unlike Shun and Global that are made for the West) is that they don't necessarily come fully sharpened.  It's understood that the cook using it will finish it with the kind of edge they prefer. ...
Just saw this...yeah, probably lower and longer.  Really tough cuts I like to do at low, low tems (around 130) for several days.  Higher temps if you can't go that long due to time constraints.  But some things are best if you don't rush them.
I agree- water bath, water oven or circulator are all better to describe the tools.
 Agreed!  That's a great book.
 I think the most literal translation of sous vide is "under void".  So the idea is to vacuum seal.  Yeah, I get that no commercial machine creates a true vacuum...maybe we can argue next about the name "prime rib".  Certainly lots of things can be done with just ziplock bags but for long cooks it's much better to have something that creates a durable airtight seal.  Especially if you want to shock the item you're cooking and retherm it later. There is some utility to...
If you mean the one by Wayne Gisslen then I'd say you made a great choice!  Incidentally I followed the same route you have decided on.  I never set out to be a chef, it just kind of happened.  After a years of viewing cooking just as a job I landed a job at a pretty nice restaurant.  It was a world I'd never seen, and I got really hooked.  In an effort to learn the craft more fully I bought that same book by Gisslen and read it cover to cover a few times.  Whenever I had...
Sometimes my brain fritzes and I think it's a special order when it's not.  A couple weeks ago we were really getting slammed; I grabbed a ticket for a steak salad (small sirloin steak broiled to spec and sent down to garde manger to top a salad).  I read "this side of blue" on the ticket so I sear it on the hottest spot I could and cooked the chill out of it.  The server looked at it a couple times and said, "uh, I need this medium".  I told them that just this side of...
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