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Boil the marinade first then you should be good to go.  I guess I should say I'm not a scientist or anything but I've done this many times and I'm still alive.
It can handle a lot of use!  I've had mine for maybe close to four years?  Got it right when they hit the US market.  At any rate I have something in it three to seven days a week and I routinely do three day cooks. There are times it's left on and at temp continually for more than a week.  I dunno how long it will last but mine has made it at least three times longer than the warranty is good for.   I'll also note that it's very energy efficient.  They say it uses about...
If you don't need huge capacity the Sous Vide Supreme is awesome.  I have two at home, the larger one and a Demi.  Mine has been chugging along for years now and works great.  It holds temps to a very tight window and the thermostat is accurate.  A few times I've set the temp and checked it with two different Thermopens- all three agreed to the tenth of a degree.
IIRC he named the restaurant he was at but thought better of it.  Probably a wise idea to redact that part but removing the whole post was overkill.
We all need money to live but when you're lying on your deathbed you won't say to yourself, gee I wish I'd earned more money!  No, you'll regret all the things you were afraid to do or never got around to.  Obviously there has to be a balance and we're not all special snowflakes.  But everyone should take one shot at figuring how why he or she is on this planet, and doing that thing they were put here to do.
Man, sorry to hear that.  It really sucks!  It's a shame to see how little loyalty is valued by some.  Still you have a ton of experience; once you decide what you want to do you'll land on your feet.
Hahaha! Glad everyone survived it.  We were closed NYD but open today.  I'm not sure what sales were but it felt busier tonite than NYE (but I'm sure we were "busier" then).  Realistically though V-Day is gonna be a lot worse than NYE.  Although after that it's smooth sailing til Easter/MD.
It was actually easy money for me this year.  We were staffed to the hilt which helps, but being a Weds night when it's 10 degrees F outside also took some of the sting out of it.  We did pretty good sales of course but it went well.  The features happened to mostly not be on my station this time.  Overall I think it's about the most painless NYE I've worked that I can remember.   How did it go for all you folks?
I think Xmas wiped out everything CKtG had in stock!  Their cupboards are lookin' pretty bare at the moment.
You'll have to be hyper-diligent about the recipes.  Many if not most of the residents will be on special diets.  Sodium, fat, etc...it's all going to be very regimented.  I think you'll find the food will be very very bland compared to restaurant food.  My ex-wife was a dietary cook at a nursing home, FWIW.
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