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In the years I've used them I've found you don't really "season them" like you would a steel one.  You do need to use a very light coating of oil on it.  Or at least that's what I have found.  But it doesn't take very much at all.
Congrats, cysoon!
The CarboNext is a great knife!  I think you'll be happy.  I keep two of 'em in my work knife case.
Well, after a five year hiatus due to me getting a B.S. in Business Administration I am finally getting back in the saddle!  It's been kind of hard on my ego and wallet but I've been working as a line cook while I finish my degree.  But I just finished up with school last month and today I landed a job as Exec Chef of a cool little small town upscale bar & restaurant!  I have to say I really missed sitting in "the Big Chair" and it's kind of surprising just how excited I...
Yeah, bottom line is if it cuts what you want it to cut, the way you want it to cut, then it's sharp.  In practical experience though many if not most of us that are knife geeks have a work space set up where we sharpen.  I have a battery of tests that I do to see if I'm done with a given knife.  There are lots of ways to do it though so whatever works for each person is fine by me.
I suppose even moving the knife through air dulls it on some microscopic level.  But no, testing the edge on paper has no impact at all on the edge.  It would if you sliced ream after ream of typing paper but that's not how you test a knife.  I dunno where you sharpen but I have a shop; there's no lemongrass or pumpkins in my shop to test.  There are edge testers, thumbnails, the barrel of a Sharpie, etc and all can work fine.  The Carter/3-finger-test is okay if you like...
I can't fathom how line cooks survive in NYC, San Fran, etc.  Cooks want to work in those places for the experience but even rock star line cooks don't earn shit.  I think you have to get the experience you're after and move up quickly or move on quickly.
I'm not sure exactly what that means.  Once you have done something a few thousand times it becomes ingrained in muscle memory. For instance I don't really consciously "think" about flipping a steak any more than you have to think, "okay, gas pedal now..." when you get in your car.  That's what training and repetition if for. As for working with the rest of the line that all comes down to communication.  A good line is very similar to great sports team where everyone knows...
I like Dr Pepper in BBQ sauce.
Nice!  Just takes a bit of tinkering sometimes.
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