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The whole "temperature danger zone" idea from the 50's is obsolete.  It's widely accepted that it's perfectly safe to cook at 130 for three days.  I've cooked maybe one ton of meat that way with no issues.  But I wouldn't do it without a vacuum sealer.  In general terms food borne pathogens are killed at 165 for a few seconds.  But 130 is enough to kill them, it just takes a lot longer.  That's what pasteurization is, sanitization at lower temps than are needed for...
Wow, that's quite a thread resurrection!  But since you're the OP I guess it's okay.
BTW, Konosukes are awesome!  I only have one (in White steel) but I would love pick up another or two.
Yeah, your Kono is tool steel.  Not like a typical high carbon but not fully stainless.  You're getting patina, not rust.  Not red rust anyways.  I like a little patina, it adds character.  You can clean it off with Comet or Barkeeper's Friend and a sponge or scrubber, then apply food-safe oil.  But I wouldn't and I don't; I have several similar knives and I let 'em patina.   Welcome to CT!
That depends on your local regs.  Some places you don't need to do anything, some places require a HACCP program.  Consult your local health dept.
http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/28/news/la-dd-local-chef-kc-ma-killed-in-accident-20121127     They say a person dies twice, first when their physical body dies and again the last time someone speaks their name.  Out of the blue today I was thinking of Chef KC Ma who some of you here will know, either IRL or from his online presence.  And no wonder he was on my mind...it was just over two years ago that he passed away in a motorcycle crash.   Since I was thinking...
Note that ljokjel is in Norway.  Things are a little different there than in the US.
Congrats!  It's natural to be nervous for your first Chef gig, so don't worry.  I suggest being organized.  Buy a bunch of pocket notebooks and use them.  Keep one on you all the time.  Don't be afraid to keep notes.  For ordering- yeah, we all make errors and end up short and we've all been shorted by a vendor.  Work on a par sheet so you know how much to keep on hand, that makes it a lot easier.   Believe in yourself.  You'll make mistakes, we all do.  Own up to them...
Cool!  Konosuke makes some awesome knives.
I e-mailed him and he said as much.  Got kind of burned out on being "the knife guy" and kitchen stuff in general.  Seems he's been really into the coffee stuff of late.  But all is well.
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