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Welcome to Chef Talk, TxAshley!
Good to have you with at CT, arkmabat.  Welcome!
The Hiromoto AS is great knife, but it is a smidgen thicker than I generally prefer.  That's what lead me to sell mine when I started to get into thinner knives like the Kononsukes.
 Funny, I was going to bring that up but my post was already getting long winded.  Yeah, I think he makes a great point.  He stresses that while you should couch surf if necessary to work at great places he did not do that.  Neither did I.  I became a chef by accident.  While I've made up some ground just due to decades of experience if I had known I'd be doing this for this long I'd have done it a a little differently.  Still, you have the ability to make of yourself...
Apropos of nothing I sometimes wonder if anyone in my town even has a kitchen in their home!  You can drive by any decent restaurant in town even on, say, a Monday night at 6:00pm, and it's pretty busy.  When I eat out it's either because I'm out shopping or running errands and am in a hurry or when I want something that's a PITA to cook at home.  In the latter case I'm thinking of something like Chinese where I'd have to buy a lot of ingredients I don't normally keep on...
That's a good plan.  Just about any steak is great that way.
Wow!  This has be a record for zombie thread resurrection!  Eleven. Freaking. Years.  Wow!
I think you're getting too hung up on the literal translation of the French phrase.  Sous means 'under' and vide roughly translates to 'void'.  But you wouldn't say you're using your Hoover so sous vide your floor would you?  Sous vide as it's used in the culinary world refers to cooking something while it's "under void".  A compression doesn't involve cooking and thus isn't sous vide.  But this totally misses the point as dcarch explains.  Even the best chamber vacuum...
No, you're confusing two different things. When you use a vacuum to compress fruit it's called a compression, not sous vide.
The vacuum bag distracts the attention from the truly important element of sous vide- precise temperature control.  When you can keep the temp within a half degree window for the entire duration of the cook, even if that is three days, you can achieve amazing results.  I'm hooked on it myself.  I have two SousVide Supreme machines at home along with a lite duty commercial chamber vacuum sealer.  On the average I'm using at least one of them around five times a week.  This...
New Posts  All Forums: