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google it... gordon ramsays malaysian chicken curry cheers
toss some mozerlla in and u get cAPRESE 8D  
bistro makes it sound more classy XD make a blackboard outside ur restaurant for daily specials... make it look even more classy haha  
ok when im saying torch ur dough i mean like u heat up the ... "tub" not directly on ur dough  
if ur really just looking for new recipes then.. think seasonally? cuz ur not willing to change... anythig other thatn the recipe .. like in summer u make a summer veggie pasta/ wat ever with a summer soup etc then in fall u change then winter then spring.. this way u have 4 menus ...
u cook for fun? (home cook?) why u need a combi oven  
according to marco pierre white.. u take them and RUB ON EVERYTHING take beef stock cubes and rub ur beef with it... (personally all i can say is LMAO... but hey im 19 years old.. not marco pierre white..) and when marco says something.... well maybe u should "trust him:?" well the stock cubes... personally not so happy with them esp with different brands.. they might put alot of wierd additives.. but if its more natural.. why not? technically u can produce stock...
one advice is maybe ur recipe is "unbalanced"/ measurement error another is maybe ur baking dish is too deep?
http://www.morongocasinoresort.com/dining/potrero-canyon-buffet this? lol hmm well italian buffet... mexican buffet..   ok regarding to toss food thing (island shangrila is the PIONEER of hotel buffet concept ) one thing is do not make too much food in one going make emm in small batches so that customers always get the "freshly made food"...
normally (at least in hotel) the chef has a 'menu' prix fix then the sales offers it to the customer then they start discussing what they want / dont want then sales brings back to chef then chef preps a menu according to client then sales returns to client to confirm ok or not if not repeat until satisfied   but CALCULATING COST is another thing cost is how many people (head count) -> how much food per person -> what kind of event (cocktail...
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