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the half .... grown chicken in an egg and u eat it... i think its like from malaysia or indonesia.. somethin like that YUKKK  
PLAN AHEAD BABY u are going to make dish a b c start planning what are needed to be prepared like for example potatoes are used in both dish a and c then when u prepare potatoes for a prepare some for c together   etc   or u can plan the order u make   maybe c is faster to make than a so u make the slow one first and if ur good.. make after ur done preparing for a   ^^
One we run a lot of the same menu items over and over so the regulars get the same food thrown in front of them two on the slow nights (every night other than FRI-SAT) we throw away a lot of food because it is not appetizing at all     ok well so too much repetition and unappealing foods   wonderul (no offence but i wonder how ur making money)   hmm u say "asian section is appealing" older crowd...   are u willing to play a pan asian buffet...
hey does anyone know where i can look for a internship that provides lodging? (fine dining restaurant ... willing to do any job ->peeling potatoes) 3 months im from taiwan studying in a hotel management school in hong kong... but i personally feel like hk doesnt have many choices for me in terms of fine dining well.. cuz i've always interned at 2 michelin 3 start restaurants and ... yea.. looking for something even more exiciting / challenging
or.. look into a hotel for jobs.. they need lots of man power and yea   or if ur just interested in making food,... maybe the food processing plants would work dno if theres any in ur area but theres alot of those half cooked meals that are served to restaurants such as (MAYBE.. olive garden? etc) <-- not so sure if they cook from scratch or they have central kitchen but yea...
if everything u are right now fits perfectly for 150 people THEN measure out everything u have right now reception, dining, kitchen, storage, facilities   and... divide for example u have a 100 meter storage therefore   100:150 = x:200 find out x (this is simple approximation... may vary with reality by a bit ) or like ur recipe for pasta is 10kg of pasta serving 150 people then how many kg for 200 people etc  
is it cuz ur cookies are too "wet and greasy/ oily" after u bake em? if so top secret of pastry making lol   while you are forming your dough, take a torch and melt ur dough (as taught by my pastry chef)   cuz if u first melt the butter and it mixes with the flour and stuff it will remain the shape after u bake but if u dont... the cookie will "melt" cuz the butter and oil is .... not mixed in with flour... get it?
"I was also wondering if if could be cooked and put in a crock pot to keep it warm until you are ready to mix it with the fettuccine right before you serve it.  Help"   YES u can keep it in a crack pot... or i would put it into a pot and over a water bath ... (thats how i do service in a fastfood restaurant i worked at) and umm regarding recipe..   looks promising
anything that u DONT EAT? lol quick as in like microwave quick? or ONE POT quick... chicken noodles is always a good idea steamed fish in microwave... etc unless ur refering to something else  
im currenty in hong kong   choux is not a problem   combi oven 180 degrees celcius then slowly turn down after it gets colored keep going down in intervals of 20 degrees until its "crisp enough"   and the ONLY thing that really gets into my nervs with hot humid climate is making macarons holy @#@# lol u need to prebake the almond powder stuff like 2 times...
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