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I've learned my lesson the hard way with this appliance. In the end; it's all comes down to a Breville. They are amazing. They very easily handle the tough, fiberous greens to like of wheatgrass, kale, spinach, celery, etc. it has never failed me and is a snap to clean up.
Funny you say that....when someone gave me a $100 to TJ Maxx, I used it to buy the largest size Le Crueset (enamel covered cast iron) pan that they make. It was one the best purchases I've ever made. By far my most-used piece of cookware in the kitchen. You will not regret buying one. If you can't find a Le Crueset at HomeGoods, Ross or TJ Maxx; try looking for one made by Chantal or Staubb. They will out perform some of the less expensive ones, by not scratching as...
If you were to ask me what my favorite small appliance would be, I'd say a food processor, without hesitation. I use a full size and a mini, more than any other kitchen tool, besides my beloved knives. That said, the Cuisinart is undoubtedly my favorite. It's worth every penny. Cuisinart blades have outperformed all the others I have tried. I give them a good work out every week, and they just keep going. For a mini processor, I prefer the Kitchen Aid.
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