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I made my own template in word for my recipes.  I just store them on my computer.   Though I will have to checkout that mastercook link though.
It just sounds like these guys don't respect you whatsoever, but like someone already said you have to earn that respect.  Take the negative s$%# they say and turn it into something positive. Do your job and there's better than them.  But all in all you have to stand up for yourself or they are going to keep on doing what they already have been..  
maybe find a place you want to go and stage and then look up this website call couchsurfing dot org  I know it sounds crazy, but its people who let you sleep on their couch for little to no money.  I did it when I was in Portland last year, before I went to Seattle.  Just a thought!   peace
green painters tape works wonders, its what i use at work...
Holy smokes, that looks like a catering menu.........I feel sorry for the cooks who work at a place with a menu like that.  What is the food cost at a place like that?  How much product goes bad or is thrown away?  I have to many question, which is not going to help you at all.   I say run, run, run as fast as you can from that place.
pick up some cookbooks like alinea, noma, volt inc....look online to get some inspiration.  Then use you own creativity to create your dishes.
i had a catering order today that stated vegetable wellington with a side of vegetables....what, really...okay
grilled frisee is pretty awesome...what i would like to see in a house salad would be seasonal greens with seasonal veggies with a seasonal dressing...but then again that could be rather expensive as well.
this show isn't on right now but you can find it on the net.....master chef had two seasons I believe before it came to america.  Its ten times better than the america version.   also the exec. chef of moto is filming a cooking show right now as we speak and will be out soon to come....that should be a dope one to watch   I do like the F word by Gordon.
practice, practice, your speed up, make sure you work clean and clean as you go, learn to work all the stations(someone calls out, you can jump in), ask questions, and all the advice the first person gave.
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