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Nice....Sweet Presentation.
I like all of these!
Catfish Scare me! Too many bones and their heads are soooo big! I do not like them blackened...I do not like them any way at all! giggles....
The ingredients speak for themselves. Get the best that you can find. This is a very simple dish.....therefore, all the ingredients must be sublimely perfect. Do not let your soup, milk based, keep on a boil. Yuck....flour and thickening agents other than the small chopped very good quality potatoes. That is the clue here. I do appreciate a bit of corn in the chowder. You could make your own creamed corn and add...that would provide a lot more...
That certainly made a point!
The General Store or to Lokal in Carmel Valley. They know how to cook.
that I should introduce myself! My name is Tamara Stewart and I raise and race horses for a living. I also am a personal, sometimes professional and also a private chef. I love to garden, play the piano and have fun with my dogs and cat. The funny part....I have a significant other and his name is Potato. How many recipes for Potato's do I have?! My home town is Carmel, CA...and I mainly live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills on our Ranch.
....and love Caprese! Especially with Green zebra, Orange heirlooms, yellows.....Looks like a Stain Glass Window in a Cathredral on a plate!
You always make the classic french dish...Tarte a cast iron pan. Cast Iron does not do anything to the food other than to enrich it. Basil and Cream love eachother....hence, would be a lovely play with the tomoato, instead of apple, tartin. Tomato is a fruit, just as are apples. I have not made this dish is just wandering around in my mind for the last couple of years.
A "go to" book is hardly even a reality anymore in this day of apps and "google" or Bing!" Mostly, I would advise people to keep it Fresh and Lokal! Hard to go wrong there... The basics, as far as sauces or how to make a risottos sort of thing? Print it out! Giggles!!! Your inner Spirit will make it all work....your food will shine. Love is the ingredient that makes everything taste better.
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