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I have read a couple of bad things about food processors not being able to cope with the thickness of the emulsion. Some suggestions were to grind a couple more times. Is it likely the processors they had? Have you had any troubles with them in your sausage experiences?
From the the research I have done by myself, and with the one specific recipe I'm using as my example, the ingredients would cost about 73 cents per dog. Easily marketable at just under $3 for the dog itself. Add in the apps, sides, and desserts and it's a cheap and easy fresh meal. People around here LOVE hot dogs. Small town with like 3 hot dog places. None are made in house and fresh, though. I could rival their prices with bigger and better dogs that they can...
I found one recipe that calls for pork butt, beef chuck, and seasonings. I am aware that hot dogs have a long history of being stuffed with junk but this does not interest me. I am not making commercially processed hot dogs. I plan to make fresh and simple hot dogs for service. This is my first post on this forum and thought I could trust it to be a good research tool. So far, less than helpful.  
I would love some information/research links regarding stuffing my own hot dogs for service. For instance, what equipment do I need? I read somewhere that hot dogs don't have hog casings but rather casing from another animal, sheep I think? What ingredients make a hot dog rather than a frankfurter rather than a bratwurst? How would I cook, hold, and store for service? Prepare in morning or night before?   I live very near a meat market so ingredients won't be an...
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