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I have been in a bakery/cafe job for the last 5 years, most of which doing high volume bread and pastry production.  I have a lot of relevant experience specific to this job, just more production than managerial.
The business is a small chain of artisan coffee shops, the main focus being on the coffee.  The position is the KM for a production bakery, supervising 3 - 5 employees, making a small line of from-scratch pastries.  This will be in Los Angeles, they have two shops now and will be opening another three by the end of the year.   I found that figure by googling "Kitchen Manager Salary Los Angeles" and found a few sites that aggregated reported salaries for those conditions.
I'm getting close to being hired as a Kitchen Manager (I think!)...  This would be a big step up for me compared to my current position.  I know eventually I'm going to have the "salary requirements" talk, and I don't want to be way off-base.  Doing a little research, the average KM salary for my area is apparently 47K-ish.  Does this sound right or will I be crazy to ask for this?  I just want to make sure I ask for what I deserve, not too little or too much.  Any KM's...
I'm getting closer to graduating culinary school... I'll be done by the end of summer.  I'm going crazy thinking about what to do after I graduate.  I live in Southern California (have my entire life) and really think this is my chance to make a big move, possibly east coast.  I have always wanted to live in New York, and I feel like post-graduation would be a good time.  At the same time, I'm thinking about continuing school after I graduate (I'm getting my associate's...
Throwing my two cents in, I would recommend getting a job in a kitchen right now (locally) and see how you like it.  If you love it and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it, start considering your options.  Either you'll realize that you will get all the education you need by working your way up in the restaurant, or that school is a worthwhile experience to become a better employee that will move up in the kitchen and learn fundamental skills.  I don't know how many...
I am nearing the end of my culinary program, and by next year will have my A.S. in Baking & Pastry.  I have always wanted to own my own business, but have a lot of differing thoughts on what that business should be.  Though my focus is on baking, I really do love the savory side of culinary.  I have been giving a lot of though lately to being a personal/private chef.  Any thoughts on how to break in to that career?  I don't know if I should get further schooling in...
Shoes for Crews - they're great!  Super comfy and super slip-resistant, and they look a lot like low-top Converse.
My place has a peanut butter, cranberry sauce, granny smith apple, and banana sandwich on the menu... This guy orders it every single day, adding sprouts and pickles to it  If that's not horrible enough, another guy orders the same sandwich with tomatoes and mushrooms.  Blech!
Thanks, that sounds much more sensible.  The rulers I was looking at from Chef Rubber say they are made from aluminum, but using stainless steel makes tons more sense.  I am always looking to save some money as a culinary student   Thanks again!
I was looking to buy confectionery rulers - basically a length of aluminum to pour candies or chocolate into and let set - but they are so expensive!  I'm considering just buying commercial-grade aluminum bars, about a tenth of the price of the branded confectionery rulers.  Does anyone know if there is any risk in using the commercial-grade aluminum, i.e. are the confectionery rulers treated with anything to make them food safe?  Any help would be much appreciated! 
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