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Au Piovre Sorta: Kc Strip Crusted in Black Pepper Cornstarched thickened Whole Milk Sauce (Out of Cream) finished with Brandy and Butter Puree of Carrot and Molasses Oven Roasted Ranch Style Russets Homemade Banana Pudding w/ Nilla Waffers Turned out good but was pretty heavy. With the rain we had and cooler temperatures, it sure made for a nice fall dish!
we serve a sit down style. Its basically a casual restaurant serviced by a buffet. Typical items pulled pork, chicken picatta, chicken marsala, fried chicken, catfish, mac n cheese, mashed, sweet potato, pastas, flatbread pizzas, enchiladas, fajitas, etc. Basically im looking for creative ideas that hold well...similar to like picata, or shrimp newburg, and such. Not looking to change the restaurant at all, please just stick with recipe suggestions. thanks
Couple points to make: 1.) Its a Casino, so we don't make money really. Its a double edge sword though. Our purpose is to keep people in the casino, we are a mere amenity not a stand alone restaurant. This doesn't mean we don't strive to make money, (for the first time in a long time we are in the black acctually) yet that is not our number one goal. I would like more customers though, and I personally hate the fact of how much food we toss out. 2.) I am not in a...
So I am working in a new buffet and looking for some ideas. The place has been run down a little bit as it pertains to customers. We are located in a Casino and serve an "older crowd" yet still do have families that come in regularly. Our problem now is two fold. One we run a lot of the same menu items over and over so the regulars get the same food thrown in front of them, and two on the slow nights (every night other than FRI-SAT) we throw away a lot of food because it...
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