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Hello Mr. Dessert Guy-    I am in the beginning stages of my pet treat business.  I plan on selling them at farmer's markets and special events.     I would do most of the baking at night at least 3 times/week and every other weekend.  Is your kitchen fully permitted by the Health Dept?  Where are you located?  I live in Lake Balboa.    Ingredients I will be using ( my own supply) are mostly dry items such as brown rice flour and flax seed flour, and also...
This is fantastic!  Thanks!!  I recently posted a thread asking for same information.     Read more about it, http://www.theselc.org/cottage-food-lawscottage-food-law-bill-language.     I wonder if it applies to baked dog treats?  Hope so!  Going to contact SELC.  
Help!  I am starting a pet treat business and need a fully permitted commercial kitchen to rent on an hourly basis.  Will only need 2-3x/week,  2-3 hours/day.   Thanks for your assistance!     Patricia 
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