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World Kitchen Cucina
Hi Katherine -   I'm personally impressed that at your age, you have set such goals and are striving to reach them.  If your life/goals change as you go along, you will take those changes on then, as we have all done.   In the meantime and after hearing your story ... well, you've heard people say "Life's a Beach" but for you, "Life's a Bakery" soI think that's a cool name.  Or "Life's Bakery."  It's for everyone.  Another way of saying "sweet and savory" might...
The Principal's Office   The Lunch Box (with a tag line "serving dinner too")   Ramsey's Detention Center (This could be good for the lower bar area - ha, ha)   Ramsey's Chalk Board (depending on design ideas, if you used chalk board throughout for hanging menus, etc. ...)   That's it for now ...
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