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Thanks for taking the time to explain that.   Ben
Hi, thanks for everyones comments. I was hoping you might have some input bdl, thanks. I think I've made up my mind to order one of the knives, I've already got a set of waterstones so will probably just use them. Thanks for the heads up on the handles and bent blades, I'll be sure to give the shop a phone first and see what they can do.   Could you explain your comments about the alloy to me as I don't really understand. You say that it's a soft alloy that rolls...
Have you looked at the Naniwa Superstones? A little cheaper than the Chosera
Hi, I've only just discovered these amazing forums and wondered if anyone could help me with a knife purchase I'm thinking about. I've read a lot of informative posts on here over the last few days, especially by boar_d_laze relating to the various types of Sabatier knives and was looking for some advice/information on a Sabatier K knife I've been looking at.   I'm a home cook and interested in vintage cookery equipment. I've used the same main knives my Mum handed...
You can make a good campfire/camp stove pizza with a frying pan and a cast iron lid. That's what I use anyway and it always turns out nice. Basically just stick the cast iron lid on the fire or over a stove till it's really hot, heat the frying pan up then put the pizza in it with the lid on. Cooks nicely in about 5-10 mins.    
For pasta dishes replacing some of the pasta with vegetables is a nice way to get some extra veggies in. Reducing the amount of pasta you cook and then adding thin strips of carrots to the cooking water for the last few minutes is nice. Carbonara made with half spaghetti and half courgettes works well. Strong meat based pasta sauces are nice with half pasta half veggies as well, a nice slow cooked meat ragú with pasta shapes and nicely chopped root veg is lovely.
It definitely feels very wintry over here in Scotland; lovely crisp, cold morning today. You're right that Autumn is the best time for food. As soon as the cold air starts coming in everyones palette starts to change. For me there's definitely more soups, more puddings and more meat that gets eaten at this time of year. Today there's a celery and smoked ham soup on the go and Cumberland sausages stewed in wine and with a Yorkshire pudding later. Yum   Ben
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