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Smacking the top of the pass and showing some frustration just shows passion and lights a fire under some as*es..(if that's all you did)..I respect everybody in our industry, but the day I fear what a server says about me ( other than sexual or verbal abuse). Is the day I hang up my chef coat..
If they are looking to you to take charge and the wait staff under minds you and upper management doesn't have your back??? its probably time to start looking for a new job, have a sit down with the owner and GM or decline the chef position if you want to stay there....the owner should have left it to the discretion of the GM whether or not to write you up or why would they hire a GM in the first place. He also needs to talk to that waitress cause she obviously...
try smaller single serve dishes for example country night; pot pies served in 6oz. disposable aluminum (unless you have enough ramekins)...not sure if you present dishes in full pans but things like this you can cook as many as you need for that time instead of firring a whole pan for a small lunch. Also any prepped can be saved... fish en papillote is also easy to control as far as cooking you have a action station? its good for pasta night and high end food...
It sounds good. Think of a sauce like a balsamic reduction or a raspberry gastrique. Some kind of sweet/acidic element. my only thing is the cast iron. as you know, tomatoes are high in acid and may pick up some of that metallic taste once the crust is broken...I might be wrong. that's the thing about trying a new dish, test,test,test,test
There a many correct answers here. There is a difference between a cold room and a walk in but both are used as our kitchen "cone of silence". as we all know, the kitchen can get pretty heated with anger, rumors and things that you need to say without making it said earlier "the noise of the fans" can help from eavesdropping. I know that I can be a hothead when somebody screws up and would rather Rip them a new one without witnesses (my word against theirs if...
It sounds more like cafe than anything...Bistro is usually a casual dining area but here in the states it could range from casual to semi-fine dining and would infer that is a full service restaurant.... I wouldnt call it a deli unless you slice meat to sell or cold side orders sold by the pound. Maybe even consider "blah,blah,blah" beer&wine cafe
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