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Just trust me, they are no good.
Someone just PM'd me and we started talking (since we'll be classmates) getting to know each other.. Etc. and we talked about rooming situations and how we need roommates. It's obviously not set in stone however, I think it's good to start looking at options
I don't think it's ever too soon! Lol but no in all actuality, We've just been talking about the school, housing, rooming situations, and getting to know each other since we'll be classmates:) Btw, It seems we're being pushed out of this forum and into the Ferrandi 2013 group! Hahaha so lets all start chatting there!:}
I've been talking to one person about rooming together in Paris. Has anyone else been doing this? or are most people planning on living alone?  
I definitely want to! I have no clue what I'm going to do about housing so it's hard to say when I'm going to actually move there but I know for sure I'm going to visit Paris in June or July.
I definitely wouldn't go with Le Cordon Bleu...it's not the original Cordon Bleu... they were bought by a company and they kept the name. They are more about making money, then they are about culinary... At least all of the one's in America... though since it's a chain, I'm sure the one in Paris is just the same... I applied and got in to Ferrandi and what i've seen and heard so far seems very promising!
I have no idea what they look at mostly, but for my letter of intent, I just told them about my hopes and aspirations. For example, I talked about my past and what started my interest in the pastry world and then i tied that to Ferrandi..etc
I just made my payment for the pastry program today!! Now i'm soooo excited!
I never looked at Switzerland so I'm not sure. I'm from the US so if I wasn't going to study abroad in Paris, I was going to go to a school here in the US. And like I said before, I've eats from students at Ferrandi and they loved it so that also helped me make my decision. As for communicating while I'm at the school, I'd be more that happy to do so! (I'll probably jump on the blog bandwagon lol)
I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed myself! But I'm too excited! Lol also, because I received my acceptance letter so late, they told me they would extend the payment deadline until march 25th.
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