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Just trust me, they are no good.
I definitely wouldn't go with Le Cordon Bleu...it's not the original Cordon Bleu... they were bought by a company and they kept the name. They are more about making money, then they are about culinary... At least all of the one's in America... though since it's a chain, I'm sure the one in Paris is just the same... I applied and got in to Ferrandi and what i've seen and heard so far seems very promising!
I never looked at Switzerland so I'm not sure. I'm from the US so if I wasn't going to study abroad in Paris, I was going to go to a school here in the US. And like I said before, I've eats from students at Ferrandi and they loved it so that also helped me make my decision. As for communicating while I'm at the school, I'd be more that happy to do so! (I'll probably jump on the blog bandwagon lol)
I just got accepted to Ferrandi in Paris for pastry. It starts in September and I'm really excited! I've spoken with a few students who went there and they loved it! Best of luck with your searches!
I just found out today that I was accepted!
Hi everyone! Thank you for all the informative feedback!   Where should I start? Firstly, I visited Le Cordon Bleu in Miami and wow.... what a bust! They were not informative and I was not impressed at all. So I scratched that off my list! Next, I'm going to visit the French Culinary Institute in NYC and I hope that goes well.   I applied to Ferrandi back in December(I believe it was the 16th) and i haven't heard a word from them since.... I was applying for...
I absolutely love going to the DC area but, I rarely make the trip. I definitely should research some places before I go. That's why I love watching Food Network and hearing about all those neat places near me. My favorite type of places are those hole-in-the-wall places that have great food and coffee. I'm really not a Starbucks person since I like good quality coffee. haha.     I've actually been to the south of France but only Nice. But oh my goodness, it was so...
I live in the northern Virginia area and around where I live, I've never seen any cute bakeries... It's so sad:/ but thats mostly because I live in a more rural area...but I'm in total agreeance with you on the whole university thing. I don't want the burden of student debts to haunt me. Plus I'm taking this time to learn the arts of food! Where in Europe did you travel? The only place I've been is France but I would love to see Germany! You sound like you really know...
My French... My French is okay but it really could use some freshening up. I'm sure the classes would work because not only will we be in France learning the language but I'm sure it'll be more intense since we actually need to learn the language..when I was in high school, My French teacher was some American lady who barely knew how to say hello in French.. Lol Have you ever been to Paris? I went there when I was like 15 so I kinda get the idea of how it is and I went to...
Hi simon!Wow that's amazing! And you're in the exact position I'm in(except you're in Japan and I'm sooo jealous haha) but yeah I should get to that application now. I actually emailed the school and I got the application and some info as well. They told me the February classes are filled already so I'm shooting for September 2013:) Thanks for all the information and let's definitely keep in touch so you can update me on how your applying is going and vice versa~!
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