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 Thanks! Will order one of these and see how they work.
"To make the difference in the people follow the procedure and recipe's to a tee, you need to create a culture based on what you do at your current operation. I'd invest all your effort and time as well as funds in training your people rather than trying to find the best way to dispense salt and pepper or sauces since you already have a system that works. That's what will ensure the product made at the franchise level will be even remotely similar." I wholeheartedly agree...
The issue with using one of these is that the amount dispensed each time you shake them isn't uniform.The ones that McDOnalds uses for the fries is slightly different. If you shake it once, it deposits a small pre fixed amount in a "pocket" which is dispensed when it is shaken again.
Sorry I meant "seasoning" and not sauce. Is there not a portion pal type solution for seasonings?
No - i want an equal amount of the seasoning to be dispensed on each patty, so i was wondering if there are any tools that deposit an equal amount of seasoning by pressing a button?
I operate a small burger restaurant. Currently, we just simply salt and pepper our patties. We're looking to franchise out and in order to maintain quality i'm finalizing SOP's that would ensure quality control. Right now the Salt and Pepper is sprinkled from a normal sprinkle and there is a human element involved in how much is dispensed on the patties.   I was just wondering if there are any pre made salt and pepper sprinklers for patties that can be used that dispense...
 By a coffee grinder do you mean "A Burr Grinder"  :-)   
Hi! Just curious is there any difference between grinding your spices in a burr grinder vs a normal grinder? I'm thinking of experimenting with curries and was contemplating whether to get a burr grinder for grinding the spices. Would a normal blade grinder work equally well?   I've heard that due to the heat generated in a normal blade grinder the taste of the spices is affected, since they loose essential oils during the whole process.
 No, i'll be making sure that food is sent to the outlet at least twice a day :) and would waste anything that has not been sold beyond a certain time.
 I don't see it as being an issue. In my opinion this just makes things easier, since the guys at the outlet don't have to be trained chefs, and just need to follow certain SOP's. Much like how it is in Fast Food Restaurants :)   What can be an alternate way of reheating other than a waterbath?
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