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Alright so i'm thinking of introducing a few slow cooked pulled sandwiches at my restaurant. Currently we're doing burgers on a griddle. The slow cooked meat will be stored in a fridge. When the order comes the meat will be reheated and applied on  toasted bread, topped and served.    Now i'm at a loss here on how exactly to reheat the meat? Someone suggested that i should just microwave it for a bit ... the sort of sandwiches that i'm serving don't really need to be...
Thank you so much for all the tips guys. It's all down to the potato. I tried fries from two places, reputedly serving the best fresh fries in the city and well .. they were way worse then McCains frozen fries. So i've given up on perfecting the fry till i'm able to source quality potatoes from a local source. Thank you all for your help! 
Thanks for the help. With regards to the choice of Potatoes - can the choice of the potato eventually cause greasiness in the fries? And how do i determine the sugar content? And what other chemical factors should i consider? Pectin levels? Water content of potatoes etc etc?
Thanks a lot for the detailed recipe! @oldschool1982 . I'm trying this today and will let you know how it turns out to be. 
 How do you cool after the first fry? Can you freeze with this method after the first fry? Also, how long do you initially soak the fries in the first step?
Thanks a lot for the detailed recipe! @oldschool1982 . I'm trying this today and will let you know how it turns out to be.    Since almost all my recipes so far have involved double frying i think i need to focus on how well i de-grease my potatoes (get rid of the oil after the first try). Are there any tips if you're doing it on a large scale?
 I tried the double fry only method as well. They were again greasier than the pre frozen fries and significantly less crispy then the 3 step fries.  Hmm ... i'm not based in the US or in the west hence the potato that i might be getting may be different from yours, can that lead to greasy fries?Perhaps i'm not changing my oil often enough? that might be causing the grease? it doesn't smoke though at 400 F though. 
it's the same. I'm now just putting them in hot/near boiling water rather then heating the water after placing the cut potatoes inside it.    Perhaps before they were just as greasy but i hadn't done a side by side comparison with the pre frozen fries. Any idea how to make them less oily?
Wow. Thanks i tried what you've suggested and it's working pretty well! Excited to experiment with various different recipes now.
So using something like this:            Could this work on a flat top griddle?
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