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I am planning to either bake nigella's lawson devil's food cake recipe or nigella's lawson chocolate fudge cake but most likely will be baking the chocolate fudge cake but still may bake the devil's food cake but will most likely bake the chocolate fudge cake, I will only mostly follow the fillings for recipe(the part that requires flour meaning filling), the middle part of the fudge cake that splits the cake in two and the frosting I usually make my own meaning not...
I think they say milk makes the cake taste better, what do you think? What I have in mind is chocolate cake, I am planning to bake choclate cake, it does asks for boiling water, i was wondering if i could use hot milk instead, the specific recipe did not ask for milk.thanks for the answers in advance.
Thanks so much cami, I am from Malaysia and I am using the Nielson Massey vanilla extract as i used both before in different recipes and if I ran out of either one I thought if it can substitute one for the other. Great answer. Thanks :-)
My question is as per topic and if i want to substitute vanilla extract with vanilla bean powder, how much to substitute?
This was the first time I made cheesecake, as in the picture, at this point of typing, this is my third attempt and best so far, more improvements can be made, technique is important. I am learning as i make more cheesecake, I spend hours researching on cheesecake before making it :-)
Nah, they say pasteurized eggs is not good for baking, if my recipe fails, then I do some changes in it :-) I never did like to try anything until it is done and my cooking has been decent( Ice cream and baking). My cooking is limited to waffle, ice cream and baking :-)
Kraft, Philadelphia Cream Cheese     INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Nonfat Milk, and Milkfat, Cheese Culture, Salt, Stabilizers (Xanthan Gum, and/or Carob Bean Gum, and/or Guar Gum).   Actually cream cheese do have salt and so does all the homemade cream cheese, maybe i just calculate how much cream cheese i use and put it back in proportions, I don't think i would taste the batter without cooking, I never...
Thanks for the reply, I read somewhere that if the cheese is defrosted and mix properly or still properly for 10 minutes it is as good as fresh, but not sure if that person or anyone can say it with authority that it can be done if the cheese has been whisked or rather mix properly after it has been broght back to room temperature.
I am making my own cheese for this cheesecake recipe, store bought cheese already have salt in it, and different recipe for the same kind of cheese give different amount of salt, just say I make my homemade cheese with no salt and then use it in the recipe, How much salt should I make, this recipe asks for 16 ounce cream cheese and 16 ounce mascarpone sugar, just say I up everything for the filling by 50% as I want a tall cheesecake, how much salt should I...
If you make homemade cheese like cream cheese and mascarpone cheese and you made extra, is it ok to freeze it, I know freezing it alters texture and mouth feel, but what if it is going to be used for cooking like cheesecake where it will be defrosted and whipped to even it back out and put in oven, does it affect the texture since it will be cooked? Thanks in advance for the replies.
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