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Have you tried the Hood Kitchen, I've heard good things from and about them. I believe they are located in your area.
Hi Janice, What area are you interested in?
Here's a site I've used during my search. The listings are from the actual kitchen owners, managers, etc.
Hi, I think I may have found a kitchen, the owners are great! I wanted a location in or near downtown LA, if space works out I will be in Hawthorne. Space is perfect, but the hours are very late or very early. They are working with me the best they can & I appreciate it. Just wishing for a better fit. Pasty FL there is a kitchen incubator called Mama's in Pasadena, very good support to their renters.
It is still going! Thanks for asking. Recently I've posted a few ads and I started contacting local eateries that are in in the areas I prefer and have set up a few meetings with the owners. Hopefully, I will secure a great space or kitchen soon. How's everything?  
Yes, I actually will need one. Had a chat with the local health dept. So, my search is going to continue. I appreciate the link. Seems many people(including me) were not aware that the bill passed.
Thank you for the information Mimi, much appreciated! I will share this info with my fellow bakers.
Hello chefs, I am in the startup phase of my dessert business. I am searching for a commercial kitchen in the Inglewood/LA area. I've rented a space before@$25 per hour so I know that routine, I'm food safe certified. My previous space is located completely out of the area and I'm hoping to avoid the long drive that I made in the past. Thanks for your time.
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