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I just figured that 2 good knives for a good price might be better than one good knife, to which I may need to buy a petty later. I also find that I appreciate a good looking knife (good working too!) will make you want to pick it up more. More use more practice getting good with it.    From a musicians perspective. I know I've had great sounding banjos that look crappy and great sounding banjos that look good, and I always seem more excited to grab the prettier one!...
What is the knife you wouldn't trade for the world? You mentioned the ones you weren't happy with, but didn't mention the one you liked!!! 
A magic marker is a mysterious scepter that will change silk into gold. lol. (too many fairytales as a child) Sorry for the bad humor. They are popular in Canada. They are just permanent markers. A flattener I believe is to touch up your stones to a flat surface. I watched a few videos last night and they sound like a must have for any stones to keep them true. I'm eager to learn or be corrected. Gotta start somewhere. Cheers, Jeff Mayville.
Jeff Mayville here.   I hope for some fresh feedback. Here goes. I love to cook above average dishes. I am fussy with all I do. Cooking has to be pleasing to the eye and feel good preparing. I love quality and will pay for it. I also am hooked on sharpness of knives. I'm still learning and want to feel some great quality in a gyuto. I have a cheap Henkels and Chicago and they work well after my sharpening. (I'm no pro yet) I love the damascus look of a knife, but...
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