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Did I miss something?  Where does all the talk about student loans come into this?  The post is about whether the OP should leave their job or not.  I've read it three times now and still can't see anything about loans.   Totally agree with previous comments, get out as fast as you can.  
The fertilised egg is from The Philippines and called Balut.    I do not like the idea of offal, oysters, insects or bugs.  And I simply drawer the line at penicillian or any mold injected into food (think blue cheese).  
A commercial kitchen is any kitchen used for making food for other than family and friends - usually for profit, but can also be used by charities.  It does not have to be licensed to be a commercial kitchen, but probably does have to be licensed for you to get insurance and any local government approvals. 
One thing I've done for years is to carefully seperate the skin from the flesh, then stuff butter under the skin and massage it around, to coat the flesh as evenly as possible.  Thick keeps the chicken moist during cooking.  You can add herbs and spices to the butter before applying, to get a flavoured end product.  However, the flavour is usually imparted if you stuff the cavity with a herb blend of stuffing.  The way I make it is bread soaked with water, chopped onion,...
Hi,  just joined.  Well, as my heading says, I'm an Aussie.  I'm also about to make my dream of being a professional cook and cafe owner a reality.  Cooking has been a passion for over 30 years and next year I start in a commercial cookery course, which is my first step toward my dream goal.  At 45, I'm proof you are never too old!
I agree with Foxworth, starting any new job is stressful, but add to that your passion for it, wanting to do super well and anxiety about being an older beginner, in an industry when most start out half your age - that's a cocktail for stress.   Blogging is not the only way you can go.  You could look at writing restaurant reviews for a local newspaper or freelancing with magazines and newspapers.  You could look at writing a cookbook, specialising in pastries and...
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