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I have an Alto Sham Combi Oven in my kitchen (smoker,steamer,retherm,convection) it works like a dream. All you do is run the cleaning cycle after you have applied degreaser to the oven and voila its clean no smell at all. I also rinse it out after the cleaning.
I use the Prep and Print from Eco-lab ( it has on-line software to set up the system then the printer unit is portable and they make water soluble labels for it. Great product for the kitchen takes all the guess work out it, also no more sloppy handwriting
If your looking for a cookbook that has more then recipes and is for the home cook as well as the professional, I would go with   The Professional Chef [Hardcover] The Culinary Institute of America (Author)   This was my text book in culinary school along with a bunch of others, this is the only book i still reference to this day. I recommend this book to any serious home cook or professional culinarian alike. It is an A to Z guide to the culinary world.
I agree big pot lots of water. 7qt per pound and the water should taste like the sea.
I definitely feel reducing the cream is a bad idea. Reducing or intensifying the berries is the way go. I would macerate the berries for an hour with sugar and a small amount of balsamic vinegar then strain off the resulting juice. Reserving it for later then puree the berries, use the reserved liquid to adjust the thickness of your puree. You haven't cooked the berries but you have intensified their flavor and color.
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