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Thank you kaneohegirlinaz and Nico for the feedback and motivational words. Your team is administrating a valuable resource for we who love to cook, like to eat and love to cook for those who love to eat. You've a wealth of knowledge at this go-to site! Thank you again! PK
Dear 7DeadlyCyns, Perhaps your ADHD and Anxiety helped to propel you into our industry. While the work requires an attention to detail, it also asks us to be able to act and react quickly. You're in good company, then, if you have to work with and through anxiety. The pace alone produces this, so one would be "crazy" not to feel a sense of anxiety and urgency. You were able to excel in school with these concerns and you will excel in this new career path also. See...
Hello Community, I've posted a succinct biography of where I am currently in my professional development and am excited to have found this resource. I have wasted countless hours on Facebook and can't wait to get "up-to-speed" here on ChefTalk. I just read an article called "Passion of a Chef" and I feel that it is something I must develop. I caution this sentiment by saying I would much rather develop a love for cooking than jump headfirst into something I feel mediocre...
New Posts  All Forums: