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No that won't do. The CIA is looking for prep and or kitchen experience. As a senior in high school, a question which I asked and I'm sure it has come across a few of the members here. Is that you need roughly 15+ hours a week over the 6 month mark. Contact the CIA, if any questions are apparent. They are happy to accommodate you in anyway. Cheers
It seems to me that you have found the right place :). Enjoy it. Kevin
When you learn not to lean but rather to stand. :chef:
Welcome, I believe we all have something to learn. :) Take care
"Retail it sells for around $1200-2000 but you can pick up a good one at ebay for around $500." Ebay? Wowwa, your speaking of the same price.... Shipping? ;) You gotta love it.
I'm what you all would call a sponge, I'm turning seventeen in 79,200 hours. I started to work for a Catering company at the age of 14, which I still work, along with working at Captains Tavern. Also, to add to this Christmas sized list, a student at Robert Morgan which I enrolled in classes in the Culinary Arts. Which is my second year and in a years term until I plan to enroll at CIA or Johnson & Whales. At this current moment I'm writing a cook book which I hope to make...
I hope that one day, my name for once will be listed. I list a name which has engraved onto the Culinary cutting board, I speak of Julia Child. Take care, Kevin
Greetings, I've read a few topic around here and figure how much fun it would be to sign up. Well, here I am, yup, here I stand -- in the way. Take care my friends, Kevin O.
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