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I freeze my bases in the Pacojet container overnight, unmold the next day and wrap in plastic until I am ready to spin it.
I don't, but that would be the perfect thing to contact your rep for. If they can't help you, use the website to contact the company. They have many chefs on staff that know the ins and outs of the product line. I have done this before with issues and received some great help.
It isn't done with a spatula, but instead using a very smooth meringue. Dip tart in upside down and twist slightly as you lift out. Meringue can be done starting with unbeaten whites in mixer bowl. Add hot sugar syrup all at once and immediately mix on high until max volume, then on low/medium for 20-30 minutes.
Dip a round cutter in color, then into the glaze.
This actually happens a lot here in Las Vegas and I have found two jobs that way. Sometimes the hotel HR groups frown on chefs advertising job openings themselves. So the chefs advertise an opening anonymously, find a candidate, then tell the candidate to go through HR as though they are a new applicant. Crazy corporate games, but both jobs were at high-end properties, so I wouldn't rule it out.
Once a month housekeeper, $100...so worth it.
If you have a torch for making creme brulee, that works faster, just don't melt the bowl.
It's not a weird question, but a great one to ask. I started cooking after 30, and have done well. A lot will depend on what path you want to take. Honestly, I see a lot of single or childless chefs around me and think this industry has a ways to go to improve work culture. There are kitchen jobs with decent hours, but you will need to search. Many restaurant kitchens expect long hours and flexible schedules.
HappyHelen- I am so sorry. I had the same problem last year and that is quite awful to work through. My doctor recommended New Balance, which has a non-slip shoe that looks like a sneaker. I hate having laces as they are harder to keep clean in the kitchen. But that is a minor inconvenience considering that they have done a good job of keeping the pain away. Apparently it is important to keep your ankle from rolling, so the ability to tighten the sides helps. You may...
Candy will definitely last if stored properly. You can do a flavored, dry meringue. Food cost is great on those. Also fruit marshmallows are delicious and can be stored in the freezer if you have the space. I do several sheetpans at once. If you do want a cookie, shortbread has a great shelf life.
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