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Cold calling might be a good approach.  Avoid weekends and aim for mid to late afternoon our time.  Even if you don't get the head chef on the first try, you can get good information from talking to a sous chef or line cook.   And just to clarify an earlier topic - I actually think the unions are a good thing and wondered if some of my comments made it seem negative.  When I first moved here I had mixed feelings because there is definitely bad with the good, but overall...
Try a pavlova with fresh berries. It's not too hard, but is not very common, even though you will find a lot of recipes to choose from.
I am going to respectfully disagree with Chefbuba. For the restaurants you mentioned, contact the Chef de Cuisine directly, not HR. I have been in Vegas for many years and the high-end restaurants like to hire directly. Here is how it goes: for the casinos that own the restaurants (most of the properties on the Strip besides Venetian/Palazzo), they are not supposed to advertise openings on their own. Instead the hotel's HR is supposed to handle the whole thing. but...
Marinpa- thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I hadn't known that.
Why would coconut sugar be different for diabetics than cane sugar?   I am not being sarcastic, I use coconut sugar for something at work and am curious.
I agree with Redbeerd Cantu and would also add that it is helpful to look at the pay over a longer period. For example, servers can make good money, but it's a young person's game. I would expect a talented chef's salary to increase over time while many servers see their peak income when they are younger.
I have only had it weep when I bind alcohol or very acidic components. The basic rules I know are to add agar to your liquid before heating and allow to hydrate. Bring to a boil and simmer for 90 seconds. Sugar can interfere with it activating, so in high quantities, add the sugar after your mixture has come to a boil. Once your mixture is set you will have a brittle gel or you can blend it to get a fluid gel. It is thermo-reversible.
Dhammons- I work with agar quite a bit and have a hard time picturing it as a whipped cream stabilizer, though I do love it for fluid gels. How do you apply it for this since it requires heat to activate and forms a brittle gel?
900g  Mascarpone 392g    10x 1125g Cream 1/4c    Marsala   The above recipe is what I used for a quick tiramisu-style filling.  I whip the mascarpone with the 10x first, then stream in the cream and marsala and take to stiff peaks.  I was given this recipe years ago and since have used it in many variations for shortcakes and crepe filling.  I have added chestnut puree with rum for a pavlova and roasted kabocha puree and gelatin for a mousse filling with candied...
One more option - I love to use mascarpone in my whipped cream.  It gives it a much heavier, richer mouth feel without the artificial ingredients.  It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but someone else may want to sample.  It holds so well, that you can add a generous amount of alcohol if you are so inclined and is quite decadent.
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