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Tuna quesadilla with Swiss cheese and green Tabasco sauce for dipping.
Sorbet stabilizers help keep the ice crystals small, which does help with the texture of a sorbet. One of the popular brands of stabilizer, Cremodan 64, contains whey protein so it is not vegan. Chefross- You mention chemicals, but I am not sure I would consider either agar (from seaweed) or guar gum (from the outer part of the guar bean) to be a chemical. Some varieties of sorbet don't need stabilizers if the fruit has enough fiber, like mango or banana. However, I...
A very good egg substitute is the holy grail of vegan baking. When a company finally creates it, it will be worth millions. In the meantime, there are substitutes, but the texture is always different (often pancake-like). There are a few decent recipes, so instead of substituting with an egg replacer, it may be better to start with a cake recipe that doesn't even require eggs.
Maybe adding something crunchy would be better than a sauce. Salted pistachios (or any nut) would be lovely with the honey and would help balance the sweetness. Other options would be granola, ginger snaps (crumbled) or some roasted fruit: apples, pears, etc. If you decide to make the semifreddo again, try caramelizing the honey first. Bring it to a boil until the color darkens. This will intensify the flavor and add slight bitterness to help with balance.
I freeze my bases in the Pacojet container overnight, unmold the next day and wrap in plastic until I am ready to spin it.
I don't, but that would be the perfect thing to contact your rep for. If they can't help you, use the website to contact the company. They have many chefs on staff that know the ins and outs of the product line. I have done this before with issues and received some great help.
It isn't done with a spatula, but instead using a very smooth meringue. Dip tart in upside down and twist slightly as you lift out. Meringue can be done starting with unbeaten whites in mixer bowl. Add hot sugar syrup all at once and immediately mix on high until max volume, then on low/medium for 20-30 minutes.
Dip a round cutter in color, then into the glaze.
This actually happens a lot here in Las Vegas and I have found two jobs that way. Sometimes the hotel HR groups frown on chefs advertising job openings themselves. So the chefs advertise an opening anonymously, find a candidate, then tell the candidate to go through HR as though they are a new applicant. Crazy corporate games, but both jobs were at high-end properties, so I wouldn't rule it out.
Once a month housekeeper, $100...so worth it.
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