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When I was young my grandmother made hard candy.  Even though I was used to my mom cooking dinner, I somehow had the notion that candy came from a factory.  It just seemed so magical to see her working with the hot sugar to shape it into pieces.  I became fascinated with the idea of making things that people didn't usually buy themselves.
I agree with Phatch, that is a great recipe to start with. If you don't have a Dutch oven, you can split the dough and bake it in two loaf pans. I often double the recipe, then slice, wrap and freeze the extra bread and it holds great. I think a good next step would be one of the breads from Shirley Corriher or Rose Levy Beranbaum. The recipes are well tested and clearly explained. You can probably find the books at your local library.
I hear how hard it is to find good kitchen help in some cities and often wonder why some places don't offer a decent schedule as an incentive. I know I would be willing to take a pay cut if I could work a sane schedule somewhere.
Shirley Corriher's pound cake recipe from Bakewise. She has a rum and a lemon version as well as classic and they are all fantastic.
I received a bottle of coconut vinegar as a gift and am at a bit of a loss.  On its own, it tastes quite delicious, but the coconut flavor isn't one I would normally pair with foods that I use vinegar on.  I am not sure I really want it on my salad, so I am thinking something Asian with fish, maybe.   Any suggestions?
I have made them with both. Though ones with brown sugar have amazing flavor, the texture is quite different. If they are slightly over-baked, the cookies becomes a little hard to eat. Make your friend the one with white sugar as those are easy and more forgiving. You can test out the ones with brown sugar when there is no pressure.
Tuna quesadilla with Swiss cheese and green Tabasco sauce for dipping.
Sorbet stabilizers help keep the ice crystals small, which does help with the texture of a sorbet. One of the popular brands of stabilizer, Cremodan 64, contains whey protein so it is not vegan. Chefross- You mention chemicals, but I am not sure I would consider either agar (from seaweed) or guar gum (from the outer part of the guar bean) to be a chemical. Some varieties of sorbet don't need stabilizers if the fruit has enough fiber, like mango or banana. However, I...
A very good egg substitute is the holy grail of vegan baking. When a company finally creates it, it will be worth millions. In the meantime, there are substitutes, but the texture is always different (often pancake-like). There are a few decent recipes, so instead of substituting with an egg replacer, it may be better to start with a cake recipe that doesn't even require eggs.
Maybe adding something crunchy would be better than a sauce. Salted pistachios (or any nut) would be lovely with the honey and would help balance the sweetness. Other options would be granola, ginger snaps (crumbled) or some roasted fruit: apples, pears, etc. If you decide to make the semifreddo again, try caramelizing the honey first. Bring it to a boil until the color darkens. This will intensify the flavor and add slight bitterness to help with balance.
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