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I firmly believe holiday gifts should only be given down the chain of command, not up. If someone worked in a small, family-owned business and had a personal friendship with the owner that would be an exception. Otherwise it just looks like brown nosing. Some of my employees still give me gifts and I have no idea how to discourage them.
I did Eatwith this summer while I was in Rome. It was a lot of fun and I met some fascinating people. The price was reasonable, so I don't think the hosts are making a lot of profit. It would be about the experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.
I love Japanese cheesecake, but don't have a lot of experience with it. When I did test it out for a plated dessert, I found that many pairings overpowered its delicate texture. Finding a frosting that won't do that would be a challenge.
Over the years the amount of cooking I do at home has become inversely proportional to my career advancement. When I started out I was so hungry to learn more and show off my skills, I would cook at home all the time. Now I sort of groan when people visit from out of town and I am expected to show off my fancy cooking skills.
Osama- I wish I could help, but when we tried this out at our shop (not using the official recipe, mind you) it was good, but also had issues with greasiness. I haven't seen the official recipe, but I have know a chef or two that intentionally left out a detail on a recipe so that no one else could make their specialty quite as well as they could. That may not be the case here, but I have heard that his method is very specific. Sometimes even the slightest change (like a...
Welome, Ellen.
Don't wash the tubes between use, just wipe them down. And take the cannoli off while hot.
You are on the right track with using acid to balance sweetness. Maybe try something bitter? That can balance it as well. Maybe if you give specific examples of a dish you are working on, you will get more suggestions.
The vodka is a good suggestion.  Really, making ice cream or gelato in a home machine is difficult because it does tend to freeze quite hard.   I have found that certain recipes yield better results.  It's not gelato, but Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream book is geared towards home cooks.  I have also found mixes that incorporate a little sour cream, creme fraiche or sweetened condensed milk will keep a creamier consistency at home.  You can also increase the amount of sugar to...
I think butter is around 81% fat, if I substitute it for shortening (which is 100% fat) I adjust by weight.
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