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I don't know much about the schools out here.  I do have employees that have degrees from the local schools, but have only had one on intern.  Most get hired after they graduate.  I do know that Las Vegas has a mix of good and bad for people in the pastry field - the unemployment rate here is higher than the national average, but the cost of living is much better than other American food towns.  Many of the hotels are union, so the jobs come with great benefits and I...
Tangerine - I went to pastry school in 2004.  Now I am a pastry chef and love what I do.  But.  There is no simple answer for any of us to give to someone else because our industry is undergoing a lot of changes.  When the recession hit the US, many high-end restaurants were struggling and I don't think that sector of the market ever fully recovered.  You have a lot of fine dining chefs that branched out to open gastropubs and such.  Diners no longer wanted to drop $300 on...
I agree with Panini and would add Bakewise by Shirley Corriher or one of the Rose Levy Beranbaum books.  Yes, these are targeted towards home cooks, but I have never found a better pound cake than the lemon one in Bakewise.  They cover a lot of basics and have a lot of information on the whys of baking. I have many professional pastry books but I think it sounds like these will fit with what you are currently doing.  Both Bo Friberg and the CIA pastry books cover a range...
I find So Good magazine to be the best pastry magazine available. If you have a good relationship with your vendors there are often free classes offered - Valrhona, Cacoa Barry, etc. You can also follow some great chefs on social media, like Michael Laiskonis or Johnny Iuzzini.
All of those cookies should be fine made ahead and frozen. Place them on the sheetpans ahead and hold in fridge before baking.
I have had to do quite a few vegan desserts, but that oil restriction is tough. Do you have more specifics on their concerns? Is all fat restricted or would they eat something made with coconut oil, as I think the texture works very well for vegan. I also find Earth Balance to be helpful in baked goods. However, if it needs to be fat-free AND vegan, I'm picturing lots of fruit and sorbet. Here I as a mousse recipe that is vegan. Easy and...
I agree that most chefs and cooks do not wear their uniform to work, it is not considered clean.  It is far more common in the places I have worked for people to put on the coat after arriving to work. I have seen this enough over the years that when I do see someone in a chef coat outside of work it somehow seems unprofessional.
I just saw the movie and was surprised I didn't find another thread already discussing it (unless I missed it in my search?) I really enjoyed the movie and was impressed with how many real world chef problems they were able to capture. I was literally gleeful during the scene regarding the soul-crushing lava cake. Nailed it! Any one else see it?
I read a previous thread on this topic about two years ago and took many posters' advice and bought a Thermapen.  It is still going strong and incredibly accurate.
Welcome, Gloria. I, too, live in Vegas. I am really enjoying the weather right now.
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