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Pralines would be a southern treat, but praline paste (using hazelnuts) as an ingredient seems to be in half of the French desserts I have tried.
Praline, praline, praline. Pate a choux, creme brulee, baba au rhum, Napoleon (or other things with puff), Mont Blanc.
And yet...if you ask a bunch of people about shrimp scampi and they all know it as the same dish, at some point doesn't it really mean that? Languages change over time. It happens.
Why would using butter instead of oil relate to sugar-free or gluten-free? Aside from that question, keep in mind that butter is about 82% fat while oil is 100% fat, so you need to adjust for that.
They are supposed to do that. http://www.tastingtable.com/entry_detail/national/17273/Baking_Perfect_Madeleines_with_David_Lebovitz.htm
Some of the best new restaurants to open are just off the Strip, in Chinatown. Chada Thai, Omae, Yonaka, Izakaya Go,Raku/ Sweet Raku. A few others to check out: Sage, dB Brasserie, Bouchon has an amazing brunch, Mizumi. The weather is beautiful right now, we just hit a few record highs. Have a great trip!
Quality white chocolate is not pure white, but more of a cream color. To get white, you either need to use coating chocolate or to add white cocoa butter coloring.
Here is the recipe - I originally did grapefruit nougat with absinthe jellies folded in.   8 oz White Chocolate 1 oz Cocoa Butter 3 Whites 956g Corn Syrup 1 1/3 c Sugar 1/2 c Water 2 t Gelatin, bloomed   Melt chocolate and cocoa butter together, set aside.  Melt bloomed gelatin and hold.  Cook corn syrup, sugar and water to 240.  *Note - Around the time the mixture hits 225, start whipping egg whites, they should be stiff peak when mixture hits 240). Pour 1/3 of the...
We have it easier in a professional kitchen where the parchment comes in flat sheets already cut to fit our pans. Try spraying your pan VERY well with baking spray before lining. This will hold it down. Another option when I cook at home is to use Reynolds nonstick foil. This stuff is magic and more nonstick than silpats.
I love a touch of floral, but your description makes me fear the dessert could end up being too "perfumy". You also mention the vanilla violet parfait not tasting like violet. I'm not sure that's a good thing. In my opinion if a dessert description includes a flavor I can't find in the dessert, I am disappointed. Perhaps start with one floral flavor paired with something seasonal and go from there.
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