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My 11 cup Classic Cuisinart is still going strong after 7-8 years. I bought it at Costco & it came with extra blades, a blade holder and an extra bowl. Still available at Costco for about $160, I believe. The following is what Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen has to say on the subject. Good luck. Testing Lab The All-Purpose Food Processor—Updated from the Episode: Summer Fruit Desserts Some models cost almost $300, while others are sold for...
Take a look at "On Food And Cooking-The Science and Lore of the Kitchen" by Harold Mcgee. It seems to be the bible of Kitchen science. You might also ask the question in the baking forum at eGullet Society eG Forums (The eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters) Good luck, Mike
Forschner are decent quality and reasonably priced. Take a look here         Every knife needs to be sharpened periodically to cut well.. Maybe your existing knife just needs to be sharpened. Mike
Thanks for reminding me about the original meaning of the term "Dutch Oven". Actually, I was aware of it and have a Lodge camp dutch oven that has been used outside many times. However, I am now shopping for a kitchen oven--cast iron covered with porcelain. I guess I should have been more specific. Mike
I've finaaly decided to get a Dutch Oven, but I'm not sure what size and shape to get. Althought their are only two of us to cook for, I would like to make enough stew, pot roast, coq au vin, etc. for 4 people and/or a couple of meals for two. 5 qt? 7 qt.? And, any preference between round and oval? Lastly, what do you find the small 2 1/2 qt ones useful for? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Mike
Consumer Reports had a comprehensive report on cookware in December 05. Here is the link. If you are not a member of consumerreports.org, you can subscribe for one month for $4.95 and check out reports on everything you may need in the future, including cookware and cutlery. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/h...hTerm=cookware Cooksillustrated.com also has articles on cookware, cutlery, etc. Free trial membership available at www.cooksillustrated.com I'm not...
A search on foodtv.com produced several crab dip recipes that look good. Substitute lobster for half the crab. http://web.foodnetwork.com/food/web/...rchType=Recipe Google for lobster and crab dip http://www.google.com/search?q=lobst...en-US:official Have fun Mike
To stay within your budget, I would go with the Forschners. They are good quality and many restaurants use them becasue of durability and price. Start out with the 8" chefs, unless you are used to using a 10" and have lots of counter space when chopping, etc. Also get a paring knife and a bread knife. The latter is also very useful for slicing tomatoes. You may also want a slicer if you are going to do roasts, turkeys, etc. Then, see what your needs are and add. Or,...
Don't know where you reside, but if in the US look for a Trader Joe's. They have a good Marsala for about five dollars. Any wine store will also, but probably for 2 to 3 times more. Probably good markets will stock it also. I buy it all the time for cooking. Because it is fortified, it will keep a long time like a Port, Vermouth, etc. You can find lots of dishes to use it in. Enjoy Mike
One last thought. A pro chef once told me, when I was asking about what to add to my Calphalon and Henckels, that I shouldn't be married to one brand. No one has the best of everything. All-Clad is excellent, but there may be a place for a French copper sauce pan or a carbon steel omelet pan or wok, or a Calphalon ---, etc.. THe same is true of cutlery. German cutlery has been the standard of excellence for years. But, in recent years the Japanese, who have always...
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