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I think I would make a chocolate cake and use some fresh orange zest in the batter. It would be subtle and fresh. A dark chocolate cake sounds better to me with orange than a milk chocolate.
Tammy, You want to use a decorating color paste like the Wilton line of cake decorating colors. The supermarket liquid colors will be difficult to use for what you want to do. Look for the coloring in a speciality/gourmet food store or the larger JoAnn Fabric & Craft stores, even the Michaels craft stores some times have the Wilton line.
Are you going to share the recipe, or just talk about it?
Tony, the survey does not come up on your site.
Nothing happens after we give you an email address............... the site goes blank.....are you collecting our email addresses??? Will I receive volumes of email from Should I warn the masses? Should we fear you???
Closed, local place for sale; I've had some interest since begining of November, but can't get any information from the owners. I know they lost their shirt, most anyone can tell, especially if you are in the business. No experiance, didn't work it them selves, poor location for what they were trying to do, concept missed the target by far, build out in the space is poorly laid out. I'm just looking for some solid information to confirm my numbers; i.e. lease...
Andydude, Why did you purchase this oven.......... is it because the interior color will be enhanced with a small potted plant, soft lighting and a well framed lithograph print if left open to enjoy? Or because it has features that will roast, toast, bake, and fill your kitchen with smell so wonderful that you open a great bottle of vino, and wait with anticipation for the new, wonderful oven to work it's magic? There........ I knew you would figure it out. It's...
I haven't spent any time on the gel mats, but love the "extreme work mats." They seem to align the way your body stands. Just google the name.
In my experience, fresh strawberries in a long stemmed serving piece (margarita glass) with a little Chantilly cream laced with grand marnier will have couples feeding each other the strawberries and smiling at each other with a come hither gleam in their eye.
It seems like I saw a dessert encased in a Carmel or gelatin type balloon on this forum a few months ago. Have you looked through the photo gallery?
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