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Just received my mushrooms and its a big bag so vacummed sealed one and double bagged the other in zip lock bags. I put some in a foodsaver container to use first. I make this breakfest thing so figured I'll use some for that but what else? Saw some videos on youtube sadly most were in asian so who knows what they were doing. How long can the broth be keeped in the fridgs and what liquid do you rehydrate in, could i use wine as well broth? Thanks
For some reason couldn't post in first thread so ask here. Can you keep using the same water to rehydrate bunches of mushrooms? Wondering since filtered first bach why not just use the water again since it has flavor and been refridged
Does what looks like. Air bubble in side a mushroom top mean anything
Good to hear just didn't know if this problem was. This is the address on amazon with the picture
One reviewer wrote "With dried shiitake, look for large caps that have cracked open as they dry exposing the white flesh within. They resemble puffed wheat cereal." Does it make a difference?
This was the responce they gave when i asked them. Did a internet search and didn't find much Dear Customer, Thank you for your email. As you will see from all the answers (See more answers), customer did not find parasites in our product. Also, as reflected in the customer reviews, all the users mention our mushroom is cleaned. One customer did mention he never thought about parasites and MAYBE is the reason why they need paramedics. We do not know the specific...
It was a reviewer whit a picture of mushroom cut in half and he said the holes were warms
Greenherb A Grade Dried Shiitake Mushrooms i bought from amazon and read a review that parasites can be found in these, have you ever´╗┐ found any? I know bugs can be found in anything and the prep should have killed them but who wants to eat them.
Honey is supposed to be a liquid I think and would make a batter runny I think. Nor your post has given me something to think about. Jeffty corn bread mix tried adding honey and 2 tbs butter, it keeps it from drying out in a air fryer. Going to think amount of honey I add from now on not just going crazy
Really type of bees, aren't bumble bees the only ones to make honey.
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