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Was in best market and they had Roland marinated fire roasted red peppers $1.97 24 oz. Jar so bought one. Have no idea how to use them
Over the years we have bought these breads from grocery & department stores, many different brands and all have ended up bird food. This year figured I would take a chance and buy one from a company whoes olive oil I have become to like very much. So bought Chocolate and Panettone made with olive oil from Fratelli Carli. They were $21 each which is 3 times the price of stord bought ones but it's Christmas. Had the chocolate one Thanksgiving morning, WOW! Is this what they...
I really like the turkey want to bes, haven't found one yet I haven't. Bought real smokd house pork bacon sampler from igourmet.com and burgers smokehouse. It was to greasy and fat, just didn't find pork better than turkey bacon anymore. As for the rest turkey replacements have all worked out, maybe it's the fat savings turning me this way but turkey sausages, kielbasa and cold cuts work while chicken franks and other of its imposters are gross.
With healthy cooking in mind today we find chicken and turkey passing themselves off as other foods. So far to me chicken isn't good for anything but being chicken. Turkey on the other hand has worked in, bacon, pepperoni, many sausage varieties as well chop meat. Why has turkey worked while chicken has failed
Bought myself a brand new foodsaver this summer to replace dead one. They have a bunch of new bags to cover pretty much anything you would vacuum seal and freeze. Cooked both, had one for dinner and picking on the other. Has anyone tried the Thomason round 100 calorie bread rolls, pretty good.
Recipe: in fry pan heat some olive oil untill hot, add chopped onion, salt, pepper and cook until onions are translucent then add can tomato paste cooking until darkened. Let cool. In kitchen aid mixer bowl put 2 lbs. chop meat, 2-3 cups Hashbrowns, half tomato mix, 2 tbs. Worcestershire sauce, 1 cup cheddar cheese and 1 egg. Mix until bleanded together about 20-30 seconds. Line pan with plastic wrap and press meatloaf mix into pan. Cover with more plastic wrap and let...
If you were making 2 meatloafs but only cooking 1, would you freeze one cooked or not cooked remembering they have raw egg in it?
Good thing a picked the dinner up so early, still little frozen. Turkey heated up nice, plumped up and tasty like all butterball turkey are. Mashed & sweet potatoes were very good along with bean/mushroom/dried onion bake. Stuffinv was little salty so thrown in some crainrasians when heated it and turned out fine. Gravy was good for a gravy but missing some wine. For $49. I would give it thumbs up.
When making cake, cookies, anything that calls for water which do you use, milk, cream, half half or water? Even using a mix which do you prefer?
There is only 2 of us and my sister is a NP, hospitals open so only time off she had was last week. Tried one pan of mashed potatoes last night, very good tasted like real fresh made potatoes with no salty flavor. Having Thanksgivings dinner today
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