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out of all the grocer store canned tuna I found bb to be best tasting but your right not only has the tuna in the can gotten less the quality has as well. One of my questions was Albacore vs. Yellowfin is one better than other?
I like can tuna and found Bumble Bee taste the best. I always though there were 3 types, chunk light, chunk white and the best solid white which is Albacore. I recently found their is a 4th variety Prime Fillet which is yellowfin, talking can tuna. This stuff is around $2 a can while solid white you can get around $1. Is there a big difference between tunas for the price or just bunch of bull?
Guess should point out, mine is Wolfgang Puck 5qt electronic PC bought of HSN years ago.
Check out you tube and see some in action
They are the bone lesson and skinless 5 to a pack 8 packs you get at costco. Made them last night and everything turned out great. Today making shells in the pressure cooker with meat and 2 type beans and of course shells pasta.
Buy spice barn. Drogheria & aumentar come from italy in grinding bottles and you get them on amazon.
Can you over cook meat in a pressure cooker. Made spaghetti in it and turned out fine. Need 2 cups of water for steam and rest was sauce, canned diced tomatoes, spaghetti then chop meat on top took 20 minutes. Was thinking of doing the same instead of chop meat using boneless chicken thighs, 5 of them. Think 20 min will be fine for them? Going to use different pasta
Excaliber was a none stick surface that was supposed to be the greatest and could use metal init. It was supposed to be so durable since stainless particles were blasted into the pan making nucks the none stick surfaced filled in. Like butter on a Thomas english muffin you can't scrap the butter back out without digging out the muffin.
Yeah stop shopping price per lb, just final cost of package. Costco needs to do something about cost of their packs, just way to high. Saw one for $110.00 was a big chunk of beef over foot long. I starting to thing costco and bjs savings aren't there anymore, do better in a super market.
Costco had 2 big freezer things full of it, $22 - $32 not many people buying. It's just a pickled brisket
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