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Why are some bases simmered and some not, seen recipes that didn't use eggs but still simmered before chilling. What is the science behind this and should all bases be simmered first before chilling then freezing? Might have asked this before but now I'm ready to leap into home ice creaming
The opps was because thought my last post didn't go through saw wrote again the saw it did but could not find the delete button so cut the words but did have to post something so wrote opps
Do you like newman? That picture always makes me think
Ok just thought a powdered sugar would dissolve easier. Yes it came with many different flavors and now to the base, cooked or not cooked? Eggs or no eggs?
When it comes to sugar which is better, powder or granulated? just bought a 1.5 pt ice cream maker off QVC, its a rebranded Mr Freeze and no inner bowl to freeze. Uses fancy technology to remove the heat and freeze the cream.
A Grade Dried Shiitake Mushrooms bought from amazon, they are meaty mushrooms
I add my edo to stff like saucez and marinades for its flavor. I was looking into making my own breakfest turkey sausage and since its a dry meat figured ill add some olive oil to the mix instead of latd. My olive oil is. Olio carli
I know your not suppose to deep fry in olive oil but what about cooking or low frying with it. I was told it changes to unhealthy wen heated but cant see this being possible.
[[SPOILER]] I was watching foodsaver demo on QVC and he pointed out chickem is cheaper by the pound in a family sized pack. Thinking about this and it doesn't really make sense, its the same chicken. How does buying 7 pack cost less than 2 pack, packaging can't add that much cost besides you could buy more smaller packs. As for packing bigget vs smaller cost can't be big deal so why is bigger family cheaper than smaller packs? Both are prepared the same
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