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Honey is supposed to be a liquid I think and would make a batter runny I think. Nor your post has given me something to think about. Jeffty corn bread mix tried adding honey and 2 tbs butter, it keeps it from drying out in a air fryer. Going to think amount of honey I add from now on not just going crazy
Really type of bees, aren't bumble bees the only ones to make honey.
I like to add some honey to my recipes for corn bread and such but not sure if I'm under or over doing it, is there a standard amount for a given amount of Batter? Do you have a favorite brand or type, there are many choices. organic, natural, raw any difference?
When you say dehydrate in vanilla extract do ypu mean fill the pod bottle with extract? Would not a warm liquid work better so if a recipe csll for liquid warm it and let pod soak init? I bought my beans from spice barn just haven't used all of them
Has anyone ever cook pasta in the sauce. Today made spaghetti so added sone extra water and after meatballs were done put the spaghetti into the pot and let it softene. I think not only will this add to flavor but starch will help thicken sauce.
My father like this in his coffee but can it be used instead of milk
Just watched a video on you tube, lot easier than my way. My god off sale it would have cost $33+, geez need to take out a loan to eat turkey. How do you restaurant guys stay in business, need big markup to turn profit.
Stop & shop had their turkey for .99 ibs so bought one think it was called nature's pride. Well it wasn't as easy to debone as a chicken but got it done. Legs, thighs, wings were no sweet but cutting through the back bone no easy feet. Got part way through then cut part of it off before removing the meat from turkey body. Makes you really feel sad doing this, poor turkey. Vacummed everything in foodsaver bags and put in the freezer. Good thing foodsaver makes expandable...
I had it
I only use the sugat free variety, so you think my problem to much syrup or using milk when said to use water? The box said 1.5 cup water
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