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good for you, no more oils ever another Dr. said.
Forget cooking, putting meat to fire is no trick. The big deal is aging the meat, I buy steaks then give them a quick hour freeze just to stop the juices from flowing. Then I'll vacuum seal in foodsaver bags and leave in freezer for months to year beforing cooking.
https://www.barianioliveoil.com/ I also saw a video that said California oilve oil is less likely to be cut with other oil and more pure than importated oil. I aso read you can store olive oil in the refrigerator as long it isn't opened. It said once air enters the bottle it shouldn't be refregatored but used within 1 year. I have a foodsaver with wine pulgs so air can be removed from bottle.
Olive oil is deadly, it's killing you! I saw a video on you tube by Dr. Michael Klaper saying so. He said greeks are fat because of olive oil. Had a lot of videoos on how olive oil is made also.
Is this the Bestest olive oil you ever had? They had a special through Chefs web site, 4 .5 litter bottles and craft $29.99 free shipping. I read about the mob got involved in the business and extra virgin may not be so virgin. I don't like Spanish olive oil for anything but frying, greek and Italian for flavoring and dipping. What brands do you like and where do you buy from?
Kansas City Steak Company steakburgers trio 24 burgers 4oz. Each, $49. That is $8.11 lbs. What meat is worth that price
What is Kobe beef? First time I ever heard of it was on the King of Queens. I read some reviews compairing Ohama Steaks to Kansas City Steak Company, high prices much higher than Omaha. I was looking at their steakburger trio, 24 burgers for $49. Of course these are fancy steakburgers 8 each of classic, vidalia onion and cheddar bacon but got so much Omaha burgers now figured I'll wait for coupon. They do have lower shipping cost than Omaha for sure, flat $6.95
we like it that way just like they change ours to there taste. I like the crunch of my version which is sold in the asian restaurant around me. Its the chicken, peanuts and sauce that makes it Kung Pao what everelse you add is personal taste
using convenience foods as a addative to make a dish is cooking. Kung pao chicken uses these ingredients the recipe calls for and it was conceved in China. The recipe might have changed but most do to the taste of the location. Even American Test Kitchen said frozen vegtables better than a lot of grocery store produce since travel time, storage and sitting in bins time is longer than frozen vegtables that are picked, cut and frozen right away keeping flavor. With all the...
"Part of my daily exercise regimen requires me to walk to my grocer very day and buy fresh food" question is by the time it takes food to reach the grocery store shelf can it still be called fresh? I have a small garden, 6 earth boxes of vegatbles so I do know real picked fresh taste and it's getting harder to tell the difference between fresh picket and bj's frozen vegatable mix which are frozen right after picked. One thing I don't buy canned vegtables anymore just...
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