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I don't think shop rite is open thanksgiving day and it's defrosting in the bottom fridge which checked today and still frozen some. It's less than a week anyway, it needs to be reheated anyway. One year I bought a cooked turkey from stop and shop, let it cool down then deboned all the meat and vacuum sealed in foodsaver bags for thanksgiving and christmas. Can't drive just starting to walk some with a cane so got to do what I can, no body would be available.
picked up the dinner today since have no time next week. 11.22 lb. turkey was in a butterball precooked wrapper frozen so thawing in the fridge. sides looked good and more than enough for 2 let alone 6 or 7. it all came a cardboard box well packed and i'll let you know how it all taste next week.   we had stop & shop last year and their sides were awful, no taste to the stuffing and way to much salt in the garlic mashed potatoes. cheese and broccoli  was ok but  nothing...
3 lbs. Mashed Potatoes, 2-1/2-lbs. Whipped Sweet Potatoes, 2-lbs. Green Bean Casserole, 2-lbs. herb stuffing, 2-lbs. gravy. Only 2 of us so going to debone and split into breast, thighs, legs, wings and vacumm seal for later date. Bought beatrice bakery co. Chocolate fruit and nut squares made with bourbon, rum and brandy from mills Kimberly just didn't realize for $12 only get 5.5 oz. 7 squares. They sold out only have ham $49 and $149 turkey dinner which gives more stuff
Buy some ocean spray crannrasians and let 1 cup per bag simmer in the water when heating it.
This year shop rite is doing thanksgiving for $50. 11-12 lb butterball turkey, mashed & sweet potatoes, herb stuffing, green bean bake, gravy. Had 30% of a disc removed which was tangled in 3 nerves going to my left leg done in july and still recovering so figured this would be best way. I been bed bound since last oct so when I finely got out could not believe how food prices have rose. Turkey close to $2 lb and the price of cheesd, ugh!
I have a Duncan hines yellow cake mix and figured I would make some texas size cupcakes. My sister likes bourbon in sweet potatoes so why not in cup cakes. Not sure if the water should be replaced or just add some bourbon for flavor, what do you think? I'm also using vanilla bean to lively it up.
I tried there olive oil and really like it so I see they are now taking orders for panettones. I bought few from different stores and haven't been impressed so I was thinking these might be something special. Anyone know anything about them or have had them? :D
good for you, no more oils ever another Dr. said.
Forget cooking, putting meat to fire is no trick. The big deal is aging the meat, I buy steaks then give them a quick hour freeze just to stop the juices from flowing. Then I'll vacuum seal in foodsaver bags and leave in freezer for months to year beforing cooking.
https://www.barianioliveoil.com/ I also saw a video that said California oilve oil is less likely to be cut with other oil and more pure than importated oil. I aso read you can store olive oil in the refrigerator as long it isn't opened. It said once air enters the bottle it shouldn't be refregatored but used within 1 year. I have a foodsaver with wine pulgs so air can be removed from bottle.
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