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2 cups liquid is standard for Wolfgang pressure cooked. Yes onions pretty much melted into the sauce but mushrooms ok. 4 thighs which saw on internet chart 7 min per. First time doing this so wanted to make sure.
2 cups water, 2 packs herb ox sodium free chicken broth, 1/2 cup kikkoman teriyaki base & glaze, 4 chicken thighs, 1 vidalia onion sliced and pack sliced white mushrooms. Book said 20 but I did 30 minutes. Removed thighs and seprated fat from liquid. Put the liquid back into cooker with mushrooms & onions to cook down. What do you think, any thoughts for next time. when it reduced I added EVO to thicken the sauce.
Last time I was in stop &shop more than a year ago 32 oz. was $7.99 for pollyo. Just checked on line same price, me and a customer was talking how around the holidays we could get 3 lbs. Tube of pollyo for $2.99 at king kullen regular price $5+. They don't even make 3 lbs. Tubs anymore. You also need to take into account it's only 1 ingredient in the dish. When you add in the cost of noodles, sauce, other cheeses and so on the dish gets rather $$$, so you save when/were...
I think his name was jeff smith had a cooking show 70s PBS, past away. As for Pasta he said just drop it into hot water for minute and it perks up like you just made it. Got no help for sauce
Needed a new digital scale after my Wolfgang Puck died. Read good reviews on Amazon for Ozeri Touch Sensitive digital kitchen scale in elegant glass . It works ok but the weight can jump around with nothing on it. One wrote it uses the 4 tips on the back to determine the weight so it must be on a level flat surface. It goes up to 12 lbs. So anyone have this
Monster celery from Best Market, 2 for $3
What happened to the FDA, are they nothing but a name growing fat off a pay check. Are there any inspectors anymore watching these food preparation plants catching improper practices or do they just wait for the public to start showing signs of food sicknesses before they go into action. I haven't seen the USDA seal stamped on meat or its packaging in years. Why im I raving, another case of contaminated meat reported again. Will it ever stop! Back in the 70s you were told...
Sorry posted from my tablet, painfully slow. $4 for ricotta, you haven't been to the stores lately. Last time I looked more like $7 and up 2 lbs. Tube. It's on sale thanksgiving and Christmas so bought tubs then to freeze. Everything is getting smaller but the prices so got to save were and when you can, that's why Foodsaver.
Going to make zitti this weekend, removed a foodsaver bag of ricotta from the freezer and it was dated 4/2010 . Still good I'm sure but it was stuck back/bottom of freezer. You can freeze ricotta cheese just give it around 5 days to defrost in fridge so all the liguid drains away. I use the Healthy Choice Steamer baskets just cover in plastic wrap while defrosting. When ready discard liquid and mix ricotta cheese with 1 egg and some Romano or parmassino to tighten it up...
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