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So risotto is nothing more than long grain rice, though it was something special. Why so much liquid, will the rice absorb it all? Sounds like its going to be rune. How do you get the saffron out of them small bottles, doesn't look like it likes coming in contact with fingers. Never made risotto before so can you give step instructions? Can it be made in pressure or rice cooker, have both. How many strans of saffron?
Safron Risotto at olio carli
Is there a special way you get it out of the bottle? How much do you use per meal
I mixed some into eggs before scrambling, great stuff. I also used their tomato spread the same way with some chedder cheese, yum.
I found store bought boxed pizza improves when you pour some olive oil over it before cooking, seams they leave that out even costco. Question is spaghetti or pizza sauce what's the difference? I used to make spaghetti sauce using a can of hunts tomato sauce, 6 gallon cost $2.95 at costco then added my own touch like olive oil, onion, garlic, herbs, canned diced tomatoes and cheese. Put a block of chop meat in and let simmer for few hours. I would remove the chop meat then...
very interesting reply. I always use butter and the recipes either are all brown sugar or mix of white and brown. funny how scoop behaves differently from slice so next time I'll roll the dough up in  wax paper  and chill in the fridge. its safe to say home made are better than store bought brands.   thanks for all the info, baking.
Bjs had Hershey chocolate & Ress cookie dough squares. Bought the pack and I noticed differences between home made and these. These spread out more and cook flater than mine which I use a cookie scoop, they come out more domed. Hersheys are more cruste and taste like harden sugar while mine are softer and moist, they don't break apart more bend. Why is this? I have used many recipes and they never come out like store bought bag cookies or these.
It comes from crocus plant I think. Can we get saffron from crocus bulbs we plant in the yard? How many strans do you need?
When I bake chicken thighs/cutlets before breading brush sides with mayo. Figured its like a egg&milk wash and bread crumbs stick to it. For pork chops I mix some apple juice into the mayo to give them hint of apple flavor. Bread crumbs are made from grinding up stove stop corn bread stuffing, or ritzs crackers or bag croutons also use panko bread crumbs. Most of the its a mix of them all so since I found the saffron figured why not, if anything the oil in the mayo would...
Didn't notice the spelling, big fingers on a little tablet keyboard. Ordered Spanish Saffron by Safrante from igourmet half price sale. Lot of stuff read on saffron seams it's a love or leave it kind of spice. Lot hated the taste saying taste like plastic and you could get the yellow color from another spice with more flavor just don't remember the name.
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