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Can this be done
Just experimenting
Can mayo be used as a binder in meatloaf instead of eggs, would it add or alter the flavor for the worse? Hellmans had recipe were coated chicken in mayo/bread crumbs and it did cook up moist. I never know you could cook with mayo, all the talk about salads turning at picnics scared me away from cooking with it until found out its used in crab cakes.
Made some this morning using my Chimay butter from Belgium and Provence herb blend. Now in thr fridge harding up, forgot how strong and sticky raw garlic is. Been using the pre chopped bottles. Can you keep garlic ear in the fridge and if so should it be wraped? One thing I did was mash the garlic like in the video because not a fan bitting into raw chunk.
Using a grader for the garlic was going to be my next question., glad you said something. It was kitchen aid chef chopper vs grader, I figure choper would mince but grader would get the garlic juices flowing. Thanks everyone
How long does it keep? Store bought is all soy oil and margarine, I want mine to be real butter and garlic not powder. So any help or recipes wood be great. Saw this video on YouTube, what do you think of his technic?  
Made pumpkin but never sweet potato bread, have you? Has anyone ever made these breads and grinded them into bread crumbs? I was thinking sweet potato bread crumb coating for chicken and turkey.
Foodsaver vacuum sealers have cutters in them like plastic wrap box slid cutter so you have nice straight cut bags. Remember you just can't vacuum seal everything without prep time, blanching some vegetables so they don't rot in bag. Meat will losses it's nice read color in vacuum sealed bags but rest assured that dark color is not spoilage, the true color will return when exposed to air again.
balsamic reductions? I know the really good stuff is very expensive and thick. So far best I have tried was trader joes so kind of interested to see how this fancy stuff is.
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