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Costco sells a stuff salmon which is good fried or baked. We don't have Italian dressing we are a Russian, thousand island house but do have a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We have had catfish, tuna, salmon and that fish covered with crushed almond, tlopali from costco. Not a big fish eating house, mostly tuna from can for lunch.
Had some Alaska wild Cod bought from costco other night, good meaty fish. Baked it covered in ground lemon & black pepper. Problem with fish is unless its breaded can be pretty bland. How do you dress up fish to give it flavor
Mom wasn't into hamburgers but did make meatloaf and spaghetti & meat balls, she would cook roasts and leg of lambs lot. We did stop at white castle for burgers, shakes and slice of coconut pie. Our dog Sgt got an orange soda because he wouldn't drink coke, it bubbled back then and hit his nose. Sizzler was one of our favorite restaurant, steak sandwich with frys smothered in pickles &ketchup. Fried Chicken with frys served in a basket was a favorit in Happy Robins, long...
Bought a few bottles of Great Value salsa from Walmart for corn chips. Salsa turned out to be rather good, thick and not runny like lot of brands are. Roasted corn & Black Bean and Restaurant Style Salsa, roasted corn is very good. I cooked chicken in salsa once so was wondering how else can it be used besides frying chicken breast init.
when ever I made a cake it always puffs up in the middle but the bakery cakes are always flat on top, how they do it?
There is more dementia in the US than Europe and one reason believed is our lean diets and over use of simvastatin. The brain needs fat (carbs) to survive and we are starving it. Back in the 60s and 70s things were made with real sugar and butter not all this test tube stuff. High fructose corn syrup is the worst sweetener used, the body doesn't process it right.
Boy some of the foods I grew up with no longer around. One was a tin of frozen chicken chow main sold at the first walmart called Great Eastern. My mom would buy that few times a month, it wasn't bad. Shake & bake bbq style was also big in my house, it wasn't bad either. Bought some just for old time sake to see if it's still the same. Birthdays were a layer cake from Pantry Pride with a tube of ice cream. Does anyone remember Sealtest ice milk, we wanted ice cream not ice...
out of all the grocer store canned tuna I found bb to be best tasting but your right not only has the tuna in the can gotten less the quality has as well. One of my questions was Albacore vs. Yellowfin is one better than other?
I like can tuna and found Bumble Bee taste the best. I always though there were 3 types, chunk light, chunk white and the best solid white which is Albacore. I recently found their is a 4th variety Prime Fillet which is yellowfin, talking can tuna. This stuff is around $2 a can while solid white you can get around $1. Is there a big difference between tunas for the price or just bunch of bull?
Guess should point out, mine is Wolfgang Puck 5qt electronic PC bought of HSN years ago.
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