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if I'm using them in meatloaf I'll use beef broth. I was in Costco this weekend but didn't see any then read on line they aren't available anymore, was a big bag of Shiitake I think. Looked on amazon and people wrote they found worms when rehydrating. I figure I'll wash through a strainer first then let them soak.    http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-best-mushroom-2/
I bought 1 oz. pack of each dried Porcini grade AA, premium Shiitake whole & Portabella sliced just to give them a try, $24.35 for all from Spicejungle.com. I'll check H-Mart tomorrow, snowed today. 
i was experimenting with dehydrated veggies figuring they would always be around in a pinch. Some things like fresh celery and mushrooms don't last long, had to trash a lot from spoiling. Costco had large bag of dehydrated mushrooms I bought long time ago just didn't know it took hours to rehydrate just through minutes. Since my back surgery don't get out as much but we do have  H-mart Asian market no to far  and I bet they have many choices and cost lot less than on line...
  Dried Mushroom Forest Blend, Mushroom House Dried Mushroom Stir Fry Blend, Mushroom House Dried Mushrooms Shiitake, Havista Dried Mushrooms Maitake, Mushroom House Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Grade AA, ok now I'm confused. I didn't know so many choices just used to white or portabella found in stores and what is this grading thing?.
how much water and how long? I have bad results with rehydrated stuff like celery, onions, carrots. celery might be better if it was sliced and not chopped, onions just never taste right, carrots not bad but these are only good if your going to strain them out. shallots also gross, the only thing I have had great success with is something everyone said not to use and that is parsley or would this be better classified as dried.
I like Spice Barn for on line shopping. I got a bag of steak spice mix and poured it into the old bottle and forgot, when I went to use it found the paper seal was missing and wrote them. They called the house to check if I had the right spice since the other I ordered was in a bottle while the steak was in a bag. Told him it was my fault forgot I ordered the bag and he said no problem it happens. They were going to replace the spice just wanted to make sure I was talking...
Been chopping and adding these to meatloaf and other dishes but can't always have fresh packaged on hand so which is better canned or dehydrated? Canned doesn't leave any choice of type but dehydrated does but is one better than the other. I remember Jac Pepin said buy the white mushrooms only better flavor than other verities. I know mushrooms are like spongers sucking up what ever they are cooked in but how do you rehydrate mushrooms properly? So far never had dehydrated...
Last time I bought a pork butt was years ago down in florida, think it was less than $1 pound. Since then its been chops or pork loin you get in costco & bj's. I don't even remember seeing a pork butt in either place. My mom used to cook butt in a pot with potatoes & sauerkraut and would eat it with apple sauce. I have a kichenaid artisan mixer with grinder attachments.
I have 2 bottles of Carrington Farms Rosemary flavof Coconut oil unopened, you think rosemary flavor will be strong enough to make this bad for baking? Bought it cause on sale at Walmart
can adding some bacon to the pork when grinding add fat, the uncured type
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