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lately every time I have had Chinese food is been pretty bad, not like it used to be. Only thing I miss is you can't buy a good egg roll out side if a Asian restaurant, all store brands have some kind of bad tasting sauce in them.  
Post a picture of finished product: Last night I defrosted 2 chicken thights in some garlic/soy sauce mix in the fridge. This morning mixed egg/flour/oil/water together with some spices & paprika then covered the thighs in that then flour/black pepper mix. Only could cook 1 at a time cause pan is small. 22 minutes at 400 and they turned out fine, nice crust. Some of the flour did blow off but I would call it a success. I'll post a picture I do have one of them large...
Video on you tube were they tried batter coated stuff with little success. One problem seamed batter leaked through holes but I have cooking pans for my air fryer that would prevent that. I have cooked coated foods which great success just not battered yet. Perfect hard boil egg in the shells, 330 degrees for 10 minutes and of course any breaded frozen food or fries they work best for. I have Avalon Bay 200SS but they all pretty much are the same. Less than $100 give one a...
How about a burger using none traditional ground meat. What is that steak that is pocked with so many holes you can see through it?
there was a few videos on you tube using pancake batter. One Asian women made a wet batter (flour ,water, egg) the dipped the chicken in it then flour but she fried in oil were I want to use my air fryer. Figure could mix some oil into the batter that would start the oil frying. chicken looked pretty good.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2GlYGXHc50
Done shake & bake, buttermilk coated in flour, corn starch, used bread crumbs and ground up crackers but today something new came to me, pancake batter. I have a pan that fits my air fryer so do I dard! Would you dip the chicken in a wet batter or dry coat the chicken? Few kinds of pancake batterys could make for some interesting chicken.
I have seen apple pie with cheddar cheese but never tried it. Never seen it sold anyplace near me.
Ordered some King Hawaiian sliced bread to give it a try when it came to me why are burgers round and not square. Frozzen or fresh I never seen them sold preformed that way other than a white castle burger. Yes you can make them at home but haven't' seen many square burger presses. Is there some reason food is the shape it is? Sorry don't know how to correct errors in title
Wondering how do you enjoy your cheese? Mostly I use a ritz cracker which is ok for cheese wiz but this stuff should go with something more special. Making mac & cheese from scrach or veggies with cheese is new to me. There's only 2 here and I'm the only one interested in cheese other than kraft.
you guys who own restaurants are used to buying on a daily bases but the rest of us buy in bulk and save for later use, that why a Foodsaver. I'm looking forward to making some interesting tasting mac & cheese or veggies with these different cheeses.
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