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I was going to bake it no broil, it's going to be getting hot so can let it cook while staying in the AC out of the kitchen. I was wondering lower temp longer cooking time? The steaks were 2 in a pack and were 2 and 3 lbs. pack. now thinking the packs were $10 and $13 pack $3.98 lbs. and boneless.
I bought some angus sirloin steaks other day and I going to cook one in the toaster oven. How can I keep it from gettin dried out and tough? Side note, every place is selling angus beef, what kind of beef were we eating before and can there be that many angus cow in the world. Second note, had a organic chicken other day and wow what a difference that regular chickens, flavor was great
Cake, cookies, pie, when made at home everything is fresh no powdered or preservatives added unlike sold in stores. Does this stuff you make at home really go bad? I never had a bach of cookies or boxed cake turn. I have bought a pumpkin pie from a stand in PA grow hair after a week left on the counter, very sad their pies are awsome. Does keeping in the fridge extend there life much or just destroy them
My toaster oven may not be true convection with extra heating element around the fan but it makes a big difference using the fan when baking or cooking. It works great for cooking things coated or what you would normally deep fry. What had happened to the small toaster ovens, the brackets that work the doors bend and now BD have 1 heating element, junk
The nuwave2 was an inexpensive way to try induction and its great. 100x better than gas, million x better than electronic range tops. The nuwave is holding up well and if it out last the 2 year warrant, money well spent $89.
http://www.amazon.com/Emeril-All-Clad-PRO-CLAD-Stainless-Cookware/dp/B001GD2YRW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436708822&sr=8-1&keywords=emeril+pro+clad   aluminum encapsulated base with bonded base, I never liked these kind of pans that is why I picked these, true aluminum core runs through the pans. my old Calphalon pans were like this.   I have 2 9" Nuwave fry pans with the 9H Duralon; ceramic coating- stronger, more durable than Teflon, well it may not chip or peel off...
I have both, Oster large size convection toaster oven and mid size microwave. You need both for reheating and cooking because neither can do what the other one does. I use the convection toaster over to cook & bake every day and microwave to heat frozen veggies and reheat dishes. I really haven't used my regular oven since I got this toaster oven. We also have a small toaster over for toast since the large size is way to big for toasting bread. Both cost around...
i saw this on King of Queens and thought, I could make that. I can use one of Red Barons round pizzas for the bottom, put the cheese burger on top along with the fixes the top with the roll.  hum what you think?
if your adding blueberries or chocolate, peanut butter chips should it be done after the pancakes are poured sprinkling on top or into the mix.
I found it few months ago and now hooked. don't see how anyone could eat some of that stuff, 12 lbs. hamburger, 5 ibs.. hotdog, stuffed pizza 12 lbs.
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